Pakistan cricket October 26, 2008

Lawson not bitter about axing

Cricinfo staff

Geoff Lawson has said he has not heard anything back from the PCB's top brass regarding his outstanding payment © AFP

Geoff Lawson has said he is not bitter about his sacking as Pakistan coach. Lawson revealed he found out about his sacking via a television news bulletin, but maintained he had no grudges against the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

"There is definitely no bitterness. What I've had in the past 15 months is just a wonderful experience," he told ABC Grandstand. "To be able to deal with cricketers of this calibre in a very alien system and a different culture and to deal with the people, it's actually been one of the great privileges to have been in that situation. It was always going to be an adventure and its been all plusses for me."

Lawson spoke of how he heard of the news. "I eventually had a meeting with Mr Butt on Friday after lunch and we discussed ways forward for Pakistan cricket, what my plans were, and a lot of issues," said Lawson. "He said he would discuss everything with the board and get back to me on Monday. I was later watching television in my room at about 4.30 and found out I had been sacked."

Lawson attempted to call Butt but had no luck. He then text-messaged Butt. "He called back but obviously didn't know who it was from," said Lawson. "When I said this is Geoff Lawson, do you have anything to tell me, he said 'no, not really' and hung up. He hasn't called me back since."

Lawson said that an office bearer from the PCB's headquarters at the Gaddafi Stadium later came to his room and "very nervously" handed him a piece of paper with two paragraphs written on it. "It had a cheque stapled to the back of it with a very incorrect amount of money and I still haven't heard back from anyone on the board member or executive officer."

Lawson wrote back to the PCB requesting the correct amount owed to him and heard back from a marketing employee. He said that negotiations were in progress. "Hopefully we will settle things properly on Monday," said Lawson. "I don't think I need to speak to Mr Butt again."

Lawson, who will be replaced as Pakistan coach by Intikhab Alam, also said he had received several "touching" messages of support from players.