Age of Khan April 21, 2009

This could be your moment Younis

This period will be a test of leadership

After many false dawns, Pakistan cricket will confront its new way of life. It is fitting that the moment arrives against Australia, the country that plunged Pakistan cricket out of its period of glory with the double blow of the 1999 World Cup Final defeat and the match-fixing controversy whose flames were lit with approaches to Australian cricketers.

Now, while the rest of the world's cricketers strut in the surreal atmosphere of the IPL in South Africa, Australia have honoured a commitment to play Pakistan in the desert. Too little too late, will be the reaction of many Pakistan fans, but Pakistan cricket is currently eager to dine out even on breadcrumbs.

Nor is this time for self-pity. Pakistan's cricketers may justifiably feel that domestic and international circumstances are conspiring to crush their spirit, yet the Age of Khan must also be the Age of Pragmatism. Here is where the survival instinct must kick in and a desire to hold your head up high in the face of the storm.

Pakistan's players must seize any opportunity to compete on the international stage, and play with the passion and flair that will make their supporters proud and fill them with hope. Ironically, Pakistan may benefit from playing fewer matches as each contest will be seen to be precious rather than the excess that they had become used to.

Ultimately, this period will be a test of leadership. We cannot expect any from the PCB, hence Younis Khan must seize the day and lead the fight for Pakistan cricket's recovery.

This could be your moment Younis. Take it.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here