Kamran Abbasi

JULY 15, 2013

Afridi speaks the magic word

Dare to dismiss him and he returns with an eye-popping performance
When he gets going, it usually ends in a match-winning performance © WICB Media
JUNE 16, 2013

Betrayed by the batsmen

Pakistan's batting order carries plenty of dead wood. There may not be too many alternatives but the few there are need to be looked at
JUNE 11, 2013

An international joke

The performance of a majority of Pakistan's batsmen, and of the people who pick them, has become laughable
JUNE 08, 2013

Misbah, Pakistan's magnificent nearly man

Misbah-ul-Haq's tragedy is that his heroism, too often, covers for the collapse of his fellow batsmen, a collapse so complete that is it beyond the skills of one of the world's best bowling attacks to rescue
MARCH 20, 2013

Where are Pakistan's young batsmen?

The batsmen touring South Africa have contributed immensely to Pakistan cricket but the time has come to look ahead and plan for the 2015 World Cup
MARCH 09, 2013

One-day testing ground important for Pakistan

It remains a mystery as to why Pakistan took on South Africa with such an untried Test bowling attack but the one-day series offers a vital opportunity to beginning planning for the future in whites
FEBRUARY 19, 2013

The power of a few good men

Nobody except Rambo - and I don't mean Pakistan's and ESPNcricinfo's linguistic champion Ramiz Raja - ever won a war in isolation
FEBRUARY 13, 2013

Big Bird II must fly

For anybody thinking the only way is up for Pakistan in this Test series, think again. Misbah-ul Haq's team was competitive in two innings in Johannesburg, which leaves plenty of room for improvement and an equal amount for deterioration
JANUARY 31, 2013

Batsmen in a fight for respect

At the beginning of Misbah's reign, Pakistan drew a series against South Africa. Expectations were low, and the dead wickets of the Emirates helped, but Pakistan seemed ripe for humiliation
JANUARY 03, 2013

New bowlers' game is made for Pakistan

A motorised parade of great heroes of India's past, including Wasim Akram, failed to inspire heroes of India's present and future to overcome Pakistan's competitive, albeit faltering, total of 250 runs
DECEMBER 24, 2012

We need a longer season of cricket goodwill

It is the season of goodwill. Pakistan's cricketers are in India to restart the healing process for fractured political relationships.
DECEMBER 06, 2012

Why Sachin and Shahid should let the curtain fall

What do you do when the magic dies? When eyes, slower in reaching focus, and hands and body, sluggish in finding shapes and arcs, betray you?
OCTOBER 08, 2012

India and Pakistan: A system failure

We're a funny bunch. Some of us can't bat; the rest of us can't bowl. We're separated by a line drawn in deserts, fields and mountains; a line that doesn't separate race, caste or religion, which many innocents presume to be its purpose
OCTOBER 01, 2012

Pakistan lose bottle for Kohli's vintage

The heat was high in Colombo but Pakistan froze. In a game in which they had too less to lose, and India started poorly, Pakistan were never relaxed
SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Umars come of age

South Africa succumbed to spin but they also succumbed to two Umars who came of age
SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

Paradoxical Pakistan are an emerging threat

If it is a rare pleasure for Pakistan to thank their batsmen for a victory, twice in a row is a luxury. Bowlers win matches for Pakistan, batsmen sometimes save them
SEPTEMBER 13, 2012

An instinct for T20

The world is not enough for some cricketers who crave the riches of mercenary T20 tournaments. But the World T20 about to unfold in Sri Lanka is the competition to win
SEPTEMBER 04, 2012

Ajmal, master of a loser's game

Australia won a skirmish in the desert but one player dominated despatches. He was the leading wicket taker in the ODI series, with an average typical of school cricket
AUGUST 22, 2012

Pakistan's unexpected fourth

South Africa's deserved rise to No.1 in Test cricket offered the world a lingering view of the new Test rankings. The top three were as expected, vanquished England sitting above Australia
JULY 12, 2012

A defeat tinged with optimism

Any match is merely a stepping stone on the long and winding road to the summit of international cricket