Indian cricket July 6, 2007

Irfan Pathan back to swinging days

Is he back to his best? Is he out of the lean patch? Pradeep Kumar, of Times of India, finds out.

Everything is going well. I working on on my routines well. My fitness level is high. I am bowling well and even played a game in which I bowled 17 overs. I am feeling very positive now. I cannot say anything more now. I'm waiting for things to happen. I just need to be patient.

Also, read Kadambari Murali on the same issue at the Hindustan Times.

What did you work on?

Two-three things. I was hurrying into things. Lower body to upper body coordination with my side-on action wasn't quite okay. With Sekhar, we worked for two days, and he was pretty happy, we gradually built it up. I also had to work on my right arm, which I wasn't using much. For every bowler, the non-bowling arm is very important for guidance, that was missing a bit.

The superstar lifestyle, Mumbai….did it all get to you?

Sriram Veera is a former staff writer at ESPNcricinfo