World Cup 2007 March 30, 2007

A guide to the Super Eights stage

Cricinfo staff

The Super Eights stage of the World Cup is now with us and there is some uncertainty as to how it works. So, in an attempt to unmuddy the waters, here is a short guide ...

In the Super Eights round, every team plays six matches, against every other team except the side they played in the group stage.

The only points carried into the Super Eights are the two gained from beating the other side that qualified from a team's group. So, the four group winners - Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and West Indies - begin with two points from the victory over the second-placed side in their group.

In the six remaining matches, there are two points for a win, one for a tie or a no-result.

The venues for the teams are not based on where they finished in the group stages. They are pre-agreed. This has been done to ensure that those travelling to the World Cup know in advance where their teams will be based. Because the tournament is now, in effect, an eight-team league with everyone playing everyone, the original seedings are no longer relevant.

Qualification for the semi-finals
The top four sides after the Super Eights go through to the semi-finals. First plays fourth in St Lucia on April 25 and second plays third in Jamaica on April 24.

If there is a tie for positions, then they are separated as follows:

The team with the most wins goes through;
if the number of wins are the same, net run-rate - including match against the other qualifier from the group stage - comes into play;
if - and it is very unlikely - NRR is the same then the team with the most wickets taken per balls bowled goes through.

Every match has a reserve day although every effort will be made to complete the game on the first day, with over reductions being used throughout. Only if each side is not able to face 20 overs on the scheduled day will the reserve day be used. In the event of the reserve day being needed, the match will be continued and not restarted.