India News December 3, 2010

Dhoni signs Rs 260 million deal


MS Dhoni, the India captain, has signed a three-year deal worth Rs 260 million (about US$ 5.7 million) to promote McDowell's soda, which is owned by the UB Group headed by Vijay Mallya. "We got a very good offer, so we went for the deal," Arun Pandey, the owner of Rhiti Sports Management, told ESPNcricinfo. The deal is reportedly the largest ever signed by an Indian sportsperson.

In July, Dhoni signed a three-year endorsement deal worth approximately Rs 2.1 billion ($ 42 million) with a joint venture between Rhiti and advertising agency Mindscapes. The venture is responsible for the gamut of Dhoni's endorsements, from brand associations to digital rights, as well as his presence on social networking sites. Mindscapes was already managing Dhoni's endorsements prior to the deal, but not the rest of his properties.

The contract with McDowell's is one step towards fulfilling that obligation to Dhoni, Pandey said. They are also working on a couple of other deals, and a formal announcement is expected in January. Prior to signing with McDowell's, Dhoni was a brand ambassador for Seagram's Royal Stag Mega Cricket Signs until July, along with fellow India team-mates Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, and Harbhajan Singh. Seagram's is a competitor of the UB Group. The India captain currently endorses over twenty brands, including PepsiCo, Reebok, Aircel, and Godrej.

Last year Forbes magazine named Dhoni the world's highest paid cricketer, ahead of Sachin Tendulkar, with earnings of $10 million, $8 million of which came from endorsements.

Tariq Engineer is a senior sub-editor at Cricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on December 9, 2010, 12:30 GMT


    "Before he was a captain he scored 180 plus against Sr Lanka in ODI that is the only inning made secure his place into the team after that he has not done much as captain and because of other players India is winning.."

    There's this thing called Statsguru.U ought to check it out.

  • Chetan on December 8, 2010, 1:59 GMT

    Let us make Gambhir as a captain..India will be still winning..SERIOUSLY..He will be a good captain in Test also...

  • Chetan on December 7, 2010, 23:58 GMT

    Look at the current series between India and New Zeland ODI..Dhoni is not a captain still they are winning by 4-0. Gambhir as a captain scored two centuries with B grade Indian team...Dhoni has neither played important part in ODI nor in Test as a captain...Before he was a captain he scored 180 plus against Sr Lanka in ODI that is the only inning made secure his place into the team after that he has not done much as captain and because of other players India is winning..

  • Anver on December 7, 2010, 6:02 GMT

    The MILLION DOLLAR MAN for India........USD keep chasing MSD right now!!!!!!!!!

  • Chetan on December 7, 2010, 1:26 GMT

    razorhedge ---You mention entire team BUT ONLY TWO PLAYERS PLAYED GOOD DURING THOSE TIMEs Sachin and Kapil..BUT in today's team only one player is not playing even in IPL and getting lots of credit..and that man is Dhoni..Look if he was not captain of Indian team he will be 100% dropped...he does not deserve credit of India winning..Just look at his record...he has not played single inning contributing to India's winning in Test Match...Wicket Keeping also he made lost of mistakes during last game...But getting ignored cause India is winning..Selectors should play close attention to his performance....

  • razor on December 6, 2010, 15:30 GMT

    EverybodylovesSAchin - India had a better batting luineup on paper in the early 90s, with the likes of Azhar, Sachin, Sidhu, Jadeja, Manjerkar, Kambli, Mongia, Srinath, KapilDev.. but INdia STILL lost miserably... so stop being a complaining sod and learn to give credit where its due..

  • Ashok on December 4, 2010, 19:04 GMT

    Vow! Nearly $48 Million US, in two endorsements over a 3 year period. This is in addition to your huge IPL earnings + regular cricket match earnings. About 50 years ago some of the great Indian Cricketers like Hazare, Mankad, Umrigar, Phadkar, Gupte barely made the ends meet by playing as professionals in Lancashire League cricket. Only 20 years back Greats like Kapil Dev, Gavaskar, etc still could not make a living out of Cricket. Today a Test Cricketer in India is the Passport to Millionaire. Even regular Bollywood Actors cannot match these earnings. Enjoy your luck and thank the times you live in Mr. Dhoni & Co.

  • Chetan on December 4, 2010, 13:38 GMT

    Dhoni's success is because of great team players India has during his captaincy also in the IPL..Media plus Bollywood and India's winning made him star...actually he is not a star...His performance shows it...Captain like Kapil and Clive Lloyd are the true captains.and stars..Mordern cricketers get easily paid by people like Mallaya...because of their popularity...

  • Dummy4 on December 4, 2010, 11:51 GMT

    Dhoni has done everything in the world of cricket!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 2011 WC Trophy will give him PHD in "Trophy Liftin' "

  • Pratyush on December 4, 2010, 11:50 GMT

    I dont mind him earning the money, its good but to promote a liquor brand , I mean how good is that ?

    These were the companies who waited outside his door with blank cheques for Sachin but he never did it, sad that icons like Mahi would be promoting Liquor Brands.

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