ICC World Cricket League Division Four 2010 August 19, 2010

USA best placed to make final

Cricinfo staff
A look at the various possibilties that exist for teams to make the final

As the last round of matches gets underway, four teams have the chance to make the final. USA, by virtue of their superior net run-rate have virtually assured themselves of a place in the final, but there is a very slight possibility that they may not make the final. Nepal, despite being the lowest placed among the four contenders can still make it with a massive win in the final game. Here's a look at the various possibilities that exist for teams to progress to the final.

USA: A win for USA will give them eight points and a superior run-rate will definitely see them through to the final. However a defeat will leave them on six points and they will still progress unless some extraordinary results take place. Italy or Tanzania, both on six points, play each other and almost certainly only one can progress. In the event of a USA defeat and wins for Italy and Nepal, three teams USA, Tanzania and Nepal will be tied on six points. In a scenario where USA bat first scoring 200 and lose in 45 overs, they will still make it to the final as Nepal would be left with the enormous task of requiring a victory by a margin of over 170 runs or chasing a 200-run target in less than 13 overs.

Italy: A victory or a tie in the game against Tanzania will definitely see Italy through, but a defeat could put them out as their run-rate is lower than that of USA. If Italy score 250 and lose in 45 overs, they will be all but out as the only way they can progress is if Argentina, after scoring 300, defeat the USA by a margin of more than 170 runs.

Tanzania: Tanzania's negative net run-rate puts them at a severe disadvantage and their only hope of qualifying is if they can win their match against Italy, in which case their qualification for the finals is guaranteed. A defeat will leave them with virtually no chance of making it through.

Nepal: Nepal need to achieve a victory by a massive margin and hope for a couple of results to go their way in order to progress to the finals. A USA win will mean Nepal is definitely out. But in the event that USA lose, Nepal can progress by winning by an enormous margin as mentioned earlier.