November 16, 2009


Pakistan invited to Corfu cricket festival

Sahil Dutta

The Hellenic Cricket Federation (HCF), cricket’s governing body in Greece, is to invite Pakistan for a new Twenty20 international cricket festival. The event, which features teams from across the non-Test playing world, will be held in May, June, September and October 2010 in Corfu and the nearby Ionian islands.

“We aim to celebrate the spirit and diversity of cricket by bringing together cricketers across continents, countries and communities,” Nikitas Iosif, the HCF president, told PA.

Pakistan, the Twenty20 World Champions, will be star attractions, though established players will be missing on full international duty.

Cricket was introduced in Corfu in April 1823 when a match was played between the British Navy and the Garrison. The HCF was founded in 1996 when Greece became member of the European Cricket Council and affiliate member of the ICC.

There are now 21 cricket clubs in Greece, 13 of which are based in Corfu. As the standard of cricket has improved, Corfu has become more popular with club sides touring from England and Iosif sees the HCF as pivotal to cricket in the region.

“We have supported, promoted and developed the sport and there is now a lively and active domestic championship within the country. Our national team compete regularly in Europe and is amongst the best teams.”


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Posted by Khalid Mughal on (March 18, 2011, 8:54 GMT)

I am playing Cricket for a Greek local cricket club and It will be nice to see a Pakistani cricket team playing at Corfu island :)

Posted by Bunker on (November 16, 2009, 17:14 GMT)

Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

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