July 29, 2012


Challenges of post-retirement career

Abhishek Mukherjee

A sportsman has to grapple with the challenges of life after retirement, sometimes having to compromise his self esteem, as in a career in administration, writes former India allrounder Sanjay Bangar in cricketnext.com.

As soon as he retires from that sport, the general popularity slowly starts to decrease due to short public memory. From the limelight, he suddenly finds himself one among many normal people. It is also a very difficult period for him to make a career choice again in his life as he is still is in his mid-thirties. He has to reset his goals and take a decision as to whether he should be associated with the sport. Most players take up coaching if they are qualified enough to acquire the mandatory basic courses. If they are popular with the administrators they could get lucrative posts of selectors, referees etc.

However at this point, he is not generally aware of the kind of profile an administrator has to have to turn out to be good at it. Since the posts of president and secretary are generally the most desired ones, and are appointed through elections, a former player has to go begging for votes. Thus at the very first step, he starts compromising on his self esteem. One also has to be very particular of the protocol to soothe big egos.

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