June 19, 2012


Remembering Rex Alston

Carlyle Laurie

Arunabha Sengupta, writing on cricketcountry.com, says legendary cricket commentator Rex Alston, who was part of BBC’s commentary team in the 1950s, had an exquisite style of delivery which was "youthful and slightly schoolmasterly.”

Rex Alston, who reputedly brought a grain of sanity into the box housing eccentrics like Arlott and Johnston, had his own exquisite style of delivery, which Peter Baxter termed, “Youthful and slightly schoolmasterly". Schoolmasterly or not, there has hardly been anyone in the history of cricket commentary who has escaped Brian Johnston’s famous leg-pulling. For all his pranks, Johnston maintained that Alston was “precise, meticulous, fair and unbiased.”

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