The game
When I found out that tickets to this killer game were still available with a week left, my plans to celebrate the end of my exams were fixed.

Key performer
Kedar Jadhav. We hadn't heard of him before and so didn't expect he would take the match away from Bangalore. But he raced to a fifty and kept a healthy run-rate going even in the middle overs. AB de Villiers was stunning in the field and his half-century was also a treat to watch. Every time we blinked, Delhi's score was 10 runs higher.

One thing I'd have changed
The time spent waiting outside the stadium. We headed there after an exam, so we were an hour early. Or so we thought. The line wound round the road and when we finally entered the stadium it was 20 minutes into the match. I was disappointed to have missed watching David Warner bat.

Face-off I relished
I had hoped to see Jacques Kallis send the ball flying our way when Amit Mishra came on to bowl. Unfortunately Mishra bowled a few tight deliveries and then dismissed Kallis.

The Royal Challengers red flag, which I waved after anything that looked like it was going towards the boundary. With me were six cricket-crazy friends and we screamed at every given opportunity.

Wow moment
De Villiers leaping up to catch Praveen Kumar right below our stand. We were just about cheering, anticipating a six, when we realised Praveen was walking off.

Player watch
When Bangalore fielded, Manish Pandey was often near our boundary. We screamed repeatedly to catch his attention.

Crowd meter
The crowd was a mix of Bangalore and Delhi supporters, who cheered every shot, wicket and appearance of the cheerleaders on the screen. They even attempted to get several Mexican waves going (we joined in). There was a funny bunch of people seated behind us, though. They showed their support for every IPL team but the two on the field. They shouted "Go Chargers!" and "Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo!".

Banner of the day
"Today's menu: Sizzling Uthappa"

TV or stadium?
Each has its charm. In the stadium we were torn between watching replays on the big screen and watching the action on the ground. But you can't beat the atmosphere when you're among thousands of fans cheering every moment. Not to mention the desi music on the PA, or the thudding heartbeat sound that was played every time a run-out decision was referred.

Marks out of 10
8. The home team lost but the crowd got its money's worth. There were some amazing run-outs, brilliant shots and fantastic entertainment overall. Those were three hours of my life I wouldn't mind living over again.

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Shweta Mouli has just finished her final school exams and hopes do study engineering at university. She is obsessed with cricket and is a huge fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. She also loves music and reading good mystery novels.