29th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), Oct 13 2020, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 168)147/8
Super Kings won by 20 runs
Player Of The Match
25* (10), 1/21 & 2 catches
end of over 201 run • 1 wicket
SRH: 147/8CRR: 7.35 
T Natarajan0 (1)
Sandeep Sharma1 (2)
Dwayne Bravo 3-0-25-2
Shardul Thakur 2-0-10-1

10:11pm And that is all from our coverage. CSK are up to six points and finish tonight in sixth place, a spot below SRH on net run rate. See you tomorrow!

Jadeja: I'm very happy. When the team's under pressure and you perform with bat and ball, you feel happy. I kept backing myself, nothing pre-planned. Just look at the ball and hit. The wicket looked on the slower side, so I just looked to bowl at the stumps rather than give them room. It was a difficult wicket for batsmen, you couldn't hit through the line. I take great pleasure in fielding and always try and get catches and run-outs for the team.

Ravindra Jadeja is the Man of the Match.

Dhoni: I think ultimately what matters is you get two points. What T20 has shown is you have a few games that don't go in your favour, at the same time sometimes you don't earn wins. Today we did well, with the batting intent. This was one game as close to perfect as possible. One or two overs we could have been slightly better, but it was a very good game. I think it was a par score. I usually assess scores depending on the first six overs. A lot depended on the fast bowlers. I told them to be expressive. You don't have to try and swing it. The wicket was two-paced. What was needed was good execution of the plans and they did that. To a big extent, yes [pitches like this help us]. We had that one space, the Indian batter - wouldn't have been fair to bat him 7 or 8 with Curran going up. that's why we had the luxury to play Chawla. Curran is a complete cricketer for us and you need that seaming allrounder. He strikes the ball nicely, he can bat up the order, he plays spinners well. He can give us those 15-45 runs if you need momentum. I feel as te tournament progresses, he'll get even more comfortable with death bowling. That's one of the reasons we kept him away at the death. There's plenty we can improve, but we are good right now. I think we need to think more about the process. You keep winning the games, the points table will take care of itself. No point looking at the table, but we'll still look at what we can improve. What's important is to not brush anything under the carpet just because you've won the game.

Bravo: I enjoy these moments in the game, especially the back end. But I've gotta give Shardul most of the credit, his over made the difference. Jadeja with the ball as well, and Karn Sharma. Also Chahar - when you have to defend 160 the powerplay is crucial. No panic today. We take it CSK was once in this position. At the end of the day, we break it down to mini-tournament. This game for sure was important, we get some confidence in the group. We had a different game plan, Sam Curran up the order. It worked and we're happy. The slower pitch didn't really mean much [to us] honestly, both teams have to play on it. Few years ago I played at Surrey and had both Curran brothers under my wings. We had a discussion - Sam's not getting much balls, Jadeja and me, why not send one up? It worked out nicely.

Warner: The chase didn't take flight. The wicket was a tad on the slow side. Without the extra batter, you almost err on the side of caution. We wanted to take it deep. But this is what happens in cricket, you can't win always. You've got one big boundary and you've got to rely on power, so obviously there are things we've to go back to the drawing board. I thought 160 was the right total to go after. Anything above that was going to be difficult, after we lost two wickets. If you've got teams that swing the ball, it's difficult to come at them. You've got to have clear minds, whether you're walking out or sitting deep in the crease. They're the challenges in the game. I think with our team and the depth that we have, we're always going to be one short either way. Would have been nice to have an extra batter today but you've got to weight the pros and cons.

9:46pm Their bowling was never an issue, especially at the death. And after batting first for the first time this season, CSK have managed to defend a total with a clinical bowling effort. It was Jadeja's cameo at the end that lifted them over 160, and that proved more than enough for CSK who had brought in an extra bowler tonight. On the flipside, SRH had taken a batsman out of their middle order. And these combinations all came together in CSK's favour. They could attack with the same bowlers for the entirety of the powerplay and those bowlers kept things tight, aside from getting Warner's wicket. And then, there was grip in the pitch and the spinners completed the job in what was a very CSK flavoured victory in the end.

Bravo to Natarajan, no run

full and dipping away from him outside off, has a big swing and can't connect

Bravo to Sandeep, 1 run

full slower ball on off stump, backs away and drives on the bounce to mid-off

Bravo to Sandeep, no run

yorks him as he walks down leg side. Beaten

Bravo to Nadeem, OUT

slower ball at a good length on leg stump. Looks for the slog and skies it up pitch side. Bravo yells mine and settles under that to take the catch and close any realistic mathematical chances for SRH

Shahbaz Nadeem c & b Bravo 5 (5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100
Bravo to Nadeem, no run

followed down leg side with a yorker again, and cops that on the boot. Can't get it away

Bravo to Nadeem, no run

yorker down leg side, and he can't get bat on the attempted slog as he walks into the leg side

Bravo to defend 22. Around the wicket.

end of over 195 runs • 1 wicket
SRH: 146/7CRR: 7.68 RRR: 22.00
Shahbaz Nadeem5 (2)
Shardul Thakur 2-0-10-1
Karn Sharma 4-0-37-2

DR7: "This is bizzare! Umpire withholding his decision at the last moment because if bowler's and Captain's protest!"
Abhay Paropkari: "How does an umpire get influenced by that to stop calling that a wide? That's just awful umpiring there. Baffling"
Sajib: "Very poor from Paul Reiffel. I can expect that from an inexperienced local umpire, but not from someone of his profile."

Thakur to Rashid Khan, OUT

taken at long-on. Low full toss outside off, looks to play the helicopter shot but once again he's not behind the line of this for that shot. Holes out. Oh but he's also got so deep in the crease that his back leg has pushed off stump back.

Rashid Khan hit wicket b Thakur 14 (8b 1x4 1x6) SR: 175

Tasmeem: "Umpire changed decision midway? Surely will be another talking point today."

Thakur to Rashid Khan, no run

full and wide outside off, can't get the attempted drive away

Thakur to Nadeem, 1 run

full and just outside off, backs away and chops it straight to point. Watson is close in and picks up but doesn't throw

Third man goes back, point is in. Extra cover and mid-off are in too.

Thakur to Rashid Khan, 1 run

full toss outside off, wants to ramp it over square leg who is in the circle. But he hasn't got behind that

Warner is off his seat

Thakur to Rashid Khan, no run

full yorker floating away from him outside off. Reiffel shaped to call it a wide, hands half out. Then the bowler protested and, so did Dhoni. And suddenly he rethinks it. Replays show it had curved past the line

Thakur to Rashid Khan, 1 wide

full ball floats away again, and this time it's past the tramline. Left alone

It's the same plan. Backward point on the boundary, so is cover. The line is going to be outside off and full.

Thakur to Rashid Khan, 2 runs

scythed to sweeper's right. Full toss wide outside off, floated away a touch and he hung back and had a whip at this

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