July 8, 2012

Indian cricket

'Chappell not necessarily right'

Abhishek Mukherjee

After Greg Chappell's comment that not everyone in the team backed Rahul Dravid during his time as India captain, Ayaz Memon, writing in Mail Today, reasons why Chappell may not be the best person to hold opinions on Indian cricket.

Chappell is entitled to his opinion as a fundamental right; the flip side of the foremost is that he need not necessarily be correct. Just to play devil’s advocate, his perception of a divided team could have been enhanced because of the excruciating circumstances he himself was embroiled in.

To get back to Chappell and his turbulent years in Indian cricket, while it is true he was an ‘ insider’ because he was the coach, it is also true that he rapidly became an outsider as several players – not just Sourav Ganguly — fell foul of him.


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