At R. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo, September 20 (day/night). South Africa won by 176 runs. Toss: South Africa.

Kennedy Otieno's desperate flail at a Klusener bouncer - which saw the bat streak through the night and come within inches of rearranging Boucher's features - summed up an unequal tussle. Tikolo again left his mark, but a cultured 69 was no more than a signature in the sand against a South African total of tidal-wave proportions. Kenya's fielders were fifth columnists, dropping catches and fumbling in the outfield like five-year-olds fighting over soap in the bath. It was dire stuff, and despite a slow and uncertain start, Gibbs and Smith exacted the highest price. Once he settled, Gibbs was imperious, carving up the leg-side field with delicate flicks, dabs and brutal swipes. Smith played Robin to his Batman and once they departed, Kallis and Dippenaar were on hand to blow what was left of the Kenyan house down. South Africa's 316 was the second-highest total at the Premadasa, and once Kenya slumped to five for two in the fourth over, the contest was over.

Man of the Match: H. H. Gibbs.