March 19, 2008


Kamran Khan interview

Martin Williamson

The much-anticipated elections to the USA Cricket Association's board of directors take place, with many believing that they are the USA's last chance of salvaging their standing within the international community. Three candidates are challenging for the presidency, and in the next ten days we will interview them all.

We start with Kamran Khan, who captained the USA and has been involved in the game as a player, coach and administrator for almost four decades. He was president of the board between 1999 and 2000.

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Posted by Adam Scholem on (March 26, 2008, 14:38 GMT)

Breaking down the ethnic divisions within American cricket is a laudable goal, though I'm not sure that trying to do it from the top down is likely to work. Most of the insularity occurs at the club level, where often small regions back in the old country are used as a basis for selecting a team to play for. Building clubs around unaffiliated Americans and pulling in expats as they come sounds like a terrific idea. We just need the expats to teach enough Americans to play...

Posted by Matthew Mitchell on (March 19, 2008, 19:39 GMT)

Worth noting that Kamran is rather unique among the US cricket leadership (let alone among the USACA candidates) in that he has considerable experience introducing the game to native-born Americans (like me) through his years as coach at Haverford College. It gives him a pool of potential builders of the sport should he win and want to get them involved. Americans can also play a part in easing mistrust between clubs and leaders who have come to America from one part of the world and those from other parts.

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