August 13, 2012

'A distraction we could well do without'

ESPNcricinfo staff
Current and former players react to the situation that has led to the omission of Kevin Pietersen for England's third Test against South Africa

"Frankly, as players, all this has been a distraction we could well do without as we approach a massively important final match at Lord's, one we must win to retain our hard-earned status as the No 1 ranked side in world cricket ... Kevin talked about having issues within the dressing room. What's frustrating is that this was, literally, the first we knew about it. Kevin has mentioned nothing to us."
James Anderson with the view from the dressing room before the squad announcement

"Over the last week, Kevin has acted like a child who does not know what he wants and, as any teacher will tell you, you only need one unruly kid in the class and the whole structure of the classroom can come crashing down."
Nasser Hussain thinks Pietersen isn't acting his age

"How can Kevin say it's not about the money when the IPL will pay him £1.3  million for six weeks' work plus commercial advertising which in India will dwarf his England money … This episode is all about money."
Geoff Boycott questions Pietersen's motives

"The message to Pietersen is clear: he has to be a team man, fully committed and nothing less."
Jonathan Agnew, BBC cricket correspondent and former England bowler, believes Pietersen must be the one to compromise

"What I'm hearing is that England players are now sick and tired of hearing about Kevin Pietersen in what is one of the biggest series England play."
Former England fast bowler Dominic Cork on the continuing distraction

"Kev speaks his mind a bit and you'd like that to be refreshing but it often falls the wrong way for him."
Geraint Jones, former England wicketkeeper, on Pietersen's capacity for getting into trouble

"IMO leaving KP out this week is the right decision.. Clearly 2 many issues that can't be resolved in a few days but will be in time.."
Michael Vaughan tweets his opinion on the axeing

"Much depends how Pietersen reacts to this. If he takes his punishment and keeps quiet, then there is a chance he will come back. If he reacts badly to this and he has a history of falling out with people then there may be a permanent falling out and breakdown in relationships."
Michael Atherton on what may happen next

"Put simply - cricket lovers around the world will miss watching KP's serious talent and skill on the international stage.. Also... If KP didn't play second test v SA the score line would read SA 2 ENG 0.. SA ranked number 1 test team in the world, need I say more.."
Friend and former team-mate Shane Warne tweets his verdict