October 1, 2007


USACA accused of stalling once again

Martin Williamson

It is emerging that the review of the USA Cricket Association's constitution, which is the first and most important step towards the USA being readmitted to the international arena, is not going according to plan.

The entire review has been shrouded in mystery since it was agreed on in June, but it now seems that there have been setbacks.

Cricinfo has learned that the USACA executive has raised objections to the findings of the review committee and has, according to one source, deliberately hampered the process. Click here for the full report.


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Posted by amit on (October 4, 2007, 1:41 GMT)

USA cricket is much better than what the world thinks..The only thing stopping the world from knowing is the arrogant administrators that run the USACA.. They wanna be at all the major functions and do a lot of personal promotions... But they have no time to show what talent USA has.... It is about time that ICC completely took charge of USA cricket and got rid of the USACA cartoons....

Posted by Bouncer on (October 3, 2007, 6:09 GMT)

Forget USACA, the problem is ICC. They are entirely spineless and completely incapable of handling issues of this importance and magnitude. Look at what they have done (or not) about touring Zim, the Hair incident, etc.

The whole USACA exec trying to hold on to power thing has been going on for the last 10 years. I vividly remember a new org coming up in the mid-90s and our friends at ICC managed to bring everyone back to the table to come up with a new constitution but nothing changed. And here we are again working on a new constitution. Some things just never change...

Sometimes I wonder if we should set our expectations low for any organized cricket at the national level and simply focus on things we can control i.e. local level. At least there is still some joy in that. I hate to throw in the towel but there is only so many times you can beat your head against a wall before you realize that it isn't the smartest thing to do...

Posted by Imtiaz on (October 3, 2007, 4:31 GMT)

Why don't we fire these people who are not even ex cricketers, just people milking the system. USA has a lot of potential and loads of dinero to offer if properly done, after all it is a land of immigrants. Get rid of these group and lets built another country who will be great for the future of cricket. (just ask Direct tv and Dish network how much subscription revenue they generate in US alone)

Posted by neville greaves on (October 2, 2007, 0:26 GMT)

The entire USACA board should resign for the good of cricket in America. These group of people are disorganised.

Posted by Chris G on (October 1, 2007, 22:45 GMT)

Agreed, Cuen. Cricket is thriving in the U.S, but only at the "local" level. Something needs to be done!

Posted by Raj on (October 1, 2007, 17:11 GMT)

Please tell me something new!!!! It is a shame that some of these people want to hold onto their posts at the cost of Cricket. History is going to be harsh on some of these guys.

Posted by Cuen Lucas on (October 1, 2007, 16:22 GMT)

It's a modern mystery why the ICC continues to persevere with the USACA despite the latter being just one controversy after the next. It's about time that the world body went looking for a group who are genuinely interested in bringing USA cricket to the world as well as bringing cricket to the average American.

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