May 30, 2012

South African cricket

Remembering Hansie Cronje ten years after his death

Carlyle Laurie

It has been ten years since South Africa's captain Hansie Cronje was killed in a plane crash. Mark Chapman, writing for the Daily Telegraph, travels to South Africa to talk to those who knew Cronje best.

Hansie’s brother Frans prefers to remember the Test matches he used to play with his brother in the family garden in Bloemfontein than the man who fell into a deep depression in the 18 months that followed the King Commission. There are tears in his eyes as he talks. "He felt like he'd let everyone down. Madiba [Nelson Mandela] being the first one. The whole new South Africa, the fall of apartheid and Mandela as president makes it a lot easier for people to forgive in South Africa. For a lot of the British media it’s been very difficult for them to accept the forgiveness part," he said.


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