Future of one-day cricket September 4, 2009

Tendulkar for two innings each in ODIs

Cricinfo staff

Sachin Tendulkar is in favour of one-day cricket but believes the 50-over format can be tinkered with in order to reduce the advantage gained by the team winning the toss. He said that the total of 100 overs could be split into four innings of 25 each, which would mean that no side would have the best of the conditions for the entire match.

Tendulkar said he first thought of the format during the Champions Trophy final in 2002 where India played Sri Lanka in Colombo. In that match, Sri Lanka batted 50 overs before rain washed out the game shortly after India began their chase. On the reserve day, rain once again forced an abandonment after Sri Lanka had completed their innings.

"I am for 50-over cricket. I think we should have 25 overs a side to start with. I thought of this during the 2002 Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka," Tendulkar told Times Now, an Indian news channel. "In the finals, we ended up playing 110 overs against Sri Lanka. First they played 50 overs and we played 10 overs before the rain interruption. The next day, Sri Lanka again played 50 overs and in the end we were declared joint winners. I thought, 110 overs and still no result.

"That is when I thought, we should have 25 overs first for one side and then the other, and then once again 25 overs for one side and then the other. Today, we can tell the result of close to 75% of matches after the toss. We know how the conditions will affect the two teams. But it [his idea] is not too dependent on the toss because, for example, in a day-night match both the teams will have to bat under lights. The conditions change very dramatically but this would ensure that it's same for everyone."

Tendulkar's comments come at a time when the future of the one-day game is being questioned. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has scrapped its domestic 50-over tournament while Cricket South Africa is considering changes to its domestic 45-over competition. The ECB is also likely to propose that the ICC conduct a formal review of the future of the 50-over format after the 2011 World Cup to protect the ODI structure amid the rise of Twenty20 cricket.

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  • Thiagarajan on September 8, 2009, 23:08 GMT

    It's very backward of a few attention seekers here to argue the impact Sachin Tendulkar on Cricket. The man clearly leads the charts and has spanned a career in which many players internationally had a debut, shined and retired. When a team loses a game only retards and imbeciles blame it on one player who has been a champion otherwise. To rate a player, you have to consider what he brings to the team and when a team wins or loses, every player has a part in it and not the whole. Like the test match against Pakistan in Chennai, if a person blames Sachin for that loss. They need to take a good look at themselves and start understanding what team sports mean. I don't want to make my comment directed only to Mr.Gomes because he obviously doesn't know what he is littering about. To any one out there, Sachin has played, lasted and has nothing to prove to anyone over here who talks up to seek attention. He is the elite league of sportsperson around the world. Naysayers can only sulk!

  • roshan on September 8, 2009, 13:09 GMT

    Mr V.Gomes/Hyderabadflick- As far as ODI's are concerned Sachin is the best BECAUSE not only has he played and survived 425 ODIS, but he has has the most runs by a massive margin, because Sachin has an avg of 44.37 higher than anyone who has scored 7000 runs or more, because at 36 he is still good enough to be included in any team in the world. Yes Bevan and Richards are have higher averages, but they have scored only 3/8th of Sachin's runs.History remembers individual achievements over team accomplishments. Its not entirely what sachin has done on the field that makes him the greatest, but it is what he has come to represent, it is the veneration that he commands, It is the relentless passion that he has, the crisp on drives that haven't changed since 1989.SO YOU TELL ME; almost 17000 runs, almost 50 100's, standing ovations at every ground, a career spanning 2 decades : In the words of the Late DAVID SHEPHERD " If sachin is not the best batsman in the world, then tell me who is?"

  • VIGNESH on September 8, 2009, 12:57 GMT

    In response to V.GOMES I am surprised why you are so adamant in accepting the facts. I dont know what you have against Tendulkar. He has been accepted as one of the best batsman in the history of cricket. The whole world know this, and I am not bothered if one person wouldn't accept. Tendulkar has played for more than 20 years of international cricket, but with consistency. I am sure you would have acheived such a thing through your rubbish argument. Grow up mate. Dont shy to accept facts, I wouldn't deny ones stature just because I dont like their country.

    Cheers. Keep writing. Vignesh.

  • akash on September 8, 2009, 11:16 GMT

    "V.Gomes" are you nuts? or having you been watching another game to the rest of us for the past couple of decades. Sachin is one of if not THE greatest of all time. It would be an insult to the game and the great man if there was any other opinion on the matter. He has won many games for India even though he played in a poor side for many years. Open your eyes and look at his record!

