The name of Mazharul Hoq Mridul might not be that much familiar before this year. There are few players in our country who possess immense potentiality but prone to waste it somehow-Mazhar is one of them. Mazhar can be compared with Sajjad Ahmed Shipon, a talent to watch, but whose name has almost faded from his fan's minds. Still Mazharul Hoq has the chance to prove his worth as he has been called in to the Bangladesh-A team camping. If he could run things in his favor, this opportunity would pave his way up to the national squad. And to talk with no exaggeration, he can boast of all kinds of skills that are necessary to wear the national cap.

Born in Narayanganj, a district in the fringe of Dhaka, he took the bat first at the age of nine. His mother who wanted her child to concentrate over cricket without hampering his study vastly encouraged him. Being a chubby fellow since his boyhood Mazhar opted to become a specialist batsman and soon emerged as a recognized batsman in his vicinity. He should be grateful to his local coach Mr. Jalisur Rahim who first sensed the youth's talents as a cricketer. Later, when Mazhar began to play in Dhaka-he was well supported by coach Fahim Bhai and Jalal Bhai who had performed their great roles to lift him to the position now he is in.

He got the rare opportunity to take training in CBCA, a renowned Australian cricket academy in the year 1999. There he picked up expertise advices from greats like Rodney Marsh and Wyane Philips. He had some few problems in his back lift and those suggestions helped him out to make a lot of positive changes in his batting. A new Mazhar with a lot of returned home after a laborious six-week training session in Australia, which he thinks added new dimension to his career.

Mazharul joined the squad that headed for Singapore to attend the Youth Asia Cup, 99. He notched up a memorable innings of 78* that bucked up Bangladesh to defeat Papua New Genie in the semi final. He propped up the bowling department capturing 2 wickets too by his orthodox off-spin. Against England-A that traveled Bangladesh in 1999, he rake up 46 in a one day.

Usually Mazhar bats in the fourth position in both versions of the game. He feels pretty relaxed there. He played his best knock against CBCA in January, this year. That match became more exciting for Mazhar's 144. And it was quite unforgettable the way he smashed the quick Aussie bowlers down to boundary and most of them came from pull shots. It was quite enthralling to watch him dealing the Aussies with so ease, where his compatriots were struggling a lot.

He put a lot of weight these days that he thinks might arrest his development in his career. He is determined to shake off the extra pounds and working a lot on that. Hard training sessions and seriousness can only hoist his fluctuating career to his desired level. There is no tint of less sincerity in Mazhar's voice. He is good, that he knows better but he wants to utilize the goods he got gifted by God.