New Zealand and Sri Lanka on standby August 1, 2006

India prepared if West Indies drop out of tri-series

Cricinfo staff

The Indian board has asked New Zealand and Sri Lanka to be on standby to replace West Indies should the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) not reach agreement with its players over participation in the scheduled tri-series, in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, during September.

"The WICB have sought time to speak to their players and give us their decision," Niranjan Shah, the Indian board's secretary, said. "In case they say no, we have other teams who are eager to play. Australia have given their consent. In a week's time we should know one way or the other about West Indies' participation."

The WICB announced last night that it was meeting with players' representatives. The first such meeting took place yesterday and the two sides are expected to meet again within the next 48 hours.