Umpiring and technology

For a game as steeped in tradition as cricket is, the question of how much to rely on technology is a perennial – especially when it comes to applications like HawkEye and the Snickometer that have an impact on the role of the umpire. Increasingly the rules of the game are being tweaked to allow for referrals to the third umpire on matters that were previously the purview of the on-field officials

The England players wait for a review against David Warner

It's time the DRS got an overhaul

Umpiring decisions should be taken out of players' hands and should not be part of cricket's tactical battles

Rope for reviews

The system may have thrown up more questions than foreseen but it deserves a fair go

Sri Lanka v India, 3rd Test, PSS, Colombo, 2nd day

Review system is a blessing for bowlers - Bayliss

Trevor Bayliss has said the review system has been effective in giving the bowlers some respite in a batsman-dominated game

Review of umpiring decisions

Bugs in the system

A few questions emerged on the day when for the first time a player challenged the umpire's decision

Review of umpiring decisions

'Review will eradicate obvious errors' - Richardson

Terming the new umpire referral system a 'review process' as opposed to a challenge process, Dave Richardson, the ICC's general manager, was confident it would work well on a long-term basis with plenty of room for improvement

Review of umpiring decisions

Too close to call

Players will be able to contest the on-field umpire's decision in the first Test between Sri Lanka and India in Colombo. A few reactions to the increased use of technology

Review of umpiring decisions

A leap of faith in technology

Cricket is about to take a leap of faith in technology with the trial of a system that allows players to challenge the decision of the on-field umpires

Sri Lanka v India, 1st Test, SSC, Colombo

We welcome referral system - Kumble

The two main topics of conversation before the first Test was the to-be trialled umpiring referral system, and Ajantha Mendis, the unorthodox spinner who is in line to make his debut