Ethics and morality March 4, 2009

Yesterday was shock, today is anger

The attack on Sri Lanka's cricketers has left the world in shock, Pakistan cricket in exile, and cricket across South Asia in jeopardy

The attack on Sri Lanka's cricketers has left the world in shock, Pakistan cricket in exile, and cricket across South Asia in jeopardy. The single most edifying feature has been the dignity of Sri Lanka's cricketers in response to an incident that could have cost them their lives, and caused several of them injuries. But the single most upsetting fact is the role of Pakistan's security arrangements in enabling this calamity.

Yesterday's events and the ease with which the attackers rained bullets and then escaped did not equate with "presidential level" security. How could the assailants take on security forces in this manner for many minutes and then flee unharmed? The conclusion that is emerging is that the security arrangements and performance were criminal in their negligence. A view supported today by Chris Broad, a man known for speaking his mind without fear of causing offence.

All credit to him. I share his anger. This was the highest profile sporting event in terms of ensuring its safe passage, and it had been promised the highest level of security. Clearly, this did not happen. Such a disastrous security failure is either a conspiracy or a murderous case of negligence. Either way it has plunged the reputation of Pakistan to an all time low. All Pakistanis who care about the reputation of their country should be indignant.

The PCB and the Pakistani Government have some serious questions to answer. But who will hold them accountable?

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  • testli5504537 on March 8, 2009, 11:24 GMT

    The fact that we can not show to the world the face of any of those terrorists, dead or alive is a sufficient proof of the lapse in security.In the face of the courage shown by Sri Lankan players,when no one was willing to play cricket in our country,this incident, which sunk our cricket, is not acceptable.. Regarding what Broad said, he didn,t care about what his statement can do with the future of our cricket.He could have left this to the concerned authority(ICC) but he will not let any chance go by, as far as asian teams are concerned just like Darrel Hair.

  • testli5504537 on March 8, 2009, 2:08 GMT

    It is high time Pakistan woke up to itself. They refuse to resume a test match for the first time in history and blame the umpires, or rather one white umpire. Players get caught numerous times on drugs, but apparently they are not to blame. The umpires are almost killed in Lahore due to incredible Pakistani incompetence, or perhaps worse, yet the response from people like Miandad is to suspend the umpires. You are not honourable men, you are little girls. Remind me why the cricket community should bother with you any more?

  • testli5504537 on March 7, 2009, 23:54 GMT

    The World Cricket will boycot Pakistan visits, fine. But if Pakistan had pretty Bollywood actresses and that kinda money, some would have stood by. Even some Ausies! Part of the story Pakistan is that povery and segrigation of sexes are outright unattractive and make a bad tourists location. I don't buy the crickers think their chance of being hit next time around is much higher than any where else in the world. Their response is more like why should we go there in the first place? Pakistan government have provided them with a perfect excuse. Buy a soccer ball.

  • testli5504537 on March 7, 2009, 22:04 GMT

    "Our public is cricket crazy"-Ejaz Butt. Then why are the stadiums empty except for screaming schoolchildren let in for free? Both Tests were played to empty stadiums, the PCB needs a reality check. Play in Birmingham, Toronto and Sharjah, then you will see a cricket crazy crowd. Even if Younis Khan scored 401 the stadiums in Pakistan will be less than 5% full. Time to admit it, and stop being delusional. Test cricket is as dead in Pakistan as the pitches and those policemen and drivers.

  • testli5504537 on March 7, 2009, 11:19 GMT

    This incident just proves one thing . Aus NZ SA ENG IND were justified in calling of their tours. This was a planned operation as seen by the execution. Pakistanis in previous blogs blindly criticised all countries which refused to tour the danger country calling them chicken and what not. 3/3 just proved the Ponting and co were correct in judgment. Hopefully no team tours Pakistan for next decade as terrorists were seen going off peacefully after attack as if it was sure no one would catch them.

  • testli5504537 on March 7, 2009, 5:25 GMT

    What happened should not have happened? It was a terrible incident and a very serious security lapse. My question to Mr. Broad is that he had been going to the Gaddafi stadium for a couple of days, how come he did not point out the lack of security the first two days? Why did he not refuse to go to the stadium under such a weak security? Will he go to India even though there was an incident in Mumbai a few months back? Will he go to New York where 9/11 happened? How about his own Country where 7/7 happened? We need to look into the realities before jumping to conclusion and playing the blame game. Pakistan should build a stroinger team, show their strength in forgein tours and make other teams visit us rather than begging them to come here. I know they can be the best team in the world provided they stay fit and be sincere to their profession.

  • testli5504537 on March 7, 2009, 4:03 GMT

    Dear Kamran, I dont normally comment on this forum lest it be misconstrued as gloating, and yes I feel the wheel will eventually turn for pakistan. But could you gag these idiots who are in office. Butt and Miandad are still in la la land. The heroic driver turns out to be a closet jihadi with extreme views on India and islam. Who do you trust? Is there such a thing as a normal internationally indexed person left?

  • testli5504537 on March 6, 2009, 23:44 GMT

    The comments by Butt & Miandad accusing Chris Broad of lying are outrageous. Why would Broad lie? I can easily see why Butt & Miandad would - they are protecting their own interests. Butt speaks of a cop who "saved Broad's life". Broad says the cop was hiding from the gunmen. Based on the indisputable footage of the cop who played dead on the roadway, then got up and celebrated when the terrorists left, I know whose version of events I find more plausible. That said I don't blame anyone - including the cops - for taking cover. They were clearly undermanned, undertrained and under-equipped. The PCB & Government should have provided adequately trained and equipped protection for the touring party. There is also the mystery of the separate travelling times and routes for the two teams which raises some uncomfortable questions. Clearly Butt regards attack as the best form of defense as there are some very hard questions on the way. Miandad? Well he's just a disgrace.

  • testli5504537 on March 6, 2009, 23:16 GMT

    IF there is any accountability in Pakistan than Butt and his bullshit administators should resign or be sacked immediately. I don't think this will ever happen as, knowing Pakistan and its corrupt history. Its government is lead by crimnals and PCB by half whit dumb asses.

  • testli5504537 on March 6, 2009, 22:02 GMT

    Miandad and Butt's attack on Broad's cedibility does not make Rest of the cricket world comfartable. Infact it makes it worse. Miandad's comment about banning Broad is a joke. Might make great news in Pakistan but outside Pakistan it will be viewed with contempt. Who are trying to win over ??? Instead of looking at objectively they Butt an Miandad must refrain verbal assault on Broad. Anyone in Broad's shoes having faced near death would lash out with anger.

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