Kenya news July 13, 2010

Kenya coach fancies team's chances

Tony Munro

Eldine Baptiste, the Kenya coach, believes his team is capable of qualifying for the 2015 World Cup despite losing all five games in last week's World Cricket League Division One tournament in the Netherlands.

"We can," Baptiste told Cricinfo, "[but] the batsmen need to score big runs consistently."

The former West Indian allrounder remained positive despite the issues with the batting. "Our goal is to become the best team among the Associates in all departments and also the fittest, [and] avoid unnecessary injuries. So far, we are the fittest and have one of the best bowling attacks. What we are lacking is in the batting, specifically making big scores consistently, which we are addressing."

Baptiste was confident the problems had been identified. "Mainly, having patience in batting, understanding your game and always sticking to the basics," he said.

England-based Seren Waters, who opened for Kenya, was left out of the squad after falling out of contact. "I had no report from him since he left in February, though I had asked for a report."

Kenyan preparations for the tournament were wrecked by a player strike, which resulted in the cancellation of a short tour of England and deprived the team of match practice in European conditions.

Baptiste felt, however, that the commitment of players wasn't an issue during the actual tournament. "The main positive [of the tournament] was the fighting attitude of the team in the last two matches." He agreed the team had reached a critical point. "Yes we have to improve."

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  • Dummy4 on July 17, 2010, 6:30 GMT

    Eldine is correct in telling that Kenyan team is very much capable and has not been playing to its potential and it is the job of the coach to bring them out. While most of the problems of recent times is with administration of the game than with that of players and selection has to be good based on perfarmences and potentiality. The adminstration has to do a lot to spread the game to schools and college levels to get a good bench. I wish good luck and best wishes to kenyan team.

  • Zoeb on July 14, 2010, 5:30 GMT

    Coach Baptiste is poitive, and that is good. To be successful he needs a good numbers from which a team can be selected. This is lacking due to Cricket Kenya's failures of promoting the game. When they came into office, they promised cricket promotion country-wide. This did not happen. The second largest cricket centre - Mombasa - is as good as dead. Baptise, despite Kenya having lost ALL matches in Holland, had to look for some positives which he found in the fighting spirit of the team. Bottomline is Kenya finished right at the bottom of the table after having won the same league three years ago. The fact Kenya does not have a regular second team - Kenya-A or even under-19, CK will be succumb to blackmails and intimidation from the present small pool. Otherwise, how can they remain in power and positions?

    Zoeb Tayebjee

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