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Build India's T20 team around Kohli

They should start looking for young players who will serve them well in the next World Twenty20

Harsha Bhogle

October 5, 2012

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Piyush Chawla takes the plaudits from Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, England v India, World Twenty20, Group A, Colombo
Whether it's because he is in form or because that's just the way he is, Virat Kohli seems like a player hungry for success © ICC/Getty
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When, as the owner of the world's most lucrative league, your team fails to make the semi-final of the World Twenty20 three times in a row, it is not merely time to berate or to ignore. It is time to worry, to analyse and to plan. In that order. Not everyone can be proactive but it would be criminal not to be reactive either.

The one great joy, for me, from this World Twenty20, is that bowlers are back. As the more exploited species, they have had to be inventive, and while the conditions may have had much to do with it, it was the spinners who led the way. We knew about Saeed Ajmal and Sunil Narine, but little Akila Dananjaya emerged, and I was particularly impressed with Pakistan's Raza Hasan, who seemed unfazed when thrown the ball at big moments. Meanwhile Dale Steyn and Lasith Malinga continued to lead their attacks, Steven Finn and Umar Gul continued to look good, and Australia have every reason to be excited by Mitchell Starc.

There isn't an Indian in that list. While you could say that India bowled out the opposition in four games out of five, there wasn't a bowler in their ranks the opposition would secretly fear facing. And when 11 players were on the field, there wasn't one in the dugout the Indian captain would wish was out there with him.

Worse, if the captain looked at scoresheets of matches played in India, he wouldn't find someone there who could legitimately be hopping mad at being left out. I really hope Dhoni didn't take a look at the scores from the Challenger Trophy, a tournament that in any case has no need to exist. In four matches you had 356, 328, 307, 335 and 331 scored. Three individual innings of over 150 were played. You didn't have to be in Rajkot to understand that the bowlers didn't have a lawyer pleading their case in the batsman's tribunal.

Another season has started and the message going out to bowlers is: strap on those pads and see if you have a future. What those scores also make abundantly clear is that batsmen weren't threatened. When you bully bowlers, you kill their self-esteem but you don't become a better batsman. You merely have big numbers against your name.

India played five bowlers in a game and got murdered, and Dhoni probably thought: it doesn't really matter if I am increasing the numbers but not getting a better attack. The point about the rain against Australia was valid, but it cannot mask a greater truth. There were people on that bench the captain wasn't excited about. You always judge a team by the strength of its bench and there wasn't a bowler there who was forcing the captain to pick him. Maybe Harbhajan Singh deserved another game but that's it really.

India's batting should have instilled fear in the opposition. I am not sure it did. Experience wasn't an issue. In fact, apart from Virat Kohli, the entire batting unit is from the pre-IPL era. I wonder if India's cricketers, including the captain, aren't jaded. Sometimes you aren't physically tired, just lacklustre. The desire dulls. You aren't as excited about being on the park. I looked at Kohli and I saw optimism, fire, cockiness, disappointment, pain... everything was on display, and that is not something you can do for the cameras. Kohli was the kid who just wanted to be there. It could be because he was in form, because that is his personality, whatever. And that is why teams must always have enough people who are desperate to make a mark. They must ideally outnumber those anxious to keep their place.

That is why I wonder if it may not be a bad idea to start building a young squad around Kohli. There are so few T20 internationals that you can actually give players a break and let a busy young group of people feel their way and make a statement. The next World Twenty20 isn't for another two years, and at least four or five from this team aren't going to be there. It might be a good time to try out a young lot, players who are hungry, who are different, and who, more than anything else, are livewires in the field. Perhaps players like Naman Ojha, Ashok Menaria, Ambati Rayudu (who isn't the youngest but is hungry) and Stuart Binny. Certainly Ajinkya Rahane. It will also force people to search for bowlers who are different.

The IPL should have thrown up a few by now, but really, apart from R Ashwin and to some extent Ravindra Jadeja, not many have emerged from there. Or maybe there aren't any because the standard of Indian players in the IPL isn't good enough. You need a minimum of 80 Indian players and there aren't that many in India.

Inevitably, therefore, India will become a condition-specific bowling unit, only capable of winning if the pitch is a steadfast friend. There will now be four Test matches on tracks made for India's spinners. You must seek to win at home, but be aware that that is not the only way you can win.

The new selectors have a Test team to pick and that won't be a difficult exercise. But I will be waiting to see a new direction in the team they select for the two T20 games against England. The schedule and the timing are perfect to launch a search for freshness.

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Posted by incomingyorker on (October 8, 2012, 13:42 GMT)

I agree that some new youngsters should be given chance. But completely disagree with harsha regarding kohli. I watched india vs pak ball by ball and the truth is kohli was scoring runs for himself instead of improving the run-rate. There were several matches dhoni and raina have sacrificed their wickets for improving run-rate in their 40's. Kohli just want to get name for himself and not for team. Harsha - please watch the match, not the scores. Instead of rohit sharma another youngster should have been given chance. But the mumbai board won't allow it. If u ask about bowlers, who ever didn't pick umesh yadav should answer. Commentators are trying to build heroism for kohli. We don't need another tendulkar with good statistics. We need india to perform well in Test and ODI then T20 wins will follow on its own.

Posted by Haleos on (October 8, 2012, 13:41 GMT)

@spinkingKK - liked ur jab at SRT. Funny.

Posted by SridharKalyan on (October 8, 2012, 13:24 GMT)

I sometimes wonder why established columnists like Harsha Bhogle beat around the bush instead of going straight to the point. There is no more time to waste - we need to immediately go in for a massive clean up and start building for future. Hand over the Captaincy to Virat Kohli - he probably is the only one with both the competence and age on his side. Give him a team that has an average age of 22-24!!!. Players like Ashwin will need to get very fit if they want to retain their spots in the team - and no player should stand a chance of selection if he does not play the domestic season. The trouble with the current lot is that they are almost assured of their selection - based on past performances alone and with no relevance to their current form!!! The first and probably the ony departure was with Harbhajan - and it did not seem to impact the overall team performance highly, proving that he was very dispensable but no body wanted to 'dispense' with him!!!

Posted by gustakhcricketer on (October 8, 2012, 7:27 GMT)

to all the indians who think that bowling out a team proves their bowler's worth..you should see the economy rates of your bowlers as well..teams were bowled out not becoz of good bowling from indian bowlers. they got out bcoz they took indian bowlers from collars and tried to overhit them..every team they bowled was bowled out in 20 overs and in more than 140 plus runs..that means it was not good bowling it was all about rash and extra hitting...

Posted by itsthewayuplay on (October 7, 2012, 18:52 GMT)

contd if you take for example sehwag he's picked when he's in form and he's picked when he's not in form. where are the other openers? if india doesn't have other destructive openers like gayle dilshan watson warner etc better to give other players a chance so the success or failure of a team is not dependant on player. generally a one player team is an indication of the weakness in the batting and bowling of that team and to be fair that's probably true with india right now. i think the solution lies in identifying and addressing the weaknesses rather than building the entire team or squad around one player.

Posted by itsthewayuplay on (October 7, 2012, 18:44 GMT)

@Nampally maybe a there is a central player in each match winning performance but if you look at the wi tonight where gayle got out cheaply they needed contributions from samuels and sammy with the bat and ball and narine with the ball. india's rise to the top in tests included the fab four with the bat and zaheer and kumble with the ball. aus had warne and mcgrath and hayden ponting gilchrist and a strong support from everyone else. eng until they lost no 1 in tests had cook trott pieterson bell and their 4 bowlers. when they won the t20 4 years ago the had contributions throughout the team although i accept pieterson was clearly the standout player. india's position is different because like brazil in football there are many technically gifted players and should build a team around a core of group of players. but to do this that group must be given chances to play, to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.

Posted by rosh280 on (October 7, 2012, 18:14 GMT)

i prefer yuvraj as captain. murali vijay and sunny singh should open indian team for 20-20. so murali vijay, sunny singh, virat kohli, suresh raina, rohit sharma, yuvraj,jalaj saxena/bhuvanesh kumar/ surya kumar yadav, robin uttappa, aswin, ravindra jadeja,vinay kumar/ praveen kumar. one fine fast bowlers of speed and accuracy like deepak chahar/ varun aron/ ishant sharma/rithuraj singh/ murtuja vohra/ pawan zuyal/ sudeep tyagi/ pankaj singh/ shami ahmed/ prashant parameswrarn/ harshal patel. we should also given oppotunity to manish pandey he is a great hitter of the ball.

Posted by rosh280 on (October 7, 2012, 17:24 GMT)

harsha you are right in some way but there are exception to this. I felt like kohli is not matured much it may take atleast 2 to 3 years for him. Yuvraj is the great option as a captain he is an excellent player with great records. we need to rest him for atleast 6 months. yuvraj should become the captain. suresh raina the vice captain. we need to bring fine alrounders like sarul kanwar, sunny singh, jalaj saxena, surya kumar yadav,bhuvanesh kumar, kaustubh pawar, murtuja vohra, manish pandey. sunny singh, jalaj saxena, bhuvanesh kumar are wicket taking fast bowlers and they can score centuries and can also hit sixes at will. unmukt and baba aparajith have to show their strengths at first class level. vinay kumar and praveen kumar should come back to indian side they were the wicket taking bowlers. we need to try rithuraj singh, deepak chahar, murtuja vohra, makana, shami ahmed, prashant parameswaran, harshal patel, pankaj singh and sudeep tyagi as fast bowlers

Posted by jay57870 on (October 7, 2012, 13:40 GMT)

Harsha says: "Bowlers are back" ... "There isn't an Indian in that list"! Why? Because his hand-picked list is off base. He states: "Umar Gul continued to look good"! Really? Check the facts in the official WC list of leading wicket-takers. Fact: Gul is dead last among 40+ bowlers in the official list: he took a mere 3 wkts @ 56.00-run avg in 6 matches. Compare with Balaji who is the 4th best (!): 9 wkts @ 9.77-run avg in just 4 matches. And Yuvraj is 6th best (!): 8 wkts @ 10.12-run avg in 5 matches. Even Harbhajan looked better: 4 wkts @ 8.00-run avg (lowest of all!) in 2 games. Truth: The Indian bowlers did well as a unit, except in the Oz match. But that loss wouldn't have mattered. Because of one capricious event that turned fortunes around: Gul did more damage as batsman than as bowler! His one-off 32 runs versus SA eventually sealed the semi-final spot for Pak! And India lost out! Yes, bowling is its Achilles' heel. But not in this WC. Don't need a lawyer to prove it, Harsha!

