January 1, 2011

Waqar Younis and the others: a look at ODI streaks

Anantha Narayanan

No one ran up ODI bowling streaks like Waqar Younis did © Photosport

This is a logical follow-up to the brace of articles on the best 1-10 Tests streaks for bowlers and batsmen. This coves the ODI matches. I have managed to have both the batsmen and bowlers in a single article by some nifty formatting.

This turned out to be a tough task since I also wanted to utilise this opportunity to build a player-performance database. This is essential since I needed to get the best 1-10 ODI performances for each player and then get the all-time best performances. I also wanted to provide the information on the top players' 1-10 ODIs best performances so that the readers could do their own comparisons. And I was sure that there would be queries on the best performances by specific players after the article was published. I wanted to be able to provide the information quickly. In fact I have also provided the huge table of all qualifying players for downloading.

First let me emphasise that this is only a run aggregate. I myself will clarify that this aggregating of runs in specific sequences of 1-10 ODIs is irrespective of opposing team, home or away, match conditions, period lapsed between matches, not outs et al. That is not the purpose of this article. Readers should appreciate this and not come in with a comment such as "opposition bowling quality is not considered". But that is wishful thinking! Anyhow I will just publish such readers' comments without any response. Also readers who worry about batting average should understand that when someone scores over 500 runs in 10 ODIs, it does not matter about averages. It is going to be quite high.

Let us now look at the tables.

Maximum runs scored in 1 to 10 ODIs

Batsman              Cty StMtId-Year  No Runs

Tendulkar S.R Ind (2962-2010) 1 200 Saeed Anwar Pak (1209-1997) 1 194 Coventry C.K Zim (2873-2009) 1 194 Richards I.V.A Win (0264-1984) 1 189 Jayasuriya S.T Slk (1652-2000) 1 189 ... Jayasuriya S.T Slk (2389-2006) 2 309 Dilshan T.M Slk (2932-2009) 2 283 Gower D.I Eng (0168-1983) 2 280 ... Gibbs H.H Saf (1882-2002) 3 385 Saeed Anwar Pak (0841-1993) 3 349 Haynes D.L Win (0322-1985) 3 346 ... Gibbs H.H Saf (1882-2002) 4 482 Tendulkar S.R Ind (1052-1996) 4 424 Salman Butt Pak (2698-2008) 4 418 Zaheer Abbas Pak (0163-1982) 4 418 ... Hayden M.L Aus (2527-2007) 5 529 Gibbs H.H Saf (1882-2002) 5 497 Salman Butt Pak (2698-2008) 5 488 ... Hayden M.L Aus (2527-2007) 6 576 Salman Butt Pak (2700-2008) 6 550 Waugh M.E Aus (1037-1996) 6 545 ... Salman Butt Pak (2698-2008) 7 626 Amla H.M Saf (2979-2010) 7 622 Hayden M.L Aus (2527-2007) 7 617 ... Amla H.M Saf (2963-2010) 8 709 Salman Butt Pak (2696-2008) 8 659 Hayden M.L Aus (2526-2007) 8 641 ... Amla H.M Saf (2962-2010) 9 743 Javed Miandad Pak (0437-1987) 9 697 Waugh M.E Aus (1033-1996) 9 685 ... Amla H.M Saf (2963-2010) 10 768 Hayden M.L Aus (2527-2007) 10 761 de Villiers A.B Saf (2962-2010) 10 730

The batting honours have been widely distributed. Amla leads with 3 top positions, followed by Hayden and Gibbs with 2 each. Tendulkar, Jayasuriya and Salman Butt share the remaining three spots. Salman Butt also figures in the top 3 of quite a few mini-tables. Gibbs is also well-represented.

- Tendulkar's 200 is in his last innings in ODI cricket.
- Upto 5 match streaks, the top batsmen have averaged over 100 runs per ODI.
- Amla's streak is vintage-2010. His 2010 form, leading upto the New Year and World Cup is phenomenal. Not to forget the recent form of de Villiers.

I am sure readers would like to see the best 1-10 ODI sequence aggregates of their favourite batsmen. Instead of cluttering up the main article I have uploaded the file and readers can view/download the complete player file.

