New Zealand v Australia, 2nd ODI, Auckland March 4, 2010

Ponting wants more from his batsmen

Cricinfo staff

Ricky Ponting has called on Australia's batsmen to lift their game ahead of Saturday's second ODI against New Zealand in Auckland. Ponting was unhappy with the way several players, including himself, failed to capitalise on promising starts in the first game in Napier, where Australia's 275 was overhauled by New Zealand.

It was the first one-day loss for Australia since October 31, when they went down in the third game of their tour of India. However, Ponting was in no mood to be generous after his men raced to 50 for 1 from six overs, only to finish with a sub-par total.

"After we got off to such a great start, we probably just took things for granted a little bit and expected that the run-rate was going to continue to go that way," Ponting said after the game. "Before we knew it we had lost two or three wickets and all of a sudden we were back under pressure again."

There were problems in the middle overs as Ponting fell for 44, Michael Clarke for 22 and Cameron White for 33. None of them were at their most fluent and the run-rate dropped until Michael Hussey and Mitchell Johnson moved things along a bit quicker in the later stages.

"I was out there at the time, I was feeling it as much as anybody," Ponting said. "At different times like that you have to change your game a little bit and adapt and get through and none of us did that today. A lot of our batsmen need to look at themselves long and hard to make sure they do better next time.

"Every game that we play has to be like it is your last. I didn't think we were necessarily playing with that sort of attitude tonight, especially with our bowling and our fielding. We've got a little bit of work to do before the next game."

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  • Simon on March 5, 2010, 12:54 GMT

    Give the Kiwis credit for winning the game; they're good enough to do it whenever we're playing at 70% and they're playing at 95%. And that happens a lot, because the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy is the pinnacle of New Zealand cricket (seriously, what's the point of the Black Caps when they're not playing Australia?), whereas for us it lies somewhere between "meh" and "whatever". No point getting riled by the Kiwi fishermen in here though: their team is walking the walk, so let them talk the talk. I increasingly struggle to care - win or lose, this is just another pointless ODI series (just like the WI and Pak ones) in a schedule that is already bursting at the seams with them.

  • Morgan on March 5, 2010, 12:21 GMT

    People need to realise (and Im sure this has been said time over again and again) that Australia have played thier most recent winning streak against Pakistan (who has had the WORST tour ever 0-8) and the WI who have just lost to Zimbawe...

    Not to mention Styris was noted as MAN of the tournament in the recent NZ HRV (national 20 / 20 cup) -- and he came out needing over a run a ball... Sounds like 20/20 cricket to me, and he made the SR to prove it 49runs of 34 balls...

    When you add them all the peices up, it was no doubt NZ was going to win, although I will admit I was worried we wouldnt make it at one stage, but running tim southee out ended up to be a very good tactic, and then when bond chipped in a couple 4s, it was all over (bond has a knack for doing that)

    Im sure Austrlia will win a game or 2, we still have 4 ODI's and a couple tests. The real test will come tomorrow!! Lets see what is brings, can australia level the series 1-1? Or can NZ give australia a lose streak!

  • P on March 5, 2010, 11:59 GMT

    John Dela, stat is the only thing I keep track of. Tait hit 160+ only once and that too after coming back from a long break. In second T20I he could not hit 150 consistently. His average, as I said, was in mid 140s/over. If tait were to bowl in a ODI with 10 over limit, I don't think he can keep his average/over above 145, so despite one ball of 160+, tait is still not as fast as Brett Lee. Brett Lee is still the fastest bowler in the world. As far as Ponting and Hussey batting is concerned, they are still slower and more conservative than what they used to be especially when they were playing in Australia.

  • Shorn on March 5, 2010, 10:28 GMT


    Hey Dave..while talking about Oz beating India in India, never forget that India too played without the likes of Yuvraj Singh and you can win two matches out of 4 won with a margin of mere less than 5 runs...

    If you play India now or whenever, you wont be able to win any series...and you oz have only triumphed poor countries like Pak and W.I...Play a strong side and speak, you kid...

  • Cameron on March 5, 2010, 10:07 GMT

    man i cant wait for the next game!!!!

  • Dummy4 on March 5, 2010, 5:51 GMT

    Good one Snowsnake. Have you seen anything from Australia's summer? Tait was hitting 160 kms/h in the 20/20 matches, and ponting & hussey were the two best bats of the ODI summer, both with good averages AND strike rates. check your stats, and watch the game. NZ have some good players like bond, taylor, and but there is too much crap in between (franklin, broom, southee), and the aussies definately have the upper hand. why everybody raves on about mccullum just because he plays the odd spectacular innings i still dont understand. and yes i saw the 20/20, but as i said, the odd spectacular innings. watson is a far superior opener, much more consistent and just as explosive.

  • Nathan on March 5, 2010, 3:46 GMT

    Congrats to NZ for winning the first game in style, but Dickson09 who is the idiot?! Sounds like NZ's failure to win the trophy last year is still eating you up a bit ... time to get over it. Dickson09, if South Africa are a great team and Australia is not, why are SA 15 points below Aus in the ODI rankings? Australia are not the force they were in tests anymore, but they are still way ahead of other teams (most of the time) in the one day arena. You cannot argue with results (though I get the feeling you'll try ...). @thehowlingfantod, well done on being 8-7 up in the chappell hadlee trophy. I mean, NZ beat Aus 3-0 in 2007. The fact that Australia sent half a team to NZ, and then went undefeated in the World Cup (ie a tournament that actually matters) a few months later is irrelevant ... Anyway, I hope the remaining games provide just as much interest and drama, but remember it is only a game. @Jimminy_Cricket, sounds like you savour beating Aus just a little bit too much...

  • Jon on March 5, 2010, 2:47 GMT

    To you New Zealand fans, congrats on to great wins. Now the the idiot who wrote Ricky Pointing was a crap captain needs to go play lawn bowls. He has one of the highest total of runs in Test and One day games, so oh yes that makes him pretty crap does it. Australia has been in a rebuilding time for the last couple of years so it makes it hard as a captain but we still are right up there in all forms. You should check the rankings of Australia and then your country. Unfortunatley a team cannot stay world champions forever. But just rember that New Zealand have never been close to that at all. We have alot to improve. But dnt get use to us being 2nd or third in world for to long.

  • Johno on March 5, 2010, 2:34 GMT

    The Black Caps are no pushover team. The Aussies here need to understand that. ODI cricket between Aus and NZ is always great to watch because while the Kiwi's lack the skills the Australians have their fight and desire is far greater and that makes them a dangerous side. I was not shocked to see Scott Styris bring NZ home in the first game because he is a seriously good cricketer who can take advantage of the powerplay as well as anyone in the world. To SnowSnake - You need to watch a bit more cricket before having such strong opinions mate. Brett Lee is no longer the speedster he was. Shaun Tait is much quicker than he is now and I don't quite know where you got your info regarding his average speed because he averages well above 150kph. And didn't Hussey score 59 from 59 at a strike rate of 100? Seems to me Australias 275 was very much thanks to him. You're an idiot and you make all of us Aussies look bad. Heres hoping game 2 is just as entertaining!!

  • Nimal on March 5, 2010, 2:33 GMT

    Behavour of Johnson at the Match with New Zealand proves again that Australians are bad losers. This type of behaviou rsurfaces every time they are under strain. Thay are good Cricketers but are they good sportsmen ?

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