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Bindra asks for ICC enquiry on Srinivasan

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IS Bindra, the former BCCI president and principal advisor to the ICC president, has asked the ICC to conduct an enquiry into the actions of N Srinivasan to bar him from the activities of the ICC pending the completion of such an investigation.

In an open letter to the ICC/ IDI (ICC Development International, the commercial arm of the International Cricket Council) boards, who began their annual conference in London on Tuesday, Bindra wrote: "If India, through its public, has rejected Mr Srinivasan's presence in the BCCI, there is no reason why the ICC should acknowledge his position." He asked the ICC to "hold an enquiry into all points raised above and disallow Mr Srinivasan from attending any meeting of the ICC till such time you reach a conclusion. I am aware that this request of mine is well within your rights and as per the ICC Code of Ethics, needs to be investigated."

Bindra, who along with Jagmohan Dalmiya turned cricket into a highly successful business property from a mere sport primarily through the sale of broadcast rights, has been a vocal critic of Srinivasan and was the first board member to demand his resignation during the recent crisis.

He cited several instances of impropriety by Srinivasan.

The arrest of his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan in relation to betting allegations in the IPL, he said, meant Srinivasan was in breach of various codes that ICC directors, of which he is one, need to adhere to under the Code of Ethics.

Srinivasan, Bindra claimed, was in direct intervention of the clause 2.1 which states: Directors shall act in an ethical manner and shall not engage in conduct that gives the appearance of impropriety.

He was also allegedly in breach of clause 7 of the code, which deals with 'Betting, Gaming and Gambling', sub-section 7.2, sub-para (d) reads: "It is not permitted and a Director shall be in breach of this Code if a member of his immediate family (being a spouse, parent, sibling, son or daughter) has a controlling interest in a betting business, a substantial relationship with a betting business or is employed in the day to day operational control of a betting business."

While Meiyappan doesn't run a betting business, the fact that he has been charged by the police with being involved in betting may result in the clause being applied in this instance.

Bindra also pointed to a potential conflict of interest should Srinivasan attend the meeting of the finance and commercial affairs (F&CA) committee, of which he is an independent member, during the annual conference.

"I must mention here that Star, the current official broadcast partner (of the ICC) is also through one of its channels [Life OK] a sponsor of none other than Chennai Super Kings, the IPL team owned by a company controlled by Mr Srinivasan," Bindra wrote.

Star Sports are broadcast partners for all ICC events till 2015, and the F&CA committee has been deliberating renewal of rights and will advise the ICC Board on future course of action.

Bindra also wrote about another potential conflict of interest, the more publicised one involving Srinivasan owning an IPL franchise through his company India Cements despite being a BCCI office-bearer, and a member of the ICC Board thereby.

"I have not heard of any declaration being made by Mr Srinivasan regarding his involvement with the Chennai Super Kings and this must surely contravene Clause 4.1 of the ICC Code of Ethics."

According to Clause 4.1, "Directors must be free from any influence which might interfere or appear to interfere with the proper and efficient discharge of their duties, or which might be inconsistent with their duty of loyalty to the ICC. It is also the duty of Directors not to use their position with the ICC for personal advantage or gain. To that end no Director shall have an undisclosed conflict of interest."

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  • kumar on June 28, 2013, 10:26 GMT

    Bindra is embarrassing indian cricket on the international level by publicizing his personal grudges against srinivasan. Srinivasan hasnt done anything wrong directly. Indirectly yes but that has to be dealt with internally and not in ICC like what Bindra has shamefully done here

  • srinivasan on June 28, 2013, 10:26 GMT

    This Article just show that how much Mr. Bindra is want to be a hero here. It is full of politics. It is like a end of the world for Mr. bindra, if srinivasan attend these meetings...

  • srinivasan on June 28, 2013, 10:20 GMT

    Mr.Bindra , where were you these many years, CSK bought by india cements in 2008. He hasn`t raised any question before but, now , here he is, in full flow...Great politics in Sports...We must sack this politicians from the sport governing council..

  • Ramani on June 28, 2013, 10:09 GMT

    Genuine allegations will always be very specific with the nature of complaint in lieu of the legalities pertaining the laws of the Sport. Any unwanted and personal allegations added up will obviously dilute the core complaint. ICC will have to take up this iissue professionally and not emotionally. Our administrators are becoming like politicians in alleging their opponents.

  • John on June 28, 2013, 6:12 GMT

    Congratulations to Cricinfo for allowing this instructive report to remain front page for a few days. It is telling that that there has not been a deluge of support for Mr Srinivasan from your Indian readers. Has the tide finally turned when the opacity is removed? Both a highly instructive and perhaps telling post.

  • Gower on June 27, 2013, 14:34 GMT

    If Srini has done something wrong then he should be held accountable. If not, to everyone including the rabid media I say, Srini is the single person responsible for everything good that has happened to Indian cricket lately. He was the main reason, as everyone knows, Dhoni was retained when almost everyone in the media and the kneejerk fan community wanted him gutted. Some of us understood what a disaster it would be if Dhoni were removed from captaincy. As much respect as I have for Amarnath, he was about to lead and deal a colossal damage to Indian cricket. Good and honorable intentions -- but utter ignorance was his problem. At such a time Srini stood strong and stood by Dhoni. The result is for all to see. Srini is as invaluable to Indian cricket today as anyone else. Of course, that is assuming he wasn't involved in wrong doing.

  • John on June 27, 2013, 9:07 GMT

    This is an interesting test for Messrs Isaacs, Richardson etc as to how they respond to the points raised by a very experienced ICC administrator (Indian). The eyes of the cricket community will be watching the outcome. As for @satishchandar what is your definition of conflict of interest? - following your comment on this topic it would be enlightening to know what that term actually means to you and all the other Srinivasan supporters on Cricinfo.

  • Satish Chandar on June 27, 2013, 4:51 GMT

    Another member from Pawar side comes into full flow against Srini.. Go and sleep Mr.Bindra.. Srini is meant to attend the meets just because he was the one who was handling all the meets before and will handle all the meets after this one when he is back.. Inducing a new man for one single meet is not a good precedent.. It is just to maintain the continuity than to show supreme power Mr.Bindra..

    What wrong has Srini done till today regarding the betting row? Nothing apart from his SIL being involved which might have happened without his knowledge.. Give one single valid reason to oust Srini.. Apart from the silly "On moral grounds" reason..

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