Pakistan's reaction to IPL 2010 January 25, 2010

Pakistan talks of boycotting IPL 2011, Champions League

Cricinfo staff

Two senior Pakistani officials, sports minister Aijaz Hussain Jahkrani and PCB chairman Ijaz Butt, have ruled out the participation of cricketers from that country in next year's IPL and the Champions League Twenty20 tournament later this year, according to media reports. This, the officials say, is a reaction to the boycott of Pakistani players in the IPL auction.

"We are the World Twenty20 champions, there is a Twenty20 World Cup this year, and they don't want us to win again," Butt was quoted as saying in the Sydney Morning Herald. "We will definitely not send any players for the IPL next time. Would you after this treatment?

"This is a conspiracy," Butt said. "They probably don't want our players from playing in these competitions.''

The decision puts a question mark over Shahid Afridi's participation in the Twenty20 Champions League tournament, as a member of the South Australia Redbacks side. Though it is a global tournament featuring the best domestic Twenty20 sides in the world, the Champions League is an Indian initiative, with IPL chief Lalit Modi officiating as its chairman.

Asked whether Afridi would be given clearance to play in the Champions League, Jakhrani said, "At the moment, I cannot say. We're looking at this matter." For his part, Champions League commissioner Lalit Modi told Cricinfo it was not an issue at all.

Afridi, currently in Australia with Pakistan's limited-overs side, said he wanted to play in the Champions League but would make his final decision after talking to the minister.

"I think [the boycott] is a fact, it is not my decision. I will speak to the Sports Minister and see what he is saying, and then I will make a decision. I want to play in the Champions League," Afridi said.

Later, in a press release that appeared on, Afridi clarified that he was keen to move forward from the auction controversy.

"If I was invited to play in India again I would do so happily, they have great fans and great stadiums and I have many friends there," Afridi said. He also mentioned that sport should be used to build peace between the two nations.

Pakistani domestic sides were not part of last year's inaugural Champions League, which featured top teams from the IPL, Australia, England, West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. However, one Pakistani international, Yasir Arafat, did play as part of the Sussex side.

Jakhrani also said that while the IPL and Champions League were off-limits to Pakistan players, they would not boycott tours to India for international matches. "All of this has been designed to isolate us, that is what India wants. We will not be isolated. There is a World Cup in the subcontinent in 2011 to be played in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. What if we make the final against India? We cannot quit, we will play. I think we should continue playing sports with each other," he said.

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  • Sandeep on January 30, 2010, 6:00 GMT

    To all my dear friends, I think it was entirely the decision of franchisee owners whether to take a particular player or not. In addition to this, there were several reasons behind that too like availability of that player during the tournament (no one can say what would be the condition of relationships between two of us at that point of time). Anyways, we must not take that into account. If Pakistani players are having a look at this in this manner then IPL must ban Mitchell Johnson and Michael Clarke for not making them available in all of these three editions. Are they trying to make fun of IPl ? No, it is again there own decision. Simple. My friends, please don't take this otherwise. We all love watching you play. You won't believe I haven't been watching Indian team play in Bangladesh but I have been following Pakistan's tour of Australia. And I too was really hurt when Pakistan lost the second test match. Anyways, my message to all of you is be non-biased and enjoy the cricket.

  • CLARK on January 29, 2010, 16:28 GMT

    Here we go again. ICC's biggest cry baby... weep weep weep

  • Mohammad on January 27, 2010, 18:17 GMT

    please to all the people especially to the ones they no who they are, firstly pakistan are 20/20 champions, but should have been twice, but you know we handed it on a plate to them, therefore 20/20 exploded in India leading to the creation of IPL, if lost then 20/20 wouldn't in India may have never existed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George on January 27, 2010, 14:46 GMT

    Why only 2011? How about all future IPL tournaments ?we don't want no goddamn pakis coming to India anyway.

  • abi_bm on January 27, 2010, 8:50 GMT

    @Redds66 cant agree with u more. The reason i think was probably teams were scared of not getting government clearance for pak players and hence did not want to take the risk of investing money on them and losing; inspite of having players like sohail tanvir. " Indian players are boring no matter how much talent they have. We would all love to watch Saeed Anwar over Tendulkar simply because of style and flair which Indians seriously lack." - This was funny! seriously, u need to get a life!!! " In Pakistan all cable channels will boycott the next IPL and wont braodcast it and we simply dont care to watch it. Now lets see how successful your lame IPL is Lalit!" Irelevant to the argument at hand,and I did not know Pakistan is the only country where IPL is broadcast.some statistics!!!

  • riz on January 26, 2010, 16:55 GMT

    at all you indian fans who claim that PAK dont deserve to be in the IPL (rohan024), wake up!!!! PAK are world champions, the players are world Champions, India have done what???? Those Indians fans who are disappointed that the PAK players didnt get picked are the proper cricket fans. The true loser in all of this in CRICKET and the CRICKET fans around the world, not you biased, ignorant minority of indians fans. PAK should boycott the IPL next year, but i think its a bag of rubbish anyway

  • Rauf on January 26, 2010, 15:08 GMT

    To my Indian friends highlighting "unnecessary" Pakistani over reaction to IPL snub. Cricket is like a religion in India/Pak hence fans tend to be very emotional and vocal about anything to do with cricket. We all remember how India reacted to events in Sydney with Bucknor calls and Harbajan/Symonds face off so please don't lecture the Pakistanis on over reaction. Having said that, I hope PCB and Pak govt does not shoot themselves in the foot by stretching this protest beyond it's usefull life. You have made your point about this blunder so move on. Recognize the fact that you are not in the strongest position in world cricket i.e. teams are not visiting Pakistan and PCB is next to being broke financially so don't burn your ships forever for this protest.

  • ethan on January 26, 2010, 11:46 GMT

    shahrukh khan in the other news said that i wanted to take Abdul Razzaq but the indian govt created such circumstances that we couldnt.the indian govt says we would have issued they take the public for a fool or what? both are contradicting suffers at the hands of the govt and BCCI mentality.india will suffer in the t20 world cup and blame the IPL for that and not there own money mongerings.its just a vicious circle

  • Ankit on January 26, 2010, 6:04 GMT

    Agreed the manner of IPL Snub was unwarranted & may have hurt some Pakistani players individually as they lost earning huge amt of money for second year in running. But how is this an insult to Pakistan I don't understand? Also the Over the head statement of PCB Chief that there is a consipiracy to rob Pakistan players of practice ahead of world Cup is ridiculus. What's stopping them to organize matches in pakistan for their players to practice & prepare? Infact the way the world champions are performing in Australia, a hard domestic grind away from the Spotlight is exactly what Pakistani players Need.

  • Ali Raza on January 26, 2010, 5:43 GMT

    The Indian home minister has already clearified that the visas would have been issued so boycotting IPL is totally justified but that decision will be made on individual basis. Let me remind you people that the IPL and the Champions League of last year werent even half as entertaining comparing it to the 2008 IPL and you know why? because Sohail Tanvir tore up batting squads left and right. because Shoaib Akhter made a comeback and destroyed batsmen. How exciting was that? Indian players are boring no matter how much talent they have. We would all love to watch Saeed Anwar over Tendulkar simply because of style and flair which Indians seriously lack. In Pakistan all cable channels will boycott the next IPL and wont braodcast it and we simply dont care to watch it. Now lets see how successful your lame IPL is Lalit!

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