Posted by jay57870 on (October 7, 2012, 12:12 GMT)

Harsha - "Building a young squad around Kohli" is not a good idea. Recall how it took a solid core group - Ganguly, Tendulkar, Dravid, Kumble - to propel Team India's ascendancy to the top. It's a team sport after all! Also the popular notion that "T20 is a young man's game" is a MYTH! Evidence: The WC semi-finalists - WI, Oz, SL & Pak - have a combined 11 starters under age 25, compared to 19 players 30 & over, with the remaining 14 in the 25-29 age bracket. Good teams have an optimal mix of experience & youth, with a few key mature stars making up the core group. Look at SL with a core of Mahela (age 35), Dilshan (36), Sanga (35) & Malinga (29). Also WI with Gayle (33), Samuels (31), Bravo (29) & Sammy (28). Strangely Harsha's "young squad" is not quite spring chicken: By the next WC in 2014, 3 of his 5 nominees will be around 30 - N Ojha, Binny & Rayudu. Most important, where are the bowling prospects? Building a match-winning bowling squad is India's topmost priority, Harsha!

Posted by spinkingKK on (October 6, 2012, 23:12 GMT)

Balaji only played a very few matches and he was taking a lot of wickets everytime he was picked. So, India could have had a bowler in the highest wicket takers list, only if the captain picked him. Harsha thinks that India will do well in the spinner friedly pitch in the upcoming test series. However, I disagree. India's batting is not good anymore. Sehwag seems to have lost it all. Gambhir was a brilliant player, but seems to be going down now. Tendulkar is just wasting some of his valuable time he could have used to spend with his family. India will have to rely on Kohli to score a double century in all the test matches and Ashwin to give him some support. Hopefully, Pujara and Tiwary will prove me wrong.

Posted by karan8300 on (October 6, 2012, 21:31 GMT)

Harsha... I like your advice but not only in T20 format. I like 50 overs team will also be like T20 taste. Gambhir, Rahane, Kohli (Captain obviously), Raydu, Tiwary, bisla, iqbal, unadkat, irfan.....exactly fresh players and with a new blood....

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 20:49 GMT)

Make Raina as captian bring Bisla as wicket keeper kohli as v captain raydu abdulla meneria mandeep manish mayank chand b kumar manoj tiwari dhawal ikbal abdulla irfan aswin will make good T20 team for the future

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 20:46 GMT)

it is hightime to bring two energetic cricketers in to the T20 side that is Ambatty Raydu and Ikbal Abdulla

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 20:44 GMT)

A good pool of fast bowlers ar there in the country like Awana Dhawal kulkarni Rishi dhawan B kumar Shami Ahmad Harshal Pattel Abu Nechim Pradeep Sanghwan Sandeep Sharma etc But you have to give them opportunity

Posted by Nampally on (October 6, 2012, 17:40 GMT)

@itsthewayuplay: Harsha is saying build the team "around" Kohli. There always has to be a central figure for the team to be built. India has C.Pujara who is fine reliable batsman in the mould of Gavaskar & Tendulkar. In the recent Challengers Trophy matches he scored 3 centuries. Dhawan is on fire with 2 centuries & an unbeaten 99. Similarly Vijay & Mukund have scored a couple of centuries too. Mandeep Singh,A.Manaria + existing young batsmen like Raina,Tiwary, Rahane will be in too. So there you go - Opening batsmen & middle order is automatically build "around" Kohli from the guys who are not in the Indian team currently. A fit Yuvraj & Pathan are fine all rounders. Ishant Sharma, Yadev, Aaron provide the pace whilst Ojha, Ashwin & Rahul Sharma provide the spin. Lot more other youngsters are knocking at the door. How reliable these guys are remains to be proven by playing them.Tiwary, Rahane, Rahul have warmed the bench so often that it si not funny any more!. Action Pl. Selectors!

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 16:58 GMT)

1. Sehwag 2. Robin Uttappa 3. Suresh Raina/Rahane depending on the form 4. Virat Kohli 5. Yuvraj Singh 6. Rohit Sharma 7. Yusuf Pathan 8. Irfan Pathan 9. Praveen Kumar 10. Ashwin 11. Balaji/Aaron/Umesh.

Posted by itsthewayuplay on (October 6, 2012, 16:29 GMT)

india has to think long term. the t20 wc was a wasted opportunity - instead of going there to win the competition it could have been used to blood youngsters such as rahane or those from the A team and measuring the progress of players who been away from the international scene for a while such as aaron and yadav and more experienced players like pathan and balaji. whilst it great yuvraj is playing at all, i think a better route back into cricket for him would be through the domestic circuit. they could also have taken mishra and played any 3 of 4 spinners in the games. bowling has been and will continue to be a problem for india because it feels like no score is high enough to defend. picking a test team would be difficult to pick?? who's going to open the batting? whose at 3 and 5 assuming that sachin will be picked regardless. who's going to open the bowling? zaheer? will he last the whole series? if they go with yadav then why wasn't he selected for the t20 wc? same for aaron

Posted by itsthewayuplay on (October 6, 2012, 16:06 GMT)

so what happens when kohli is injured or out of form. doesn't matter what the format is, you cannot build a team around one player. that's why it's called a team. kohli is clearly in the runs at the moment for a number of reasons but the main one being is that cricket india showed faith in him and gave him chances when after the last 2 series against wi he didn't look like he was ready. but then things changed for him on the aus tour. now india has to show faith in a group of other players young or old. sehwag and gambhir have been an automatic choices for too long now. let them earn their place in team again. i don't understand why in a population of 1 bn+ of a cricket mad nation there aren't at least 10 or more players competing for every position. change the structure of domestic cricket so you have different divisions and fewer teams in each division, end regionalism in selection, invest in spinners, look after the pacers and chosing players on form and fitness would be a start.

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 13:48 GMT)

mR. Meanster do you say that Indian team lack in quality off-spinner? In my opinion certainly not because Ashwin has been Dhoni's key man and he has taken wickets for India under crunch situations. First one has to admit that Dhoni as captain hasn't marshaled his resources well. Lot of tactial errors by giving Rohit Sharma the ball ahead of Ashwin against Proteas and he hasn't exposed Raina despite knowing he's a capable bowler. So, please don underrate our bowlers because of poor performance. It's Dhoni who has made the mess of this T20 World Cup.

To add one more fact, despite watching the match Australia v Pakistan where Pakistan used 18 overs of spin, he should have been tempted to bring Harbhajan. Harbhajan with his experience would have out thought Proteas because he perhaps knows the approach of Proteas batsman. So, lot of tactial errors were made by Dhoni. Hope he rectifies those errors and make a good come-back in Champions League and in forth coming home series.

Posted by IndCricFan2013 on (October 6, 2012, 13:21 GMT)

Harsha, mostly agree with your views. But please start asking more questions on the Indian batsman than the bowlers. India's batting might was compared to that of WI and did Indian batsman ever gave a 200, if not 180 for the bowlers to go with freedom? We pick 7 batsman, so that even 3 fail, other 4 would get to 150, like against SA. But that does not indicate might batting, but fear of Indian batsman.

Posted by FarSight on (October 6, 2012, 13:09 GMT)

Harsha is right about the lethargy of the Indian team. It is called 'burn out'. BCCI is the master and the players are the slaves. The master commands the slaves to play round the year even in abominable conditions (think of Chennai in May!). What else do you expect from the players? Why is so much cricket played round the year? As lovers of the game, at least some of us are getting tired of it. I can well understand what is going on with players. I give Kohli at best another five years like this.

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 12:40 GMT)

1. Sehwag 2. Robin Uttappa 3. Suresh Raina/Rahane depending on the form 4. Virat Kohli 5. Yuvraj Singh 6. Rohit Sharma 7. Yusuf Pathan 8. Irfan Pathan 9. Praveen Kumar 10. Ashwin 11. Balaji. There could be a change here and there depending on the form of a player.

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 12:25 GMT)

MS Dhoni, Zaheer Khan, Gautam Gambhir, and Harbhajan Singh should be dropped from the Indian T20 Squad. Robin Uttappa should replace MS Dhoni as a wicket keeper and should open the innings with Sehwag. Robin Uttappa can score at the pace of a Sehwag. Suresh Raina is an asset at #3 in T20. He can straightaway hit the ball for sixes. Virat Kohli should come at #4 as the most reliable batsman after three big hitters. Virat Kohli should be followed by Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma, two of the best finishers in a T20 game. MS Dhoni is a great T20 batsman, but his shows his skills mostly in IPS and Champions league, so better drop him from T20 squad so that he can concentrate on other formats of the game. Praveen Kumar would have been more valuable in T20 than a Zaheer Khan. Yusuf Pathan Should play instead of Harbhajan so that you have someone down the order who can clear the boundary if India needed towards the end of the innings.

