Andrew Symonds knocks the streaker to the ground © Getty Images

Queensland police say they are not investigating Andrew Symonds after he crashed into a streaker during Australia's one-day loss to India at the Gabba on Tuesday. However, if the pitch invader decided to make a complaint Symonds could potentially end up in court, according to a Brisbane lawyer.

The man was fined $1500 but did not have a conviction recorded against him after he pleaded guilty to interfering with a person engaged in sport and wilful exposure. Symonds appeared to be in the clear from Cricket Australia, the ICC and police. "Police have not received a complaint against Andrew Symonds and are not investigating the matter further," a police spokesman told the Courier-Mail.

When the streaker ran near Symonds, the batsman moved closer and bumped into him, forcing the man to the ground. An ICC spokesman said Symonds would not be charged with breaking ICC regulations, while Cricket Australia's spokesman Peter Young said no action would be taken.

"Symonds was out there doing his best to try to save and win a critical match," Young said. "He doesn't deserve to be interrupted by spectators while he is trying to do that."