To view/down-load the complete 1-10 ODIs table, please click/right-click here.

To view/down-load the complete player table, please click/right-click here. The batsmen who have scored 2000 runs or more are included.

Now for the bowler sequence table.

Maximum wickets captured in 1 to 10 ODIs

Bowler               Cty  StMtId-Year  No Wkts

Vaas WPUJC Slk (1776-2001) 1 8 Waqar Younis Pak (1724-2001) 1 7 Muralitharan M Slk (1650-2000) 1 7 Aaqib Javed Pak (0685-1991) 1 7 McGrath G.D Aus (1970-2003) 1 7 Bichel A.J Aus (1976-2003) 1 7 Davis W.W Win (0203-1983) 1 7 ... Waqar Younis Pak (1724-2001) 2 13 Azhar Mahmood Pak (1517-1999) 2 11 Gilmour G.J Aus (0031-1975) 2 11 Aaqib Javed Pak (1205-1997) 2 10 Muralitharan M Slk (1650-2000) 2 10 Harris R.J Aus (2946-2010) 2 10 Bond S.E Nzl (2273-2005) 2 10 de Mel A.L.F Slk (0211-1983) 2 10 ... Waqar Younis Pak (0625-1990) 3 15 Harris R.J Aus (2946-2010) 3 13 Gilmour G.J Aus (0031-1975) 3 13 Warne S.K Aus (1149-1996) 3 13 ... Waqar Younis Pak (0625-1990) 4 17 Mendis B.A.W Slk (2718-2008) 4 17 Vaas WPUJC Slk (1950-2003) 4 16 Harris R.J Aus (2946-2010) 4 16 ... Mendis B.A.W Slk (2718-2008) 5 20 Waqar Younis Pak (0627-1990) 5 19 Patterson B.P Win (0459-1987) 5 17 Hendrick M Eng (0071-1979) 5 17 Harris R.J Aus (2796-2009) 5 17 Donald A.A Saf (1121-1996) 5 17 ... Waqar Younis Pak (0627-1990) 6 24 Mendis B.A.W Slk (2718-2008) 6 22 Donald A.A Saf (1124-1996) 6 21 .... Waqar Younis Pak (0627-1990) 7 29 Mendis B.A.W Slk (2718-2008) 7 25 Donald A.A Saf (1124-1996) 7 24 ... Waqar Younis Pak (0625-1990) 8 33 Mendis B.A.W Slk (2718-2008) 8 26 Donald A.A Saf (1121-1996) 8 26 ... Waqar Younis Pak (0609-1990) 9 33 Mendis B.A.W Slk (2718-2008) 9 30 Donald A.A Saf (1121-1996) 9 29 ... Waqar Younis Pak (0625-1990) 10 35 Mendis B.A.W Slk (2735-2008) 10 34 Donald A.A Saf (1073-1996) 10 31

Unlike the batting tables, this table is Waqar Younis all the way. Vaas just managed to gather that extra wicket to lead the 1-match table. Then Mendis, with his mercurial start to his career, just about managed to get the additional wicket in the 5-match streak. The rest is all Waqar Younis. He leads in 8 of the 10 mini-tables. This was Waqar, at his toe-crushing best during 1990. This streak helped Pakistan win 10 matches in a trot.

- From 6 to 10 matches, the sub-tables have the same three players, Waqar, Mendis and Donald in the same order. R.J.Harris had an excellent sequence for Australia.
- The 1990s have been a wonderful period for such streaks.
- There is a wide proliferation of bowlers in the low number streaks.
- It is interesting to note that Waqar Younis has a long streak starting in match no 625 and a great two match streak of 7 and 6 wickets towards the end of his career. He does not appear twice because I am showing only one streak per bowler - Upto 8-match streaks the bowlers have managed to gather more than 4 wickets per match.
- Note the absence of Indian bowlers in these tables, both Batting and Bowling.

I am sure readers would like to see the best 1-10 ODIs sequence aggregates of their favourite bowlers. Instead of cluttering up the main article I have uploaded the file and readers can view/download the complete player file.

To view/down-load the complete 1-10 ODIs table, please click/right-click here.