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 11:05 GMT)

Nampally openers have failed I agree. What about Rohit Sharma? He has been the poor performer for India. But one thing is clear from these defeats. They don hav stratergical planning and I don know what is Duncan Fletcher is doing as coach. Maybe if he is axed as Indian Coach, then perhaps we'll see a rejuvanted India under captain cool MSD

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 7:08 GMT)

my team ' 1.murali vijay(hard hitter and good batsman) 2.virender shwag(no intro neede) 3.rahane(look at stats) 4. manoj tiwary(exceptional stabliser,can paly few shots) 5. msd(best wk available in nation) 6. yusuf(exceptional hiiter of cricket ball,work and motivation need) 7.jadeja(allrounder,best fro sub conticents) 8.irfan(best t20 bowler n decet batsman) 9. rahul sharma(decent bowler) 10 rp singh(won a t20 wc for indai) 11. balaji(batsman gift their ecikts to him)

i thin this is best combination,5 batsman,3 allounders,3 bowlers if any of three allrs fired..victory is certain..batsamn are ok......rahul sahrma can handee the pressure well,rp singh and balaji are wicket takers..bcoz batsman try to hit hem....and league format must be changed..play only 10 teams,with no groups,will consist 25 matches,top 4 for semis and then for inals

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 7:00 GMT)

dont hide their potential and talent like rohit does....shoaib akhtar said right..pak players palye ith dilleri,thats why they win....inida have blockers like rohit sharma.....make a t20 team which has players of ipl...so i belive ,my t20 team would be 1vijay(can hit the bowl hard) 2. sehwag(no intro. needed) 3.rahane(look at his stats) 4. manoj tiwary(exceptional stabliser and can even clear boundaries ) 5. msd(best wk batsman,others can neither hit hard,nor make runs) 6.yusuf pathan(,some motivation n work need) 7. jadeja(best for sub cont.,can clear small fences,n take wickts) 8. irfan ( decent all) 9.rahul sharma 10. munaf patel/rp sinh(uys he won t20 wc by his bowling alone ,purple cap holder in ipl) 11. balaji(batsman give wicket to him),i think this team is bst coz of 5bats,3 alls,3 bowlers,if any of the 3 alls fired.....they are match winner guys..rahul sharma is decent bolwer.balaji is wicket taker bcoz hit by btsman,rp is better than other as t20 bolers

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 6:29 GMT)

all of u had a great debate..now let me speak......cricket is meant for entertainment.....and develpoing team spirit with equal oppurtuities to all......ma i know why shoul kohli paly in all three formats??shouldnt be the chances povided to everyone..didnt they have any rights to play for the nation.....why is this ipl organised i ot even a single exceptional is allowed to play for india...kohli palys well in test n odi..he should not be spared by playing t20....why is piyush chawal selcted in top 15...wasnt rahul sharma or ojha better than him...why dinda...he can dismiss only tailender...why gambhir?want in his best of forms,why rohit???just made 13 runs in the same country in 5 matches...why raina???if he has to bat at no. 6 n 7,it is t20 which spared him n a palyer of his calibre,cant gain his spot in test....bahiyo t20 dilerri ka khel hai,young players must be given chances.murali vijay made century against rr and dd,couldnt he do the same aginst afg,eng?just have a different team

Posted by   on (October 6, 2012, 6:26 GMT)

please bear if i am askin nonsense,where on earth is varun aaron and umesh yadav?..what was the lame cause behind not picking them.Mr srikkanth has left us so much of problems andvmr dhoni is perhaps the one who shud be answerable for this.it is so riveting that such of playrs lyk yadav and aaron havent given enough chance in the t20 even when thry clocked more than 140 kmp.

Posted by Sanj747 on (October 6, 2012, 5:56 GMT)

Some valid points on the overall team peformance. Can't build a team around one individual. I guess that's how India works and thinks. This mindset will ensure that India can never be a sustainable force in any format of the game.

Posted by bepractical on (October 6, 2012, 4:51 GMT)

Who is your choice for captain? Mine is Test - Gambhir if he is in the team, One day - MSD, T20 - Kohli.

Posted by jimbond on (October 6, 2012, 1:59 GMT)

As usual Harsha thinks that one swallow makes a summer. Kohli is the flavour of the month, and the rules of populism suggest the words "Kohli as captain'. I agree with some of the comments, he should be part of the Test plans. For the T20, merely select the best players in IPL and then forget about it. For tests my 11 would be Sehwag, Gambhir, Rahane, Kohli, Pujara, Rayudu, Dhoni, Ashwin, Praveen Kumar, Zaheer Khan and Umesh Yadav. When Sachin is fit, he should replace Gambhir (with Rahane opening). For the ODIs Vijay and Yuvraj should replace Gambhir and Sehwag, Naman Ojha to replace Dhoni; Irfan Pathan, Balaji and Sandeep Sharma to replace Zaheer, Praveen and Yadav. This team could also play T20.

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 6, 2012, 1:05 GMT)

@landl47: Being an English supporter, I don't expect you to know the intricacies of Indian cricket. However, just to let you know, Indian cricket has an abundance of batting riches. In fact, we could just lose Sachin and Sehwag overnight to be replaced by some amazing batsmen from our domestic cricket. It's the bowling that worries us as Indian fans. Forget the fast bowlers, our spinners are a dying breed. I mean, India rely on home advantage in tests against visiting teams . But the problem is that without decent spinners, there is no longer any home advantage. We have Ashwin and Ojha who had a good time against the Kiwis. However, England, even though a poor spin playing team, could upstage India if those two guys aren't on song. I cannot see Harbhajan coming back into the test squad. Plus, our quicks are lethargic and unfit. Sadly, in cricket the batsmen can only make runs. Bowlers are the ones that win you test matches; any form of cricket for that matter.

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 6, 2012, 0:57 GMT)

@Udendra L. Geegange: I have to disagree with you my friend. The IPL is a fantastic tournament. It does what it does best - provides excellent sports entertainment with competitive T20 cricket; nothing less, nothing more. To speak about the Indian national team and the IPL on the same page is naive and ridiculous. Most of the best players from around the world play in the IPL, not just Indians. Would the SLPL prove to be detrimental to Sri Lankan cricket, would the Big Bash prove detrimental to Australian cricket ? The answer is a big fat NO !

Posted by Nampally on (October 5, 2012, 21:30 GMT)

Harsha, I agree that the India batting did not live up to expectation - mainly because of the openers failed badly. So India has to replace Sehwag & Gambhir with at least a choice of 5 available guys. In the middle order Raina did well apart from Kohli. Yuvraj & Dhoni also contributed. So India did reasonably well despite the opening batsmen failing. If India had bowled first against the Aussies, they would have won the Match with 4 spinners in the line up & the Aussie weakness vs. Spinners. So rain killed the team. As for future, India can field a team of youngsters like Chand, Rahane, Kohli, Pujara, Raina, Mandeep, Saha, Manaria, Rohit Sharma, Ashwin, Ojha, Ishant, Rahul Sharma, Yadev & Aaron. Pujara can lead the team. This team is availble right now & should be tried in an ODI game. They need a lot of coaching because of lack of experience but they will give 100% effort. India definitely needs 3 new captains for 3 formats. I think Pujara (Tests & ODI) and Kohli (T 20) are the guys.

Posted by CricketChat on (October 5, 2012, 21:08 GMT)

Ind needs to groom players to replace: Shewag, Gambhir, Dhoni, Zaheer, Harbhajan, Yuvraj, IK Pathan, Balaji, etc. Basically, make Kohli the captain.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 21:01 GMT)

Gayle, Mahela, Dilshan, Watson, Brendon, Hafeez etc have shown that age is not a criteria for T20- all these guys have done very well in this world cup. India's problems was in th tean selection- why did Gambhir play all the matches when he averaged next to nothing. If he was eligible then how can you leave out Sehwag . Selectors did not do a good job- how can you select Piyush Chawla who did nothing in the IPL and is bloody expensive in T20. If age was the problem then Balaji did very well. Irfan Pathan opening the batting in placce of Sehwag was the biggest blunder by Dhoni.. anyway they paid the price --- an other T20 world cup with no silverware....

Posted by nskaile on (October 5, 2012, 20:43 GMT)

I love T20, I really do BUT Whts up with having this T20 cup every other year? From 2007 to 2012, this is the 4th icc T20 cup! 4 ICC T20 cups in 6 years, this is disgraceful, shameful way to make money and nothin els. No need to read too much into perfo of any team in any of the icc t20 cups. There might be another icc t20 next year again LOL

Posted by NP_NY on (October 5, 2012, 20:38 GMT)

The title is all wrong. You never build any team around one player, let alone a T20 cricket team.

Posted by Jose on (October 5, 2012, 20:37 GMT)

Test Captain: Gautam Gambhir/ Virat Kohli (VC) ODI Captain: Gautam Gambhir/ Virat Kohli (VC) T20 Captain: Virat Kohli/ Raina (VC)

Posted by cheguramana on (October 5, 2012, 19:30 GMT)

Actually, India's performance this time around was pretty good. In terms of winning matches, they did almost everthing you can ask of a team : they won 4 of the 5 matches played ! It was that 1 match that cost them the tournament. So lets forget abt building a new T20 team. Far more impt is to build a strong Test team. Most shocking and disappointing was Dhoni's capitulation during the Test series in AUS. How a Captain fighting with back to wall can talk abt retiring from Tests by 2013 is beyond me. It showed complete mental resgination abt ongoing series and Test career itself. So thats the arena that Kohli is most needed in : Tests ! Currently INdia's best bat, its the Test team that needs to be built around him. Other things will follow.

