The IPL mess May 11, 2010

IPL appoints an advisor from corporate world

Cricinfo staff

The BCCI has appointed Bharat Patel, a senior member of India's corporate world, as advisor to Chirayu Amin, the IPL's interim chairman. Patel is a former chairman of the MNC Procter & Gamble and, according to a BCCI statement, was associated in the setting up of the IPL in 2008 in an advisory capacity to Lalit Modi, the then chairman.

An IPL governing council member indicated that it was Amin who suggested Patel's name. The source also noted that any appointment would need the approval of the governing council. which is scheduled to meet in June.

Patel did not confirm or deny the news when Cricinfo contacted him, saying he would leave it to the BCCI to make any announcement. If Patel's appointment gets confirmed he is likely to take up a more permanent role with the IPL once the current crisis blows over. The current COO is Sundar Raman, who has held the post since the league's inception.

Following Modi's spectacular and swift downfall, culminating in his suspension two weeks ago, the work of the IPL has been divided. While Amin is on the disciplinary committee that is handling the Modi case, the cricket-related work - specifically planning the next season - has been entrusted to the three cricketers on the governing council, Sunil Gavaskar, MAK Pataudi and Ravi Shastri.

Like Amin, Patel - who was P&G chairman till March 2009 - enjoys a certain standing in the Indian corporate world. He is currently is the chairman of the Indian Society of Advertisers and serves on the brand protection committee of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a top lobby group that Amin headed a few years ago.