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'A quality leave outside off stump is sexier with a big bat'

Bat sizes, eating at the movies, and constructing a shed: let it never be said that our Twitter round-up was shy of tackling the big topics

Alex Bowden
Morne Morkel relaxes with his son Arias, Australia v South Africa, 3rd Test, Adelaide, 4th day, November 27, 2016

"Remember, young man: never eat your popcorn like a hyena"  •  Cricket Australia/Getty Images

If there's one thing this column loves about Twitter, it's the glamour.
This week's big news was Test Match Special commentator Charles Dagnall attempting to repair a brick shed.
Daggers is a man who's down with the lingo.
And he made unbelievably rapid progress.
At this point he concluded that he needed more cement. Way more cement. WAY more cement.
This is a good use of hash tags.
Having already acquired a flat scrapery thing, he next improvised a cement plate thing from which to scrape all that cement with his flat scrapery thing prior to application.
We did say he was down with the lingo.
In fact at this point, he really got into things.
However that conversation eventually panned out, he got one.
Look at it!
He's unstoppable.
He's stoppable.
Elsewhere, Virat Kohli looked a bit woozy and tired, like just about everyone who ever tries to "detox".
Tim Bresnan didn't detox. He admired the view instead.
Morne Morkel went to the cinema.
And Shoaib Akhtar showcased his commendably poor grasp of football terminology.
That's the spirit, Shoaib.
Scott Styris and Mark Richardson meanwhile were talking bat size.
Richardson's clearly a man of strong opinions. Here's another.
Finally, somewhere in the world there is always a cricketer complaining about air travel, and also attaching a little account of what transpired just so that we're all in the picture.

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