Posted by bvnathan on (October 5, 2012, 19:09 GMT)

I always wonder how Harsha, Manjrekar and for that matter Shastri and the gang, conjure up to carry out a post mortem dissemination of the India team - for the simple reason that India did not qualify for the semi-final three times in a row. How come they did not carry out an analysis when the team was announced for 2012 tournament and did they predict how far India will go in the tournament. BIG NO... Agreed India does not have fast bowlers who can bowl at 140+kph at the opposition to create that fear in their minds. So what is the solution? Except Harsha, all the other cronies have played cricket at International level - can they come out with a strategy or initiate steps to guide the future of India Cricket, definitely NOT. Even during the U-19 world cup, I was amazed to see the speedsters of other countries bowling 140+kph and India had none. So there a a BIG GAP at that age-group itself. Instead of pointing the failures, please start doing something positive and pro-active

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 18:52 GMT)

its a change-over time for most of the teams.......SA need to replace kallis, amla and possibly groom levi.....Aus need to strenghten their middle-order aftr husseys retire in couple of yrs....pak still struggling to find young batters in middle....and same wid england (although english batters are gud in there own conditions )......WI are well lead by Gayle, supported by all-round performance...(may be its just there temporary form)....NZ are always bits-n-pieces cricketers who always loose close games......SL are in final bcoz 4 people....mahela, malinga n bits of per era n medusas. ! AND india are to find gud bowlers from 2 decades...although they have got flash pan performers like zaheer, bhajji n more concistent ashwin ! At the moment, there standing in t20 world cup do not determine the quality of team !

Posted by BG4cricket on (October 5, 2012, 18:12 GMT)

Great article Harsha and I think you are right about the need for a clean out and using T20 to unearth some different players. For me I would keep Raina, Ashwin, Balaji and Pathan along with Kohli to captain and get rid of the rest for T20 which will provide some pathways for players as it seems you will need dynamite to remove Sehwag and Sachin from continuing to play when they should probably retire now after great service to the game.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 18:09 GMT)

I am absolutely baffled by exclusion of Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron from this list. Even if he was a bit expensive in IPL, he was, to put it mildly, bullying batsmen with his pace on flat pitches. Going by success of genuinely quick bowlers in world cup he should be leading the pace attack. It would be difficult to ignore that pitches all over the world have regained some of the pace they lost in early part of this millennium.Even if this has been done to encourage stroke making, side effect has been encouragement for bowlers like him who like to hit the deck.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 18:06 GMT)

Harsha's analysis is on the button. The pity is where are the players. IPL has really not given India any greats. The T.20.WC-2012, was a clear indicator for playing with five good bowlers. Even if you have an alrounder in the five, it has to be a bowling allrounder. If batsmen at the top of the oredr make about 30 runs each, and the 4,5 &6 contribute with twenty, you will reach a score of 160 plus with a bit of scores from the bowling five. The strong point however is that, the captain will be confident of defending even smallinsh scores with five good bowlers. Batsmen who can contribute thirty plus consistently, can easily be found, if you look around. But you require a ground level plan to develop five good bowlers. How & When ??

Posted by IndigoMan on (October 5, 2012, 17:27 GMT)

I am to a great extent convinced that the members of this team are the best available ones out there. Some of them are true match winners. I know for a fact that the IPL has killed the value of cricket and the desire of the cricketers. By some of the celebrations the players have during the IPL suggests clearly that they are not looking beyond the league. Time to retrospect and clean up the league.We indeed need to develop a good backup of players and certainly one or two more captains but some of them in the team deserve to stay on.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 17:04 GMT)

Harsha, I would be interested to know if you had made this same judgement had India got into the Semis. Indian bowling has always been a concern in all forms of cricket. Youngsters come in but cannot carry on after initial flurry they show. We need to address these issues before we jump into building team with hungry new players. In batting, people like dhoni, sehwag and gambhir may have gone past their best for T20s but if people like Yuvi and Sharma don't show that hunger who hardly played recently, then there is something wrong somewhere else which will not resolve just by getting in hungry players. Trend has been Indian youngsters don't take long to fade away barring some hand counted who are playing.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 15:34 GMT)

Sehwag, Gambhir, Sharma, Zaheer even Dhoni are past or close to expiry for various reasons...it is time to pick young legs for a fast paced games...unless you are gayle and fit and in form which none of the guys are it is time to try young ones

Posted by CricketMaan on (October 5, 2012, 13:40 GMT)

Match against Pak in December should have the following line up - (hoping these will be in good form and not injured) - Vijay, Rahane/Chand, Kholi, Yuvi, Raina, Y Pathan/Tiwary, DK, I Pathan, R Ashwin, U Yadav/Dinda, P Ohja/PK

Posted by mithun2880 on (October 5, 2012, 13:25 GMT)

I think we are too harsh on the team this time, as we our out of the Semi's only bcoz of the defective point system. Out of 4 matches we played we lost only to Australia, still out of the Semi Finals. While team like Srilanka lost twice in 4 matches. The points from the qualifying stages should have been carried forward to the points tally, and that has always being the case.Remember the famous 1999 World Cup. I think our boys played decent and good cricket, it was just a off day against Watson n Warner not the whole Australian team.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 13:25 GMT)

I agree with you Harsha. It's time we start building a new team for 2014 WC. So best to make Kohli the captain of the new T20 team. This will groom him for ODI and tests also. As Anup Kale pointed out, Sehwag, MSD, Gambhir and Zaheer should either move out by choice or by force. Let these seniors play for tests and ODI alone.

Among the 30+ players, I feel only Yuvraj currently fits in the T20 mode though he too did not get many runs (which is forgivable as he had a terrible time due to cance). He can make the balance of an all rounder. Bhajji not sure whether he can come ahead of Ashwin.

It's time to blood batsmen like Rahane, Rayudu, Shikhar Dhawan, Unmukt Chand and bowlers like Umesh Yadav, Varun Aron.

Posted by landl47 on (October 5, 2012, 13:05 GMT)

Well, Kohli's a start. He's one of the best young batsmen to come along (for any country) for many years. The trouble is, I don't see too many others in the Indian camp. Once the over-30s have gone (and Tendulkar and Sehwag are already hafway out the door), who is going to replace them? As for bowlers, there are none that can bowl outside of India. If India is to become a force again, rebuilding has to start now. Their only consolation is that most other countries are in the same boat. Sri Lanka, Australia, Pakistan and West Indies all rely heavily on players in their mid-30s. South Africa will soon lose Kallis. England has the best young nucleus of batsmen and bowlers, but they need to learn to play on turning wickets. The next 3 years will see drastic changes in international cricket.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 12:39 GMT)

I wonder if anyone in the Indian Cricket Administration ever thinks how on earth that from places just across the border in Pakistan (that is so much closer to Mumbai, Mohali, Ahmedabad, New Delhi when compared to other Cricket Centers within India), & also from just across a narrow Strait in Sri Lanka (that is so close to Chennai, Bengaluru as compared to many other Cricket centers in India ) that we are seeing some extremely talented and capable Bowlers (both Spinners & pacers) who are bursting into the world scene in numbers, while India does not have even ONE SINGLE BOWLER who can strike some fear in even a 2nd Tier opposition team. With so much clout and so many high profile think-tanks & pros that BCCI can avail of, we cannot produce even a single Ajmal or a Mendis or a Malinga or a Herath or a Hassan Raza or a Umar Gul. We found Varun Aaaron who only lives with injuries, We found Umesh yadav, who is also constantly injured - as they not NATURAL, leave alone Spinners..!

Posted by DINESHCC on (October 5, 2012, 12:22 GMT)

KK5619: The article speaks about rebuilding of team and not hall of fame

Posted by S_Nath on (October 5, 2012, 12:19 GMT)

Please check who were the highest wicket takers from India in last IPL. Umesh Yadav, Parvinder Awana, Vinay Kumar etc. How many of them are in the team? In a tournament with so many matches involving international players, why the consistent performance of these young bowlers are not counted while selecting Indian team for T20? Even among batmen, Mandeep Singh, Rayudu, Naman Ojha etc should be blooded in the indian T20 team with Virat Kohli as captain. Dhoni says he is satisfied with Indian team's performance in World cup. May be it was a planned move not to reach semi & final, otherwise he will not get enough rest before champions league in SA. And a long season to follow too, for him now these are one more tournament, that's all. And if we win it, they have to go around celebrating etc and there is not enough time for all that. So, it is more convenient to exit before semi itself.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 12:08 GMT)

Twenty20 is a young man's game. Everybody over 30 should be shown the door. Dhoni should be terminated as Captain with immediate effect. I

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 11:42 GMT)

Zak, Gambhir, Viru and MSD needs to retire from the T20 format. It will allow them to stretch their test and ODI careers. As far as T20 format is concerned many other batsmen can fill in and bowling was, is and will be the issue. Unfortunately IPL is making good money and not adding anything to Indian cricket that's the fact.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 11:33 GMT)

When as a selector u tend to pick piyush chawla instead of the likes of amit mishra,pragyan ojha..or even a rahul sharma...ur thinking quites reflects a dull structure. Give me one good reason for this selection... knowing the effect of left armers/leg spinners.. in the shorter formats(IPL and even the T20 wc are examples). With that approach the selectors would go nowhere..hope the new breed does a better job.

Posted by neutral87 on (October 5, 2012, 11:28 GMT)

HARSHA and AAKASH are probably two of the most astute thinkers of the game in INDIA. There's a lot of people who have opinions and also alot of biased opinions, but you can truly appreciate their intellectual capacity. Harsha Bhogle probably couldn't have said anything truer. He is perfectly right in saying that the bowlers in the IPL are weak and how many truly have got the opportunity...it's always been a wait and see approach. India has been blessed with some immense natural batting skills, but that core is fading away. It won't matter so much on the feather-beds in India but it will elsewhere. India needs to rethink it's priorities if it truly wants to make a mark in the world. Once the batting fades there won't be much more left than Kohli and Gambhir and bowling-wise maybe Ashwin, who isn't even close to Ajmal. This is the golden period and unless revitalisation happens this team is just going to go back to the mediocrity of the hit and miss of 90s.