To view/down-load the complete player table, please click/right-click here. The bowlers who have captured 100 wickets or more are included.

For the longer streak analysis I did just one. I decided to do a 50-match analysis. 50 matches represents between 2 and 3 years in a player career and anything longer would rule out quite a few batsmen. The results are presented below.

Batsman              Cty  StMtId-Year  No  Runs

Tendulkar S.R Ind (1277-1998) 50 2518 Lara B.C Win (0939-1994) 50 2485 Ganguly S.C Ind (1444-1999) 50 2406 Gooch G.A Eng (0144-1982) 50 2397 Kirsten G Saf (1041-1996) 50 2392 Jones D.M Aus (0502-1988) 50 2376 Gayle C.H Win (1782-2001) 50 2331 Greenidge C.G Win (0081-1979) 50 2330 Chanderpaul S Win (2437-2006) 50 2298 Javed Miandad Pak (0385-1986) 50 2296 Saeed Anwar Pak (1112-1996) 50 2277 Richards I.V.A Win (0074-1979) 50 2268 de Silva P.A Slk (1055-1996) 50 2263 Ponting R.T Aus (2260-2005) 50 2259 Hayden M.L Aus (2227-2005) 50 2249 Haynes D.L Win (0510-1988) 50 2247 Zaheer Abbas Pak (0030-1975) 50 2247 Marsh G.R Aus (0500-1988) 50 2221 Jayasuriya S.T Slk (1077-1996) 50 2207 Waugh M.E Aus (1033-1996) 50 2185

This table goes as planned. There is a collection of the best ODI batsmen of all time. Tendulkar had his best period towards end of 1990s and scored at over 50 runs per match. Lara, despite his lesser credentials in ODI matches, had his purple match during the early part of his career and averaged just below 50 runs per match. Ganguly's streak coincided with Tendulkar's.

To view/down-load the complete 50 ODIs Batsmen table, please click/right-click here.

Bowler               Cty  StMtId-Year  No Wkts

Saqlain Mushtaq Pak (1135-1996) 50 105 Donald A.A Saf (0977-1995) 50 104 Waqar Younis Pak (0625-1990) 50 102 Lee B Aus (1677-2001) 50 102 Bond S.E Nzl (1845-2002) 50 97 Muralitharan M Slk (1825-2002) 50 96 McGrath G.D Aus (1210-1997) 50 94 Ntini M Saf (1801-2002) 50 94 Broad S.C.J Eng (2622-2007) 50 92 Shoaib Akhtar Pak (1428-1999) 50 91 Gough D Eng (1077-1996) 50 91 Mills K.D Nzl (2276-2005) 50 90 McDermott C.J Aus (0416-1987) 50 90 Kumble A Ind (0945-1994) 50 90 Bracken N.W Aus (1698-2001) 50 90 Warne S.K Aus (0889-1994) 50 89 Pathan I.K Ind (2093-2004) 50 89 Wasim Akram Pak (0720-1992) 50 88 Pringle C Nzl (0638-1990) 50 88 Lillee D.K Aus (0003-1972) 50 88 Mohammad Sami Pak (1808-2002) 50 87 Ambrose C.E.L Win (0508-1988) 50 86 Naved-ul-Hasan Pak (2179-2004) 50 86 Zaheer Khan Ind (1729-2001) 50 86 Bishop I.R Win (0519-1988) 50 85 Umar Gul Pak (2463-2006) 50 85 Fleming D.W Aus (0907-1994) 50 84 Garner J Win (0128-1981) 50 84 Gillespie J.N Aus (1187-1997) 50 84 Johnson M.G Aus (2413-2006) 50 84

Despite Waqar Younis's great 10 match streak, it is Saqlain Mushtaq who takes the first place in this table. He has captured 105 wickets in his best 50 match period. Donald has also leap-frogged over Waqar and captured 104 wickets in 50 matches. Now comes Waqar Younis, with 102 wickets. Lee shares this spot with Waqar Younis and these four bowlers exceed 100 wickets in 50 matches. Then comes Bond and the two greats, Murali and McGrath.

