Did he jump or was he pushed? September 21, 2004

Confusion surrounds Robinson 'sacking'

Wisden Cricinfo staff

The circumstances behind the recent sacking of long-standing umpire Ian Robinson by the Zimbabwe Cricket Union are not as straightforward as at first seemed to be the case.

Last week, it appeared that Robinson had been sacked by the ZCU, but his version of events is disputed by a source within the board.

The source told Wisden Cricinfo that the ZCU planned to move Robinson from international tours manager, his present role, to the post of umpires manager, responsible for umpiring and scoring throughout the country and organising training courses. But, it is claimed, there was not an issue with him continuing as an umpire. The source said that when Robinson's name was submitted to the ICC, it rejected his nomination, and so the ZCU put forward Duncan Frost instead.

At this point, it is alleged that Robinson took umbrage and resigned, adding that he would not stand in domestic matches.