Posted by neutral87 on (October 5, 2012, 11:17 GMT)

WOW!!! Can't believe some of the comments I've been reading of late.

People are still complaining that the 4 table toppers were all in the same group. SA came through after beating SL in a 7 over game (that's almost like one of those giggle-worthy matches). IND got through after beating a pretty ordinary ENG and the novices AFG. PAK were probably better of the lot but were brittle batting-wise and it showed. AUS got through Ireland and WI courtesy some rain. SO DONT MAKE EXCUSES. TEAMS GET REWARDED FOR CONSISTENCY, yes and also adapting to different situations. Telling me that DHONI didn't know it would rain during the match against AUS he would have been pretty naive. The pre-seeding is done to ensure that the fans can buy tickets and fill up stadiums and incentive to be CONSISTENT. Perform well and reap the rewards, if you fail to turn up, YOUR LOSS. It's a WORLD CUP and you have to always perform EXCEPTIONALLY and not SATISFACTORILY and not just expect to advance. EXCUSE EXCUSES

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 11:14 GMT)

Play and practice with some mino team like Bangladesh, Ireland, Zimbabwe to get the confidence and get some knowledge and try to understand how to win.

Posted by zarash on (October 5, 2012, 11:12 GMT)

India's major worry has always been bowling. The did not get into semis this time mainly because along with their sub standard bowling..there batsmen who normally play well in sub-continent did not fire. Indian bowling is pathetic at the moment.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 10:55 GMT)

Sorry Harsha but nothing new here. But sometimes you do just need to state the obvious. We need to refresh our batting and really invest at grass-roots level into our bowling. It's very good to say build the batting around Kohli but frankly that's not as much of a problem as building the bowling after Zaheer goes. I know you're trying to focus on India's strengths and capitalise on them but I think the bowling is a bigger priority. And most importantly, our selectors need to start thinking objectively and rationally. They're the biggest roadblock against progress and instead of developing a roadmap to success, we get a very tunnel visioned view of the world. Let's take a risk like the Lankans and scour the country for talent to unearth our own Dhananjaya because, sadly, apart from Ashwin, we have no one else who's world class. And yes, we need to get rid of the dead-wood- Chawla is no 1 on that list. He's still living off bowling out Sachin in that Challenger series almost a decade ago

Posted by SAF-Fan-no-1 on (October 5, 2012, 10:40 GMT)

Pravin Kumar and Munaf Patel should win this competition. Drop Zahir Khan is very poor performance, Drop Irfan Pathan not consistance. Drop Rohit Sharma - Drop also Yuvraj - not good comeback. Drop Dhoni also - Make Koli Captain for ODI and T20 - Drop oldies and GET Ajankiya Rahane, Naman Oja, Yadav & Pravin Kumar, Munaf Patel, Varun Aaron, Koli, Gambhir, Sehwag, Raina, Unmukt Chand, Piyus Chawla, Parthiv Patel for W/Keeping. This should be T20 and Oneday Team. Take off captancy from Dhoni & and Say BYYYYY........

Posted by thaikkathameed on (October 5, 2012, 10:19 GMT)

First of all these old horses should be thrown out, especialy for T20 games only young blood should be selected. There are many youngsters who can bring laurels to our country. If needed we can have at least two to three T20 teams, no doubt about it. Hope sense prevails with the new selection committee. The previos seleection was just a farce or it can be called as the selection committee by the CSK of the CSK for the CSK.

Posted by SureshBravo on (October 5, 2012, 10:12 GMT)

When you have domestic t20 league which is the biggest of all then where are the best player of that. What the selection doing with the best likes of munaf, Rahane, ojha, bishla. Its rubbish to send Bhaji, Chawala, zaheer who havent done well in IPL

Posted by tinopj on (October 5, 2012, 10:11 GMT)

Hey Harsha.You can have your own opinion but you should think the reality. Why do you think that virat kohli has captaincy skills,did he showed any leadership qualities in the field?.He is only a young excellent player but absaloutely doesn't know how to react according to the situations.In the last game,we saw how deeply he showed his emotions in the fied. I agree that india need some more young talent like rehane,rayudu.But even these players still need to grow under some experienced great players like dhoni,sehwag and gambhir. I am 100% sure that kohli won't be a successfull captain for india..What dhoni did wrong even in this world cup?.He made the indian team to win 4/5,which is absaloutely satsifactory! . Even I can comment and criticise current indian team and the captain.you should know the difficulties when you are on the field. Be practical harsha, as an experienced commentator we crcket fans like to hear some great advises to india team not criticises and blunders!.

Posted by CricketMaan on (October 5, 2012, 10:04 GMT)

My 20 for the next T20 that India will play - Vijay, Rahane, Dhawan, Kholi, Raina, Yuvi, Tiwary, Y Pathan, U Chand, I Pathan, D Karthik, MSD, Naman, Ashwin, P Ohja, Rahul, U Yadav, Shami, Vinay, Dinda, Jakati

Posted by Selassie-I on (October 5, 2012, 10:03 GMT)

Harsha, perhaps we see an effect here similar to the EPL in football(Soccer) happening? where you have the best, highest earning league in the world but it causes a lack of opportunity for your young homegrown players to play at the top domestic level. Also you see the same players sweating blood for their franchise/club side and then can't seem to bother breaking a sweat for the international side. As you rightly say, the best way to counter this is to miss a generation and start again with a young team based around a couple of young players with potential. Again it would certainly help with the development of the test side and with the big guns all due to retire over the next few years India drastically need to have some young players with at least a bit of international experience.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 10:00 GMT)

@CptMeanster : Why was Yuvraj Picked in the first place? Had not he been picked, India could have potentially lost the matches to Afghanisthan and Pakistan. Yes, from batting's perspective, we had not witnessed the best of Yuvraj otherwise he was superior on the field and with the ball to our fielders and bowlers. My reasoning why his selection was not emotional because India badly needed a decent all-rounder. RJ and YP did not warrant selection in the wake of abominable performances in the IPL. Yuvraj was picked and he delivered to a certain extent unlike Sehwag, Gambhir, Sharma, Khan. Yuvraj was the second best valuable player for India after Kohli in the T20 world cup if you ask me.

Posted by analyseabhishek on (October 5, 2012, 9:37 GMT)

One problem that no one is talking about is that India don't play enough international T20s. They play a lot of mediocre IPL matches but, e.g., facing Steyn, Morkel, Botha, Parnell and Van der Merwe for different teams is a lesser challenge than facing them together as part of a single attack. This is the reason it is usually the batting that lets India down in T20. In 2007, the team won because it had younger or hungrier players led by a captain with a different and refreshing approach. All that has become old hat now. Three failed T20 WC later, it's time for a change.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 9:30 GMT)

Hurt plays a big part in showing how dedicated you are. The moment SA crossed 120, there was only one man on the field who was utterly devastated. And he stood there at point helpless. Im sure he had a burning desire to change the tactics and push for qualification. I say, bring him on. At least for the shortest format. Blood him, let him be the captain.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 9:16 GMT)

Clearly, more than anything, the team needs a good bowling unit. That is the bottom line.

Posted by ladycricfan on (October 5, 2012, 9:14 GMT)

T20 needs youth as well as experience just like other formats. Look what happened to England with all the youngsters, however tallented they are. Players with experience like Mahela, Sanga,Gayle, Watson, Hussey, Ajmal, Gul etc played very well and they are the reason for their teams' success.For India some senoirs may have been out of form. But the team played well enough to win 4 out of 5 matches, bowling out 4 teams on their way.Rain during Ind v Aus was to blame for India's low run rate.Just bad luck.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 9:12 GMT)

Well, the knock out from the Super eights has thrown more questions about the vulnerability of the Indian T20 team. It is good to lose or get knocked out once in a while, so that it serves as a reality check. I think it is time we had three separate teams and captains for Test, ODIs and T20s respectively. India could take the lead by infusing young guns into the T20 team and gradually scale them to the ODI and then to the test team. In the process, there will be a few who will succeed at the T20 level, some at the ODI level and only the best will graduate to the test level. As for leadership, someone like a Raina can lead the T20 team, maybe Dhoni can be ODI captain and Virat can be the Test captain. Given the large number of budding cricketers across our vast landscape, talent scouting should not be a problem, but due emphasis should besourcing and nurturing the right talent to put forth a winning combination.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 9:08 GMT)

Harsha Bhogle has made a very incisive and matter fact analysis of the T20 team's deficiencies. It is truly needed to blood the team with players ,who want to achieve and play with passion of national fervour and not as mercenary. Some of the present players are worn out and lack the reflex, energy and fitness to be in a forceful international team.Prayers and wishes in themselves are not the answer to success,there should be dedicated effort and unwavering focus.There is no point in sweeping the weakness under the carpet .Every team more or less had a talented new player on display except India , suffering partly from the joint family syndrome-seniors first and not superiors in merit.

Posted by venkatesh018 on (October 5, 2012, 8:59 GMT)

Harsha has just stopped short of mentioning the real culprits in the article: Srikkanth & Co. who picked this pathetic 15 for this T20 World cup and forced Dhoni to keep selecting the under-performers in both bowling and batting. Rahane, Awana and Umesh Yadav were the names crying out to be selected. Instead MSD was given Dinda, Chawla and Balaji.

Posted by bepractical on (October 5, 2012, 8:54 GMT)

Right, on the spot. I had exactly the same thoughts while watching the match against SA. Dhoni seems to lack the energy and motivation these days. His judgement is also questionable. Kohli is the right person to lead the format. We need separate teams for each format with few young and fit players playing multiple formats. Dhoni, Sewag, Gambhir, Zaheer etc should choose one format they fit in. I thought Vinay or RP would favor better than Zaheer in T20. Rahane, Ojha, Tiwary etc should get their chances. Hardly any quality bowlers in the team. Miss Sree now. I believe we need a different captain for Tests as well. But Kohli looks too young for the task, and who else is assured a spot in the team?

