February 26, 2010

Baggage claims and interesting tunes

Nicky Shaw
Eating out, getting sick, waiting at airports, trying to understand team-mates' choice of music - all part of a touring cricketer's life

Right, it's game on now. We are in Visakhapatnam, having lost the third match by a big margin. But we are optimistic about levelling the series yet again.

The night before the second game we went out to Hard Rock Café in Bangalore. The next day, unfortunately, I missed the match because of an upset stomach. Watching the match go to the final over from my hotel room was nerve-wracking. It was great to get the three-run win. After the game we sang our team song - Take That's "Never Forget" - and reviewed our performance.

The journey to Visakhapatnam - for games three and four - was okay, apart from the early start. Airports involve a lot of waiting - though this time we didn't have to hang around a lot - and we usually spend the time listening to music, reading magazines or having a look around the shops. Of course there's always someone from the team sleeping as well.

We all have different tastes in music and you'd think Ebony Rainford-Brent has the best collection, considering the way she bobs her head and dances in her seat on the bus when she has her iPod on. But Katherine [Brunt] has some "interesting tunes", a mixture of rock, pop and country and western.

We carry quite a bit of luggage because of our cricket kits, but outside of that, I'd have to say Charlotte Edwards' bags would be the heaviest, for all the toiletries she packs in!

The weather here is more humid than in Bangalore. The third game was disappointing but we are ready to bounce back.

On an aside, the MCC women, who will be touring West Indies, will play with pink balls during the series. We trialled pink balls against Australia in the summer in 2009 and we were all very positive about it. It tends to keep its colour better than the white ball.