'The moment Grant Elliott hit that ball, everyone started jumping up and down'

Suzie Bates picks the best performance she saw this decade

As told to Annesha Ghosh
Grant Elliott is ecstatic and Dale Steyn is dejected after a highly emotional finish, New Zealand v South Africa, World Cup 2015, 1st Semi-Final, Auckland, March 24, 2015

With five to get off two balls, a nerveless Grant Elliott smashed Dale Steyn for six to take New Zealand into the final  •  Getty Images

Players talk about the best cricket performance they watched in the 2010s

by Suzie Bates

Grant Elliott
84 not out v South Africa, semi-final, World Cup, Auckland, 2015
When Grant Elliott hit the six off Dale Steyn to win the semi-final at Eden Park in the 2015 World Cup, that's probably the most memorable performance I remember vividly. To hit a six off the second to last ball to take New Zealand to the final in a home World Cup was something that has stuck in my brain.
I had managed to get tickets to that game - myself and my two brothers were there. There was a rain delay and I remember thinking we might go home because it was a heavy rain.
Then I remember the whole crowd being on the edge of their seats; the game was just so close. The moment he hit that ball, everyone started jumping up and down.
I don't think I slept that night; it was just the adrenaline that had got the whole nation so excited, knowing we're going to be in the final. It excites me that now, as a female cricketer, we can have this opportunity too, in the 2021 home Women's World Cup, with live television showing the game all across the world, and [a chance to] hit that ball at the right time to get into the final. Potentially someone from the White Ferns has the opportunity to be as inspirational as Grant Elliott was.
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