Posted by venkatesh018 on (October 5, 2012, 8:52 GMT)

Well said Harsha. Who would be a bowler for India? We don't even arm them with the DRS.

Posted by CricketSpiritLover on (October 5, 2012, 8:39 GMT)

I think Harsha should retire from commentary. He is too critical of Dhoni. Common guys, you should know how cricket is depending on whether especially the wet factor. We just lost one match agianst Australia and these people are too critical. And also wet factor was very prominent in that match. There is no need to overburden Virat. He is performing good and media should not try to spoil him.

Posted by Budhaiya on (October 5, 2012, 8:27 GMT)

How to play T20 match? This question can be answered best by Aussies,who instead of giving chances to older buddies ,rely on young blood and this does not cheat them. They pick specialist players for T20 because in this format,you do not need plenty of experience,you need power,urge ,being quicker on field. Here even 1 over marks the difference between 2 teems. So Indians should pay heed to youth rather than experience when they look to T20. Another good example is Pak.Take a look at their team and count how many players are aged above 30? So in my opinion,in T20,You don't need plenty of experience but you need power,aggresion willingness and most importantly youth power to dominate T20

Posted by getsetgopk on (October 5, 2012, 8:18 GMT)

Dont worry Harsha, you'll forget all this never happened once you get into another IPL in a few months time. After every world event you guys will post articles like these and forget about it the next day the even is over. The indian team comes to international events for relaxation as they have already left their energies playing IPL cant blame the players, BCCI isn't interested where Indian cricket stand at international level, its the bank account they are after and its doing pretty good for the moment atleast.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 8:10 GMT)

india want to rebuild their t20 team with alll youngsters like in t20 2007 wc.shewag,gambhir,yuvarj,dhoni,zaheer these are good players and dangerous but they want to be out of t20 team because austarlia and england have done same my t20 squad for next t20 wc is-kohli(c),raina(vc),rohit,rayudu,rehane,monoj tiwary,unmukt chand,uttapha(wk),binny,ashwin,harbajan,irfan,praveen,umesh,aroon

Posted by i_witnessed_2011 on (October 5, 2012, 8:01 GMT)

Its the time for Indian cricket to make move and take bold steps in all areas. Next all series are at home and it will give ample time shake the existing and build the new platform: 1. With all due respect to Dhoni's captaincy, It is the time to change. He is the most successful but looks TIRED at the moment. (Remember Aus gave early breaks to Steve Waugh and Brought Ponting.) New captain for each format: T20-Kohli, ODI-Dhoni,Test-Gambhir 2. Create a pool of players, Pick and drop from these pools for all domestic and international teams. Do not pick players from no where and drop for no reason. For ex: Chawla(picked from nowhere) Ojha (Dropped for no reason, He is a good T20 Bowler) 3. Not only batsmen (Read Rohit Sharma) , Bowlers also need extended run. Selectors were unfair to Ojha,Yadav and Praveen Kumar

Posted by vish57 on (October 5, 2012, 7:46 GMT)

If Champion Leage T20 is preferred over Duleep Trophy by the Indian Players, then the quality of cricketers playing international cricket will be mediocre; BCCI has made a mockery of itself by having Duleep Trophy along with CL. Money comes first for BCCI but not talent search

Posted by Mith's 11 on (October 5, 2012, 7:38 GMT)

To start with, 1) India should start preparing pitches that assist the fast bowlers. We need pitches with bounce and pace. If you look at the most consistent sides in world cricket, Aus, SA and Eng - all of them play on sporting wickets at home. That does not mean discard spinning pitches completely. But there has to be a balance of both. 2) Indian players in the IPL need to perform. We have been talking about foreign players performing better than most Indian players do. Indian players need to step up to the plate. I agree with Harsha where he states, we need to build a team around Kohli. Surely Sehwag should be dropped, not for the form but for the attitude (or lack of it) he shows on the field. Also there has to be some thought about creating a pool of fast bowlers -say 6-8 bowlers, and backing them. This will ensure a good bowling attack in the future. The future of Indian cricket will blossom only if the right manure of vision and boldness is provided to it.

Posted by AmeyPitre on (October 5, 2012, 7:26 GMT)

India need atleast 2 quality medium pacers/fast bowlers.. Zak is history as far as T20 is concerned.... Irfan is neither bowlar nor batsman... in that sense he is all rounder.... we have to look at Dinda/Aaron/Yadav... We can groom them... as age is on their side...

Posted by Feroz9700 on (October 5, 2012, 7:17 GMT)

I dont know why everybody is so critical of India's performance in the T20 world cup, Cricket in India is very popular and they just want India to win and when they do they become Heroes and if the lose then u will see Harsha Bhogle who wants the whole team to be changed. Man we are seeing Harsha for so many years now, we should probably replace him as well with a new Expert commentator. Coming back to the article, it's in a way picking on Indian seamers lack of pace, however if anybody who has played the game would be able to tell u that if u can move the ball then u can be equally effective as our Inidan seamers have shown. If u r quick and bowl on both sides of the wicket it becomes even more easier for the batsman to score and probable use that pace and hit it even further. Even the Legendary Kapil Dev was'nt express but he bowled with immaculate control and infact if u remember the 1983 squad then the likes of Binny, Madan Lal, Sandhu, Amarnath and Kapil were all medium pace

Posted by SpartaArmy on (October 5, 2012, 7:11 GMT)

No matter how you shuffle around the players from the available pool, the results won't get better than this. It is not possible to win games with one good bowler; except for ashwin India has no bowler who is up to international standards; zaheer magical return is almost over, yadav and aaron are still raw and might over ripe before they perform to their full potential. If you have players like Chawla, Ashok Dinda in a 15 man squad for world tournament, you can assess the situation of indian cricket team. Of course there are bowlers who are FAR BETTER than Chawla's and Dinda's playing ranjis, but still they are way below the international standards. I used to assume that because of all the crap in the system it is hard for talented players to grab attention, but it is shocking that even after IPL with all franchises desperately looking for INDIAN talent the situation is no better but worse.

Posted by Budhaiya on (October 5, 2012, 7:11 GMT)

IPL has deteriorated India's performance,no doubt about that. Yesterday's semi final SRL vs Pak,just look at the body language of Sri Lankans,they didn't look dejected even for a single second. At one juncture ,Pak needed 48 off 30 balls. Yet Mahela did not lose courage and in the end he was the winner. This is the main difference between Indians and Sri Lankans,their body language, their tenacity.While Indians lack in this department. Coming to the IPL, the main aim of IPL is to make money and nothing else. Players play because of huge amount of money,they get more money even more than that BCCI pays them, so they focus more on IPL rather than on national side

Posted by DEV_ME on (October 5, 2012, 6:51 GMT)

Harsha, Whay should a team be built "around" Kohli - and risk putting him under additional pressure ! Whay cant we build a team "alongwith" Kohli ? And not only for T20, but one day and test too. Players like Dhawan and Pujara cannot be ignored for the shorter version of the game, their scores tell the tale. similarly players like Binny, Srikanth, Mandeep, Chand, Harmeet, have to be inducted in the rotation. Create a team of 25 players and rotate them, "horses for courses" in the true sense, and not Dhinis perception of that term ! Indias team selections and actual playing 11 are becoming a farce if not already. I really am not sure if Dhoni really is the Mr.Cool - with Indias interests at heart. Why should we accept Dhonis choice of Raina, Rohit etc. ??? Why was Dinda not found worthy of a single game, while Zaheer was beig made out to be a "fearsome" bowler, which he no longer is ?? Its not that Zaheer needs to be dumped, but use him to mentor young bowlers on the field in the match

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 6:39 GMT)

India Playing brilliantly in this t-20 world cup but only one defeat against Australia and also some bad luck India eliminate in super eight, at same time our three department are not performed well. If we considered South Africa match our batmen are doing very silly mistake so that we lose wicket in every interval that why 20 to 30 short in score board also some players not playing well still team management provides lot of changes,if that match we win long margin so we can reach semifinal.These are very serious issue new selection committee will be take in mind.

Posted by Shouldas-Wouldas-Couldas on (October 5, 2012, 6:34 GMT)

Superlative Writing ! "TEAMS MUST ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE WHO ARE DESPERATE TO MAKE A MARK. THEY MUST IDEALLY OUTNUMBER THOSE ANXIOUS TO KEEP THEIR PLACE" ! Similar scenario across the border (Pakistan) !! Wish PCB read/understand/digest the contents of your article and take cue (all unlikely) ! Thanks Harsha !

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 6:32 GMT)

There should not be any selection based on IPL performance ... The one who is doing good in first class cricket should be given chance!

Posted by Meety on (October 5, 2012, 6:32 GMT)

Makes sense to build a team around Kohli EXCEPT for the possibility you risk running him into the ground. At the moment, Kohli is the ONE Indian batsmen that looks likely to get a big score. I think Dhoni, whilst sometimes too slow, always seems menacing, but the reality the batting line up revolves around Kohli in both the short formats of the game. He needs to be managed lest he becomes like the seasoned pro's who seem to be overweight, overly paid but not overly interested in results! (bit harsh but not too far wide of the mark).

