April 7, 2007

World Cup 2007

West Indies deserve better

George Binoy

The 2007 World Cup has been severely criticised for its poor crowds, lack of competition and several other shortcomings but Richard Boock, in The New Zealand, herald, has come out in defence of the Caribbean.

This tournament was never going to be about massive, seething crowds. It was always going to be about colour and energy; about spirit and fun and the beauty of a game. If visiting fans haven't been plentiful or adventurous enough to seize that opportunity that's their fault. The Caribbean deserves this tournament more than any other cricketing region; the near-crime is that they hadn't been invited to host it earlier.

Also in The New Zealand Herald, Adam Parore says that "New Zealand cricket has never had a better chance to take the game by the scruff of the neck".


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