Winget Sports Ground
12:04, Sun Nov 28, 2021 (UTC +0000)


Gloucestershire first played here in 1923, and still plays a few games here each year, although it is the county's third ground (after Bristol and Cheltenham). The pavillion, built in 1979 is fronted by 10 (formerly 11) plane trees. formerly the Wagon Works ground, a memnto of former times is preserved in the pavillion for the nearby bowling green, which started life as a railway carriage, designed for the Argentine railway, but never delivered due to World War 1. The ground has few permanent buildings, but on match days many tents line the tennis court end. The soil is the heaviest, most clay rich of any first class ground in England. The ground saw a famous innings, when WR Hammond made 317 out of 485 against Nottinghamshire in 1936. Charlie Parker also turned in a remarkable bowling feat, taking 17 wickets for 56 runs here in 1923. Gloucestershire's lowest total of 12 was made at the old Spa ground in 1912, not the current venue.

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