The IPL mess September 25, 2013

I'll go after them - Lalit Modi

ESPNcricinfo staff

Lalit Modi, the former IPL chairman who has been expelled by the BCCI on charges of indiscipline and financial impropriety, has promised to keep fighting against what he alleged was a corrupt organisation, a "cosy club". Modi said it was easier now for him to attack the BCCI.

"I am in one way happy," Modi told Times Now. "Now I can openly go after them. Till now they were all colleagues and friends. The time has come to unravel everything, take everything out of the box, and put everything out in the public domain. All secrets will be out sooner than later. I will continue to go after them. We have had enough of this cosy club and it is time these people were all taken to task."

Modi said "these people" were damaging not just the IPL, but also the game of cricket. "People who are doing wrong to the IPL and to the cricket will go along with them," he said. " I am not going to run away. I am here. I will fight them. It gives me more of a resolve to fight them. The fans around the globe deserve clean cricket. Indian cricket needs cleansing. The BCCI is going to be the target for me as far as I am concerned."

Modi said he had been expecting the ban and that he "was already gone", but also said he did not understand the charges against him. "I don't toe the line they liked me to toe," he said. "I am toeing the line of what is good for the game and for the product. That's the difference between them and me. I have always done that. My track record shows that. What happens is, if I don't toe their line, I am branded indisciplined. I am happy to live with that indiscipline."

Modi didn't speak of what legal recourse he is looking at the moment, but said he was possibly moving on to other sports. "I am looking at other sports," he said. "Wait and watch. I can't tell you know. You will soon hear about it. I am moving on.

"It is a global league and you will hear about it very soon. I have not been sitting here idle. I have lots and lots of friends around the world, administrators of various sports, who think my talent is needed. They have been working with me."

Modi was quick to say that it wouldn't mean giving up fighting the BCCI. "You know I am a fighter," he said. "I am not just going to roll away and disappear, even if I have another sport to run."