June 20, 2012

Pakistan cricket

Exploring cricket's home in Pakistan's interiors

Abhishek Mukherjee

Amer Malik, writing for Financial Times, relives the warmth of the raw game of cricket in the streets and playgrounds of Sindh, Pakistan.

One thing that is ever present in life in Pakistan be it south or north or on the frontier is cricket. This was to be my saviour from what seemed like eternal lassitide. The game is played on every piece of scrub in every available nook or cranny that can substitute for 22 yards (or thereabouts). I’ve seen it being played in a graveyard whilst attending a funeral. Cricket doesn’t stop for anything.

Many of these people are from poverty-stricken backgrounds, but the richness in their heart and soul was immeasurable, not to say that their love of cricket was any the less. This was something I will not forget very easily. A few weeks later I’m sitting here at the Lords media centre, and my mind is cast back to that warm couple of weeks, where I experienced the game in all its wonderful and simplest glory.


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