Cassim Suliman assurances seem premature October 3, 2007

ICC plays down talk of more ODI countries

Cricinfo staff

The ICC has said that there are no plans to extend the number of Associate members who will gain ODI status.

On a visit to Uganda, Cassim Suliman, the CEO of the African Cricket Association, was reported as saying that he would push for more countries to be added to the six Associates that currently have one-day status.

"I will try to see that within 180 days, three more countries get one day international status," Suliman said. "You [Uganda] have good facilities, development programmes and administration. I see no reason why we do not have more countries out there."

"I'm currently working on ensuring that Uganda, Namibia and Kenya gain full ODI status in the next 18 months."

But an ICC spokesman told Cricinfo: "There is no intention at this stage to increase the number of teams playing ODIs. However, the six Associates currently enjoying ODI status may not be the same ones doing so after the 2009 ICC World Cup Qualifier [formerly the ICC Trophy] in 18 months' time. Conceivably, Uganda could be playing ODIs after that, provided they qualify for the next ICC World Cup.

"Uganda - along with Namibia, Argentina and Denmark - have been added to the ICC High Performance Program, making a total of ten teams. However, only six of those teams play ODIs and that is not about to change."