July 18, 2011

Indian cricket

Dhoni's £100,000 bat


After launching a massive six over long-on to complete India's victory in the World Cup final, MS Dhoni twirled his bat nonchalantly and tucked it under his arm. It was an iconic moment: India's captain cool maintaining his air of composure even as the rest of the team let their emotions take over; a matter-of-fact way of saying "job done", from a man under so much pressure.

Or ... maybe he was just making sure the bat did not get damaged so he could auction it for charity later. The bat fetched £100,000 (Rs 7,170,135) in an auction at a London hotel on July 18, according to PTI and the proceeds will go towards Dhoni's wife's charitable organisation, Sakshi Foundation, for under-privileged children.


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