It is nice to see the presence of Irfan Pathan inn this list, just behind Kumble, but above Wasim Akram and Lillee.

To view/down-load the complete 50 ODIs Bowlers table, please click/right-click here.


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Posted by waspsting on (January 6, 2011, 14:09 GMT)

@Ibrahim - completely agree with you - Waqar is very underrated. IMO, he's the best bowler in test cricket I've seen. Didn't have all the 'weapons' but had one for every situation, which is more important. Who cares if you can't bowl a perfect leg-cutter when you can knock over any batsman with an inswinging yorker?

@Ananth - stats look like a jumping of point for fuller analysis. Strike rate for batsmen and economy rates for bowlers are as critical as wickets and runs, IMO. I would have ordered my team to not get Sherwin Campbell out, with Lara waiting in the wings!

for example, without remembering the matches concerned, I'd bet my biceps Amrose's streak was more valuable than many above it or Jayasuriya's run greater than Kirsten's.

Saqlain was amazing - only spinner who i saw pin down guys like Sidhu, Azhar to the crease. Shame Lara didn't play too much of him - i'd pay to watch that contest. Waqar could be very expensive, but lethally damaging.

Posted by Ananth on (January 3, 2011, 18:43 GMT)

Arjun, there was a minor mistake and the tables, only the 50+ streak table has been re-posted. Those 100 odd matches which had the super-sub were the culprits.

Posted by Shardul Juyal on (January 3, 2011, 14:13 GMT)

I believe this is the first time i am not fully (for the lack of a proper word) convinced by the stats in this blog. ...only the batsmen part.

Middle order batsmen might be excluded from the list as chasing a low total the batsman would end at 5 not out...and it would be counted as 5 runs in the innings or other times getting out at 20 runs on 7 balls to accelerate in the end. And that is why i believe the top 50 innings is loaded with openers + No 3.

But i guess there is no way to eliminate this bug without introducing a few others. [[ I am not trying to be fair to all batsmen, I confess. I am trying to say who scored most runs or captured most wickets in 1-10 and 50 matches. Ananth: ]]

Posted by Abhi on (January 3, 2011, 12:40 GMT)

Fun article. I have always maintained that Saqlain is one of the most underrated bowlers of all time. For all practical purposes he was the inventor of the modern day "doosra"...the adoption of which so dramatically affected Murali's career and the effect he had on Righties. I've seen Saqlain at his best flummox the best of them- Tendulkar,Lara and co. included. Something not too many spinners can claim. Unfortunately, injuries curtailed what could perhaps have been the greatest spin bowling career ever. So nice to see these odd analyses bring about the great forgotten bowlers when at their best.

Posted by wasim on (January 3, 2011, 10:57 GMT)

Dear all Waqar is very good bowler he has finish his career now what about shoaib Akhtar?

Posted by Asghar Ali on (January 3, 2011, 9:34 GMT)

Great work. And good to see waqar's performance. Thanks Waqar, You and wasim really rocked for Pakistan.

Posted by vedagiri on (January 3, 2011, 8:25 GMT)

Good analysis by Anand. Really appreciated. But I am annoyed by some of readers comments suggesting new ideas to be incorporated into analysis. Carry on Anand

Posted by unni on (January 3, 2011, 7:10 GMT)

Very nice to read stats... enjoyed it more than the test stats. It is due to a very personal point of view. Tests have a long history and I only have 10-20 years of enjoyment period for that. But, I grew up with a good slice of oneday history and can quite relate to the player achievements. Hence I can enjoy this statistics more because, it numerizes (hope I haven't invented a new word here ;-)) my own enjoyment. [[ Unni That is a beautiful term. I will remember and use it, with due credit to you. Ananth: ]]

Posted by Arjun on (January 3, 2011, 6:23 GMT)

there seems to be some mistake. Umar gul in his 50 mts. streak has taken only 48 wkts. I assume it must be atleast 60-70.

Arjun. [[ Yes, Arjun. There is a problem with specific bowlers who have bowled in between 50 and 100 matches. I will correct the tables and repost. Ananth: ]]

Posted by Miher on (January 3, 2011, 4:53 GMT)


great analysis!!!

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