Numbers Don't Lie February 1, 2016

Older but quicker

Busting the myth that T20 is a format for the young

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When T20 cricket was first introduced, most experts expected it to be dominated by younger players. In recent years, that theory has been turned on its head by the success of players over the age of 35 in competitions around the world.

  • Batsmen over the age of 35 average 25.82 since January 2014, marginally higher than those under 35 who average 23.59
  • Chris Gayle's average of 51.80 after turning 35 is better than his average of 41.72 before that age
  • Bowlers over the age of 35 have been operating at an economy rate of 7.5 since January 2014, the same as bowlers under 35

S Rajesh is stats editor of ESPNcricinfo. @rajeshstats