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 6:29 GMT)

agree with u harsha,,sehwag gamhir and dhoni not good enough for t20 and plz close this chapter of rohit sharma,,,he doesnt deserve to be in the team,,,,

Posted by Romanticstud on (October 5, 2012, 6:24 GMT)

coming to my last comment ... if they had a super 6 stage ... the teams that would have qualified were ... India ... Sri Lanka ... Pakistan ... Australia ... South Africa and New Zealand ... In the super 6 stage ... the points will be discarded ... and a round robin including sides like Sri-Lanka and South Africa all with no points ... England and the West Indies would have been knocked out by NRR ... Now onto the make-up of the Indian team ... Kohli should open on one side with a hitter on the other side Sehwag did the job in ODIs but maybe MS Dhoni should for T20 ... he is wasted at No. 7 ... maybe full the side up with batsmen who can bowl ... Yuvraj should most probably come in at 3 ... I also agree with some good fielders like Ohja ... Menaria ... India must build now with a specialised T20 squad ... ignore the old school ... They can play tests ...

Posted by roversgate on (October 5, 2012, 6:20 GMT)

T20 team for the next world cup: (1) Gautam Gambhir (capt) (2) Wicketkeeper-Batsmen (Bisla, Kartik, Parthiv, Naman Ojha, etc.) (3) Virat Kohli (v. capt) (4) Suresh Raina (5) Rohit Sharma/Manoj Tiwary (6) Yuvraj Singh (7) Irfan Pathan (8) R. Ashwin (9) Praveen Kumar (10) Rahul Sharma/Another paceman except present test squad (11) L. Balaji. Yuvraj is essentially bowling 3-4 overs every match, drop him down the order to reduce his workload, then push Raina up the order, he is being wasted at #6. Sehwag and Dhoni are out because they seem to have outgrown this format, younger blood is needed.

Posted by Neeta on (October 5, 2012, 6:18 GMT)

The ODI and the Test Match Team is looking good but not the T20 team despite our players having loads of IPL experience. There needs to be a separate T20 team as the same set of players are playing all the three formats and look tired. As for me out of the current lot this seems to be the best T20 team considering the fact that the WC is going to be held in the subcontinent, I believe Bangladesh it is. My squad will be S.Dhawan, M.Vijay, S.Raina,V.Kohli, A.Rahane, M.Tiwary, Yuvi, A.Rayudu, R.Uthappa, U.Yadav, P.Kumar, I.Sharma, R.Ashwin, I.Abdullah and as much as I hate to say it the 15th Member is Vinay Kumar but as the WC is in the subcontinent guys we have to pick guys according to that and according to me this will be the best squad we can pick. For wicketkeeping we will have Rayudu and Uthappa and if D.Karthick improves his form we can have him in the side. No Dhoni Viru Gauti Bhajji in the side. They can play odi and test cricket. Kohli is captain and Raina is VC. What say guys?

Posted by ShreeVSV on (October 5, 2012, 6:13 GMT)

Could't agree more with Harsha. It is time the selectors looked at a separate team for T20Is and ODIs. While a lot is being said about Dhoni's captaincy, look at the team that he had at his disposal: two openers who were more keen to close their innings than to open; two struggling middle order batsmen (Raina and Rohit), one batsman picked purely on emotion (Yuvraj); one bowler, who, after being dropped, had nothing significant to be picked (Harbhajan); one bowler picked for reasons not known to anyone, including the bowler (Chawla); another bowler who was so unfit you had to literally hide him in the field (Zaheer). With this team, I must say whatever we achieved was a miracle. Though Dhoni remains a very reluctant and defensive captain in Tests, he is much better handling things in ODIs and T20Is, but was severely handicapped by the selectors' lack of vision.

Posted by g2311 on (October 5, 2012, 6:09 GMT)


I am aghast to see you also getting carried away by all the cacophony surrounding Dhoni and some of the players. India didn't play badly and all these changes suggested by you are pretty unwarranted except possibly we will have to look for new set of openers and that's not a problem of T20s alone. T20 WC is too short a tournament to judge which team is the best. I remember when in ODI during the halfway stage people were apprehensive about India's chances. But you have to look closely, and you will find Indians take time to peak and they were peaking in T20WC too, but they met an abrupt end. The names you are suggesting haven't done much in IPL, I doubt they will do something extraordinary at international level. Compare the youngsters' that you have suggested to the players currently in the team. Not even close when it comes to IPL performance. We shouldn't draw much out of this WC, but yes from next WC we need to be better prepared mentally. Possibly pick fit players.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 6:06 GMT)

Well said Harsha. Dhoni is not the kind of guy who shows emotions on the field and that is his personality. That said, players were desperate to fare well and bring back the cup but AUSSIES thwarted it comprehensively. The history says if you blood in youngsters, they will give it all on the field. 2007 T20 world cup exemplifies that. Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly and Zak made way knowing they were not good enough for that. I hope all senior non-performing players would follow that.

Posted by Naresh28 on (October 5, 2012, 6:06 GMT)

Good article!!!! This is the realty of Indian cricket. Our new bowlers dont set any fires. Our old are jaded. People speak of Awana - but really is he fast enough. We need to think with overseas pitches in mind not Indian pitches. Our pacers are slow and get slaughtered overseas. The only aspect we have is SEAM and SWING bowlers. We can only count UMESH YADAV and AARON as our fastest. Time to work on ISHANT and SREESANTH becoz thats all we got. In comparision our batting can take care of itself.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 6:03 GMT)

Indian cricket is in a sad state but i must confess that the pandemonium for the axe to fall on Dhoni's head seems absolutely ridiculous. I agree he has had some off time making those instinctive decisions but at the end he only had to juggle around what he originally had and as Harsha mentioned, it was not something to be excited about. With all this happening I wonder, why wasn't somebody like a Rahul Sharma or a Pragyan Ojha picked in the squad ? We all know that the Indian bowling cupboard wears an empty look these day, but not long ago foreign teams would shave of the extra grass on their home pitches fearing the Indian swing bowlers ? So if your bowling department is looking down the barrel, what have u done to resurrect the old guys who went out of favor ? People like RP Singh and Sreesanth can still be utility bowlers in all formats of the game. Why didn't the board look after them ? these are the questions that will haunt the BCCI for a long long time, especially overseas... !

Posted by Romanticstud on (October 5, 2012, 5:55 GMT)

India were very unlucky ... The tournament was destined to have the same 4 teams play in each group ... India has a strong group of Australia (Most probably the best make up of all the teams) ... Pakistan (The most unpredictable of all the teams ... but can take the game away from you as they did against South Africa) and South Africa (The most able team on paper ... ) ... So now compare that to Sri-Lanka (Home ground specialists) ... England (Sub-Continent no-hopers) ... West-Indies (The most explosive team ... if they get going or not ) ... New Zealand (Also rans ...) ... If the groups were based on performance ... India, South Africa, West-Indies and New Zealand would be in group B ... Group A would have Sri-Lanka ... Austalia ... Pakistan and England ... India would most likely have progressed further with the win against SA and most probably New Zealand ... Another way is to have the bottom two second place sides on net runrate lose out and a super 6 format ... with 1 play 2 ...

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 5:55 GMT)

i am sorry harsha but i think a prodigy like kohli shouldnt play in the IPL... that will do nothing but exhaust him and may lost his form too... he is great india prospect and potential captain and he just should not waste his energy plus form in the IPL..

Posted by golden_ducks on (October 5, 2012, 5:54 GMT)

I agree with the lacklustre attitude.. after winning the world cup et al., I guess the desire for success has dozed off in most of the experienced players.. like Sehwag, Gambhir, Dhoni, Zaheer, Yuvraj. Need newer players to replace the above as its about 10 years or so since all of them came along...

Posted by Strebori on (October 5, 2012, 5:49 GMT)

Harsha, I'd have thought India would be looking to build not just their T20 team around Kohli but also their ODI team and - to an extent - their test team. He is, to my English eyes, the man most likely to reach the stratospheric heights of the Golden Generation... and the man English bowlers will fear most this winter.

Posted by MurVis on (October 5, 2012, 5:48 GMT)

This World T20 has been great that the matches have been balanced between bat and ball and exciting as a result.The thing I dont understand is why does everyone think that playing in the IPL should guarantee World T20 success. IPL is merely a platform for players to perform and be identified and nothing more. Apart from Pakistan, I am sure all the other teams have benefitted from players playing in the IPL to a certain degree. One day everyone says T20 is not real cricket and the next day winning the World T20 is of paramount importance. Unless all teams have specialist squads playing international T20, playing a T20 league doesnt alone guarantee World T20 success. Pakistan deserve the highest credit for not playing enough T20 matches and yet getting into the semi-finals of World T20 for fourth time in succession.Kudos to them

Posted by Naresh28 on (October 5, 2012, 5:48 GMT)

NOT only the T20 squad, all other formats, we need new faces. Time to shed some of the older guys. Gambhir and Shewag should go back to domestic cricket to find form.Opening needs gutsy young players. Dhoni is worn out now. A good idea to groom Kohli for the roll using T20.

Posted by crikcinfo on (October 5, 2012, 5:47 GMT)

Absolutely spot on Harsha..! But I still prefer Dhoni as the captain/keeper bcz I don't have much hope on Kohli-the-captain. He is more emotional than a professional caption and the era of emotional captains r long gone. Team need calm faces on pressure situations and by looking at Kohli on a situation, even spectators get tensed. And above all, there is still no better wicke-keeper batsman than dhoni. Dinesh Karthik is good but not have the same impact. Rayudu or uthappa to keep wont be a bad idea either.

Posted by Narbavi on (October 5, 2012, 5:32 GMT)

Surely yes, we need an young team which can revolve around Kohli, likes of Sehwag and Zaheer surely won't be playing the next t20 wc, we do have plenty of talent to fill up lots of spots in this format!! IF Dhoni is going to continue batting at 7 in t20's then there is no point of him playing as well!!

