July 5, 2010

British Airways leaves Warnie exasperated

Kanishkaa Balachandran

Shane Warne’s love-hate relationship with the British took flight again (pun unintended), with a series of angry posts on his Twitter page describing his experience in a British Airways flight from London to Las Vegas for a poker competition. Despite travelling first class, Warne found several things to rant about, ranging from his fellow passenger’s breath to the air conditioning which failed. Sample these tweets from the legspinner, who has previously hit the headlines with text-messaging controversies:

“I hate British airways, way too arrogant and rude towards people !! Will not be flying with them again after my return from Vegas.”

Two minutes later: “Now on plane grumpy and listening to capt tell me how high we will fly what direction his taking off blah blah.. Just shut up let us chill.”

After two more ‘agonising’ minutes:” They spoke to this young family in front of me like they where criminals, they where traveling first class to, so rude and abnoxious.”

After the slowest seven minutes of his life: “Oh by the way I can smell the guys breath to me he is so close, rubbish seat pattern.. Hate this airline !!!”

After a brief sabbatical, where he tweeted about Andy Murray v Nadal and Spain’s chances of lifting the World Cup, came this: “Now capt apologizing for no a/c !!! Seriously this could be one of the worst flying experience of my life.. SHUT UP CAPT !”

Three minutes later, he summed up the journey in three words: “This trip sucks.”

Kanishkaa Balachandran is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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