New Zealand cricket January 14, 2009

Ryder goes cold turkey

Cricinfo staff

'The clock has been reset' on Jesse Ryder, according to his manager © Getty Images

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has confirmed Jesse Ryder has sworn off alcohol after another incident resulted in him missing a match for his country. Ryder had earlier decided to abstain from drinking in the New Zealand team environment, but NZC and Ryder's manager have said he has decided to go cold turkey.

"Jesse has changed in the last 12 months," NZC chief executive Justin Vaughan told the Dominion Post. "He slipped up the other day but I think we all understood it might not be a bump-free rehabilitation. He's off it [alcohol] now completely."

Ryder's manager Aaron Klee confirmed the same. "The clock has been reset, he's on the road again and let's hope he and we can keep him good," he said.

It was believed that Ryder, who in February had put his hand through a window while trying to gain access to a toilet area that had been accidentally locked, had mended his ways. However, he was again in trouble last week when he missed a team meeting and was unable to train in the afternoon after a late night of drinking. He subsequently was left out of the XI for the fourth ODI against West Indies last week.

NZC Players Association chief executive Heath Mills confirmed Ryder had been fined for his misconduct last week and supported the troubled batsman. "Perhaps he didn't understand the extent last time, I think he does now," he said. "Whatever the issue is, cricket aside, this is a personal thing. If he continues drinking he will never be as good a cricketer as he would be and it will impact on all other parts of his life."