Railways v Bengal, Ranji Trophy, Group B, Delhi, 3rd day December 8, 2013

Kartik in Mankading controversy again

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Railways left-arm spinner Murali Kartik has once again become involved in a Mankading controversy, after he ran out the Bengal batsman Sandipan Das for backing up too far at the non-striker's end before the bowler delivered the ball. The incident took place on the third day of the Ranji Trophy match between Railways and Bengal at the Jamia Millia Cricket Ground in Delhi.

The dismissal occurred in the 80th over with Bengal on 120 for 3 in their first innings. As the players were coming back to dressing room, there was a heated exchange between Kartik and Bengal coach, Ashok Malhotra, who questioned the left-arm spinner's ethics and not adhering to 'spirit of the game'.

Kartik, having already warned Das for leaving his crease too early, removed the bails when the batsman did it again. The umpires called for a replay and Das was given out for 19, sparking ugly scenes.

The Bengal bench was disappointed with the dismissal and Ashok Dinda made his displeasure known to Kartik. Malhotra was also involved in a heated altercation with the bowler, questioning Kartik's sportsmanship.

Kartik had been involved in a Mankading row before, when he dismissed Alex Barrow of Somerset in similar fashion while playing for Surrey in August last year, drawing a chorus of boos from the angry spectators.

Malhotra didn't hide his displeasure while talking to the media at the end of the day's play. "On the one side, you have Courtney Walsh and on the other side you have 'Sir' Murali Kartik," Malhotra said. "He is supposed to be a Test player, county player, a commentator and what not. And this is what you do? I don't see him bowling or batting. Probably he is there for 'Mankading' a 19-year-old youngster. What does that little boy learn about the spirit of the game?

"I can understand you are playing one-day cricket, where a batsman tries to steal a single. This is a day's game and he is just an inch out. I am not talking about rules but about 'spirit of the game'."

Malhotra also said that he was expected an official sanction from match referee B Kalyansundaram. "I haven't but I will and I know that," he said.

When asked about the team's response to Kartik when the sides were walking back to the dressing room, Malhotra smiled and said: "I didn't start it. We were clapping and Kartik said something and I reacted. I am not someone who backs off."

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  • Ravi on December 12, 2013, 14:30 GMT

    I seriously don't understand the people who question the ethics of a bowler who had run out a batsman backing up too far after he was given a warning or without a warning. First off it is a rule in cricket a batsman can be given out in that fashion. Secondly it is the batsman who was violating here not the bowler. He was trying to steal a run by gaining more yards. This is like a offside in football. That is why we have a rule. You do not want the batsman to take unfair advantage. It is ridiculous that a batsman does a mistake and bowler needs worry about the spirit of the game. Wake up people. Follow the rules.

  • Dummy4 on December 11, 2013, 23:53 GMT

    unsportsman like behaviour from who malhotra.

  • Par on December 10, 2013, 14:03 GMT

    In this age where batsman have all the advantage already, you want to add the illegally getting out of crease to that as well ? Its not legal, its within rules of the games to get such batsman out and thats what K did, after a fair warning. Are we now going to change the rules and say batsman can be half way down the pitch if he likes before a ball is bowled ? Spirit of the game can be upheld from both sides and not one sided affair.

  • Tom on December 10, 2013, 13:16 GMT

    I can't comment on this case without seeing footage - is it available anywhere? However video of the Somerset case shows that Kartik lured Barrow out of his crease by 'dummying' his bowling action - Barrow was in his ground at the point in the bowling action Kartik would normally have released the ball and only started backing up when he had every right to believe the ball had been released. That to me is sharp practice on behalf of the bowler, not the batsman.

  • Dummy4 on December 10, 2013, 6:40 GMT

    "Spirit of Cricket" talks about fair sportsmanship and it cannot be any different for a Bowler as to a Batsman. If taking a start before the bowler takes a delivery stride is with in the spirit of the game then running him out is also with in the spirit of the game. This has been made a scene just because it was 120/3 had it been 290/3 then SPIRIT would have been spirited away. I can understand if a 19 Year Bowler makes a mistake while batting and takes an early start, openers, middle order batsman who know the rights of the bowler - not excusable. I am sure Das would have seen uglier scenes playing in the maidans of Kolkata. On the other side Saint Malhotra should infact take is as a passing moment of experience for Das laugh it off and rather reprimand him for throwing away his wicket for a moment of mischief. I sympathize with you because you cannot laught it off when your middle order batsman does that at 120/3 with 160 runs to go for a first innings lead

  • Dummy4 on December 9, 2013, 18:09 GMT

    Very true, i was expecting many bad mouthing karthik in the comments sections but glad that many are thinking the same way infact more that 50% think its Ok to do it.

  • Dummy4 on December 9, 2013, 17:46 GMT

    Young Sandipan Das as per Mr. Malhotra is 20+ years old, old enough to know that he should not re-try something wrong after he has been warned about it once. The fellow repeated his offense within 15 minutes ! He deserved what he got. If I was WB coach, Das would not be found anywhere around the WB team for at least the rest of this season - he has proved that he has no common sense. If Malhotra wants him to continue playing stupidly, as CAB I would just get rid of Malhotra.

  • Dummy4 on December 9, 2013, 16:47 GMT

    All this can be stopped if the umpires start calling for a short run when they see the batsmen leaving the crease. The umpires should take charge and not wait till the bowler finds it. The fielding side should be allowed to even appeal for a short run as they do for run outs!!!!!

  • Dummy4 on December 9, 2013, 16:25 GMT

    I personally feels that if mankading is wrong and against the spirit of game than bowlers shouldn't get penalize for no ball or wide ball.

  • Sunil on December 9, 2013, 16:25 GMT

    People don't argue when a bowler over steps when they ball, yet when a batsmen tries to do something similar, there is a row about it. There is nothing against the spirit of cricket here - rules are rules. Maybe now this 19yr old youngster will learn the rules of cricket.

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