  • nirmal on September 8, 2009, 4:36 GMT

    Regarding V.GOMES. i think uve already established Tendulkars status by comparing him to jordan and maradona amd pele. these above mentioned players were gifted no doubt but they had support good enough to be the best team in the world in their respective era's. sachin carried his team singlehandedly to one world cup final and a semifinal, with sporadic team support. and use stats-guru.....it realy is a treasure of information. If u check the record of ODI batsmen in finals u will see that sachin has won more finals for his country than any other individual has won his respective country.u will not find any other cricket player in any other era who has carried his team to wins. even ricky ponting is struggling to carry his team forward....this should help u understand how tough a task it is...and of course this being a difficult thing to do sachin obviously has more losses than wins...but overall...India has won nore games than she has lost in sachin's era. do get ur facts right.

  • Ravi on September 8, 2009, 3:32 GMT

    Mr. Gomes...I amfrom the WI but reading your comments on Sachin tells me that you are perhaps analytically bankrupt. Firstly, Sachin didn't lose the games. It is a TEAM that wins or LOSES. SEcondly, Viv, while an all time great, had the gratest bowling atttack on his side (did he win or the bowlers? ). In the day s of Dir Don, Australia was the strongest team around. India only got that way recently. Cricket is not a one man show!!! WAKE UP MAN - MAKE SOME SENSE!!!

  • Pratik on September 7, 2009, 16:41 GMT

    Lets not make this about wether Sachin is the best player or not. But rather if the suggestion he has made is valid. Apart from Sachin being best or not is a matter of each ones opinion. If you can make Bradman the best ever batsmen then remember he hardly played agianst many teams and most if not all his records are against England mostly.So with Viv, he played with a team ofgreats around him. He really never came under the presures like what Sachin was where if Sachin is out People switch off TV sets as the result is know. We can keep making arguments and counter arguments as viewers and people who follow stats and graphs. What makes Sachin the best player ever for me is NOT even a single opponent i have heared who has played against Sachin has ever rated any other Batsmen higher than him. Its not the stats that speak only but a combination of many others. It is not easy to score the highest runs and stil lose repeatedly as other fail around you miserably & still 1 plays coz of fans

  • V on September 7, 2009, 13:25 GMT

    In response to "HyderabadiFlick", I understand that you must be from India and you are entitled to your opinion. But sometimes the facts don't lie. Sachin has a lot of runs because he has played more games than any cricketer in the world against all those players who have come and retired while he continues to play, and by they way he has NOT played very well against Murali and a few others, thus the dismal average in Sri Lanka (remember the last tour of SL). But my argument is - how a player who has lost more games than any other player in cricket be named the best player in cricket. Bradman, maybe. Viv Richards, maybe. But not Sachin. That would be insulting the game of cricket. Pele nor Maradona is not the biggest looser in international soccer. Jordan in not the biggest loser in International Olympics basket ball, in fact while he played Team USA won the Gold each year, unlike now. So how can the player who had LOST more games than any other player in world cricket, be the best?

  • Satish Boraan on September 7, 2009, 10:54 GMT

    For guys who have misunderstood the concept, Sachin is not talking about having two desserts a day as many people in the earlier comments have said. He's talking about breaking your meal into two halves. This new concept will make the game more interesting, with result not so predictable early in the game. this would be great fun. Would require more strategic captaincy. This will further test their skills and same goes for the players.

  • Pratik on September 7, 2009, 9:06 GMT

    Think the idea is a good one if ODI is to survive as i see it year 2020 will mark the end of ODI's.

    50 overs split in 2 inngs with no second chances to batsmen. So it doesnt become 2 X T20 matches.

    First Inngs (team A) 25 over ( PP mandatory 10 overs, max 5 overs per bowler) Second Inngs (Team B) 25 overs (PP mandatory 10 overs, max 5 overs per bowler) Third Inngs (team A) 25 overs ( PP 5 overs batsmen choice and 5 overs bowlers choice) Fourth Inngs(Team B) 25 overs ( same as above)

    Batsmen still get 1 oppurtunity to bat and the second inngs for a team is just a continuation of the previous inngs. Also if it rains rather than D/L first inngs lead could decide the match. Since both teams will have a heads up on conditions. And also share the conditions while giving less advantage to team winning the toss.

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