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Miandad to Akram: don't reveal trade secrets

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Playing reverse-swing is a secret, and Pakistan's not telling
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Javed Mianded, the Pakistan coach, has said Wasim Akram should know where to draw the line when it comes to coaching India.

"What I am only worried about is that he does not give them tips on how to play reverse-swing," Miandad said, adding that his own batsmen had developed a batting strategy to counter the late swing. Miandad was quoted by The News.

Akram is currently working in Australia as a commentator, and has been observed mentoring India's fast bowlers. This hasn't gone down too well with many, considering India's tour of Pakistan is little more than a month away.

But Miandad said Akram was within his rights to teach bowlers how to reverse-swing the ball. "There is nothing wrong in that because a bowler must have the ability to pick up the art."

Miandad said that since Akram was a professional cricketer, there was nothing wrong if he was paid for his expertise. "Look, he is a retired player and this is his basic right to help out other players with his experience and knowledge."

He opined that players usually helped each other out, regardless of nationality. "As a former player, I know that in international cricket players do help out each other. Lots of people have approached me for advice if they have been going through a rough time. Similarly, I have also sought some advice at times," he recalled.

"But telling another team the trade secrets of our team, like how to play reverse-swing, I don't think he would do it, and I hope he is not doing it."