Posted by shrastogi on (October 5, 2012, 5:23 GMT)

Though it is impertive that changes are made in the Indian t20 side but I'm not too sure if it is agood idea to build a team around one player. RCB tried this in IPL and didnt make much headway. We need to find openers who can give decent starts and bowlers. I'm not too sure why Umesh Yadav was not in the squad for world cup. A few seniors need to be rested. Kohli is the form player in the side but too much dependency on him would surely affect his batting. He is young and would lead India one day but till then selectors would also have to give time to young players to perform. So you need to have some continuity as well.

Posted by Rahulbose on (October 5, 2012, 5:15 GMT)

Agree they should target making Kohli the captain after 2015 in Tests and ODIs. As for T20, seriously who cares which team wins the lottery format that is decided in 6 ball "super" over contests.

Posted by rob-nick on (October 5, 2012, 5:08 GMT)

L.Balaji is a good canny customer in T20's who had come good in this t20WC with his variations in his limited speed..he was also good in the ipl2012...he might be a good bet in the limited overs

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:58 GMT)

Well I agree with Harsha on this Give Kohli the Captaincy in this Format and Pick Players like Rahane, Rayudu, Aaron, Iqbal Abdulla, and Other Brilliant Players to be honest We don't need Yuvi or Harbajan ,Sehwag , Dhoni, Gambhir, Zaheer etc to play in T20 let the Kids Develop in this format. Let the Big players play Yests and ODI's

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:53 GMT)

you pointed it out right that hunger is missing from many players. Many were trying hard for themselves rather than for a team. I don't get it that how piyush chawla could even make it to top 15. Yuvraj was included out of emotions and to gain the TRPs. Sehwag, Gambhir didn't look happy or enjoying on the field. Ajinkhya Rahane is a potential opener. Had he been in indian squad, he would have forced Sehwag & Gambhir to perform better. Kohli is confident and having a great time but can someone explain me why so many of his catches are being dropped. I always felt that he is quite lucky but so many !!! ??

Posted by natasrik on (October 5, 2012, 4:50 GMT)

Mr Harsha, In my opinion leading a team with a more complex nature like team india with seniors (legend status) around is a challenging task. Leading team india has more responsiblity compared to leading a IPL. Infact Dhoni has done that and just look at the result and the impact he has provided to CSK not only in IPL but CL20. Let Virat lead the RCB and get some experience at a bigger stage. Virat probably will be future captain of team india but right now let us not put pressure on him. Let us enjoy the way he is batting. Dhoni if going to be the IPL captain, 2015 WC captain then I certainly see him to be in the team for next T20 WC also.

Posted by vish57 on (October 5, 2012, 4:46 GMT)

This world cup has thaught a lesson to teams that when you lose, don't give up, lose with minimum margin and while you win, finish off fast. The format does not need revision because India lost because of poor run rate, however to keep the suspense of teams in Super 8 groups, the point table in the 4 groups should decide the top 2 teams order, not ICC rating. In this world cup a classic case of 4 teams finishing top with 2 wins each in group clash (India,Pak,Aus,SA) were all in same super 8 group which demeans the group clash. Unless Indian domestic cricket changes, expecting India to win abroad is a wishful thinking; may be another world cup ODI in India may be in 2023 or the next T20 world cup in India (india can bid can help to win cup for India, an old saying is eternally valid" Heros in India, Zeros outside".

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:44 GMT)

So much for IPL improving T20 Cricket in India. Just for the record, after IPL began, India's record in T20 World Cup is 3 and out even before the semi finals. IPL seems to have improved the quality of T20 Cricket for other country players while for the Indian players the only thing that it has improved is their bank balance!

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:39 GMT)

I very much agree with Harsha, we need new young boys who just can get an exposure to the international scene! There is no need for gambhir, viru, zak, dhoni, bhajii, to play t20s. Honestly get some young blood in their, they will pay 5 7 t20s in the next year and learn to cope with some new international standards.. Heres the thing, No zak, viru, SRT even maybe no dhoni & gambhir int he ODI wc2015. We need youngsters and its almost 2013. 2 years left. SO build a new team heres what I think... 1. Rahane 2. Robin Uttapa/ Naman Ojha 3. VIRAT (captain) 4. Yuvi 5. Manoj Tiwari 6. Raina 7. Rayadu 8. Phatan 9. Ashwin (or save him for tests and get another young spinner) 10. Yadav 11. Balaji/ Aaron/Awana..

For One day I would also make Virat Captian 1. Gautam 2. Rahane 3. Kohli 4. Yuvi 5. MSD 6. Raina 7. Irfan 8. Ashwin 9. Balaji 10. Yadav 11. Aaron/Praveen/Awana.... Reason for Phatan at 7, we need 4 seamers for WC in AUS/NZ 5th bowler as spinners will get hammered. beST WISHES TEAM INDIA!!

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 5, 2012, 4:35 GMT)

(continued) He still feels the current Indian team is good. I mean, when will the BCCI and the selectors STOP selecting a team based on past reputation ? Too many passengers in the current line up. They need to be ruthless and practical and pick teams that can potentially win global tournaments. Sorry to say this, but Team India were simply not looking like winning this World T20. Even the batting, one of India's major strengths, looked weak and unpredictable. Over reliant on Kohli and Dhoni, it was a confused team. With all respects to Yuvi, WHY was he even picked in the first place ? Such emotional foolishness needs to be scrapped out of Indian cricket for long terms results. I think it's time Indian cricket laid greater emphasis on the art of bowling. When a small island nation like SL could produce world class bowlers, we ought to be ashamed of ourselves of having more than 2 billion people and having ZERO bowling resources. Shame on Indian cricket, I hope it changes soon enough.

Posted by akarsh86 on (October 5, 2012, 4:34 GMT)

I would totally go with harsha. We should plan similar way as Aussies,Eng, SA, Pak has been doing. They have been injecting young captain and building players around them. They did succeed and we will to.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:33 GMT)

This is a wonderful Idea. I think Indian team management has a huge assignment ahead to do.....to figure out what next...??? I think we have to take some drastic innovative steps to improve our team.....what Australia has done 2-3 years ago. As Harsha said, We have to start revamp the team and start buildng team around Virat Kohli and bring lot of youngsters in to the team. I wonder why Ambati Rayudu is still not in the National team...like him so many younsters are proving themselves, but no getting a chance to prove themselves.......National selectors........ wake up .....Its time to make some significant changes in T20 games and One dayers....!!!!

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:30 GMT)

Why is the captain not excited about Manoj Tiwary? What has he done wrong? Why the persistence with Rohit Sharma? Gambhir, Sehwag are not suited for T20 any more!

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:30 GMT)

That's cool suggestion ..........

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:30 GMT)

Harsha is Back! Really felt that harsha sting was missing in the last few articles. This article was timely & reflects mulitple issues & steps to be taken for the betterment of Indian cricket. Harsha, please write with a zing, as you've done now, else we can always wait for your articles!

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 5, 2012, 4:24 GMT)

Totally agree with you Harsha. The point is the BCCI along with the various state associations around the country are living in self denial. When will these people realize that bowling is a KEY and integral part of the sport of cricket ? You mentioned the names of pretty much every bowler from the top teams in this World T20 except India and rightly so. India don't have a quality bowler among their ranks because they simply don't INVEST in bowling. This begins with a careless approach to preparing pitches back home. Every pitch is either a batsman's paradise OR a dust bowl that could swallow teams whole within a day. I think the BCCI has a lot to learn from the Sri Lankan cricket board. With the exception of Colombo, the pitches at Pallekele and Hambamtota have been BRILLIANT. When a small island like SL could do this, a giant continent of a country like India could do it as well. I honestly can't understand why the BCCI are so stagnant in their approach. (continued)

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:20 GMT)

Absolutely Bang On Harsha !!

Posted by KK5619 on (October 5, 2012, 4:14 GMT)

team should be RAHANE GAUTAM PUJARA SACHIN KOHLI SEHWAG DHONI ASHWIN OJHA ZAHEER ISHANT. then rohit sharma umesh yadav harbhajan manoj tiwary.

Posted by kb_joker on (October 5, 2012, 4:13 GMT)

Well even for bowlers, India has Awana, Praveen Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Unadkat, Sandeep Sharma. The seniors should definitely not play in T20s and let the younger players take their place.

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:11 GMT)

IPL brings no value to Indian cricket. only money and craze!

Posted by MysticMan on (October 5, 2012, 4:07 GMT)

Harsha, In the list you mentioned as young prospects, there is not one bowler! Seeing them play at various international venues, I am not sure any of them will even succeed at the international level... Ashok Menaria has one good innings in about 5 opportunities (currently in NZ) and Naman Ojha seems OK but not in the same league as Dinesh Karthik, who seems to be ideal for T20 format (why else would Mumbai Indians pay $1.5M?).

If India wants to develop fast bowlers, they have to start grooming boys from the age of 5 so they have the leg muscles to run in hard. MRF gets involved only when the kid is in his teens...

Posted by Percy_Fender on (October 5, 2012, 4:06 GMT)

It is sad that the selectors thus far have had such a lack of vision in regard to preparing and planning for the T 20 World cups. Possibly because they have never attatched too much importance to this format of the game. That India's best performance in this format came in 2007 when 20/20 games had never been played in India goes to show that the points that brought about that success story need to become the form for future as well. Youth was the theme then and so it must be then. Speed and fitness are great importance.So what a Mandeep or a Menaria or a Unmukt or a Negi can deliver should become the primary point to be kept in mind. The greats of the senior team could be kept away judiciously because this format of the game calls for a level of fearlesness and willingness to bite the bullet. That apart the seniors may want to show how good they are in the abridged version but fail miserably which is what is happening with Sehwag,Zaheer and Gambhir.Planning is crucial in this really.

Posted by nthuq on (October 5, 2012, 3:59 GMT)

And have Kohli as captain of this new team? I would definitely support that. Might be just the shakeup Indian cricket needs to regain the mental drive to succeed in all arenas.

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