1st Match, Bready, Aug 20 2020, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
(7.4/7.4 ov, target 51)52/3
Knights won by 2 runs (D/L method)
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Scores: Justin Smyth
Comms: Justin Smyth
Scorecard summary
North-West Warriors132/6(20 overs)
Northern Knights52/3(7.4 overs)

Umpires are having a chat here, its started to get heavier. Out come the covers.

Just had a look at the DLS sheets, the Knights needed to be at 51 at the end of the 8th over, so they are ahead of that now.

Hopefully the wind will blow these clouds through quickly, we were expecting a little afternoon rain around 4pm. So its just on time sadly.

Match State: Delay - Rain

4:35pm We have some news from the ground. The good news is the rain has stopped, the bad news is that it deposited a huge amount of water on the ground in a very short space of time.

The Umpires have been out for a look and they are going to have another inspection in around 10 minutes. The bad news is that we have already started losing overs.

With the Knights already ahead on DLS, I'm sure that they would be quite happy not to get back out again. Although with the Lightning already picking up a quick win over the Reds, it would be good if we could get a finish on the pitch in this match.

Match State: Delay - Wet Outfield

4:50pm The Umpires have been out in the middle and there are a couple of areas that just aren't drying. The Captain's have been out talking to them and it looking like its been called off.

Just no way for the ground to dry in the time that was left. What a shame as it was looking like turning into a really close game.

Its going to be Paul Stirling's only appreance for the Knights in the IP20 this year, so I guess its fitting that his 41 off 24 balls won it for the Knights. They pick up four points for the win.

Rain eh? what can you do?

Thanks for follwing my commentary today, hopefully you'll join me next Tuesday as the games come thick and fast over the next couple of weeks. Until then, this is Justin saying goodnight from a soggy Bready.

Thompson to Stirling, 1 run

clips the ball through square leg.

Its started drizzling, oh no...

Thompson to Stirling, no run

looks to guide the ball towards third man, can't beat the fielder

Thompson to Stirling, no run

its another good length ball, Stirling goes for the same shot and doesn't connect. Another bruise in the morning

Thompson to Stirling, no run

Thompson comes onto bowl after taking that catch. Tries to pull the ball into the legside, misses and is hit on the body

end of over 72 runs • 1 wicket
NK: 51/3CRR: 7.28 RRR: 6.30
Paul Stirling40 (20)
Andy McBrine 1-0-2-1
Graham Hume 3-0-15-2

Its getting very dark here, would not be surprised if we are going to get a little rain here.

McBrine to Wilson, OUT

Wilson wants to get in on the big hitting and decides to take McBrine on. Its hit towards the long-on boundary, Thompson does really well to run from cow corner and take the catch on the run.

Gary Wilson c Thompson b McBrine 7 (11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 63.63
McBrine to Stirling, 1 run

McBrine doesn't give the ball any air and its played into the legside

McBrine to Wilson, 1 run

looks like he is going to charge the bowler, its a bluff and he just eases the ball toward square leg

McBrine to Wilson, no run

hits the ball into eh off-side, mid-on runs forward to field

McBrine to Wilson, no run

goes for the same shot again, still can't beat the fielder

McBrine to Wilson, no run

reverse sweep can't beat the fielder at short third man

end of over 67 runs
NK: 49/2CRR: 8.16 RRR: 6.00
Paul Stirling39 (19)
Gary Wilson6 (6)
Graham Hume 3-0-15-2
Craig Young 2-0-20-0

End of the powerplay, Knights are 49/2, well ahead of what the Warriors were.

Hume to Stirling, no run

guides the ball to short third man, gets sent back by Wilson

Hume to Stirling, FOUR runs

Stirling getting all the shots out now. Goes down on one knee and flicks a full ball over his left shoulder. No fielder out there and it runs to the boundary. Round of applause from the crowd

Hume to Wilson, 1 run

Wilson plays the late cut very well, bends his knees and guides the ball all down along the ground

Hume to Wilson, no run

good length ball, gets on the front foot and defends the ball back down the pitch.

Hume to Stirling, 1 run

stays deep in the crease, gets square on and flicks the ball through square leg

Hume to Wilson, 1 run

guides the ball down to third man to get Stirling back on strike

end of over 512 runs
NK: 42/2CRR: 8.40 RRR: 6.06
Paul Stirling34 (16)
Gary Wilson4 (3)
Craig Young 2-0-20-0
Graham Hume 2-0-8-2
Young to Stirling, SIX runs

Stirling is defintely in the groove now. Drives the ball over the long-on boundary and lands just in front of us.

Young to Stirling, 2 runs

up to 28 off 15 balls now, as its drilled towards the extra cover boundary. Diving stop by the sweeper

Young to Stirling, FOUR runs

its too short and is dispatched by Stirling, hits the ball hard towards the mid-wicket boundary. Bounces just inside the rope

Young to Stirling, no run

outside off-stump, pulls the bat out of the way and lets the ball go through to the keeper

Match details
Bready Cricket Club, Magheramason, Bready
TossNorthern Knights, elected to field first
SeriesCricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
Match days20 August 2020 - day (20-over match)
T20 debut
CJ van der Walt
CJ van der Walt
Ross Adair
Ross Adair
William Smale
William Smale
Ireland Image
Alan Neill
Ireland Image
Mark Hawthorne
Match Referee
Ireland Image
Graham McCrea
PointsNorthern Knights 4, North-West Warriors 0