World Cricket League Division Eight November 7, 2010

We're still confident despite a loss to Kuwait

Trevor Langa, Vanuatu's wicketkeeper, writes about the World Cricket League Division 8

Trevor Langa, Vanuatu's wicketkeeper, writes about the World Cricket League Division 8

We were really looking forward to playing Kuwait today as we knew they’d be a challenge and they were definitely that. They got a lot of runs on the board, which was disappointing, but we didn’t help matters with some poor fielding today. We missed at least eight catches, including some really easy ones at point and also first slip. They batted out 50 overs and then they fielded out 50 overs against us – they are a seriously tough team but that being said if we hadn’t let them get to 400, then I think we would have been able to chase down the score a little bit better.

It’s never a great feeling to lose, but the mood on the bus home was positive – we were pleased that we batted out the 50 overs in an attempt to chase the total and we know we’ve still got all to play for on Tuesday against Suriname. The important thing for us is to keep our run-rate up so we finish top two and have a chance to make the play-offs for promotion to Division 7 in Botswana.

Tomorrow we’ve got a rest day – the team has a couple of recovery sessions planned in the pool but other than that it’s our chance to have a sleep in and get our minds off cricket for the day. I’m not too sure what I’m going to do, I think I’ll probably sleep and rest up for Tuesday and go out and explore Kuwait on the second rest day. I don’t think I’ll do too much shopping while I’m here though as I went a bit mad buying things in Dubai when we had a stopover so I’m not sure if there’s room to get anything more in my suitcase back to Vanuatu.

I’m keeping this one short as I’ve got to run off to a team function this evening – Kuwait Cricket Council are hosting all eight teams here for the tournament, it should be an interesting evening!

Liam Brickhill is a freelance journalist based in Cape Town