Anantha Narayanan

DECEMBER 13, 2014

More numbers, from readers

Another dose of random numbers - this time from readers. Also: a tribute to Phillip Hughes, and the now-customary Bradman surprise.
Sanath Jayasuriya and Muttiah Muralitharan played 408 international games together but never got to bat together © AFP
NOVEMBER 29, 2014

Player Ball Difference: An interesting new concept

A look at the fastest and the slowest innings in cricket using a new concept - Ball Difference. And, yet another Bradman surprise
NOVEMBER 17, 2014

An irreverent look at cricket numbers

A 100 random numbers that tell stories - loads of fun in store. Plus, another Bradman surprise
NOVEMBER 01, 2014

ODI overs analysis using ball-by-ball data: part 3

Detailed analyses of the scoring trends in ODIs, beginning with the 1999 World Cup. Plus, a Bradman surprise
OCTOBER 25, 2014

ODI overs analysis using ball-by-ball data: Part 2

A look at various interesting high and low-scoring sequences in ODIs with the help of ball-by-ball data. Plus, a Bradman surprise
OCTOBER 11, 2014

ODI overs analysis using ball-by-ball data: Part 1

An analysis using ball-by-ball data to identify scoring and wicket-taking patterns through the 50-over innings in ODIs
SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

ODI streaks: 62 and 63 matches long

A look at the best ODI players and the most productive streaks in their careers
SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

Dynamic Test team performance analysis

An analysis using a comprehensive methodology that identifies the best teams and their dominant periods in Test history
AUGUST 30, 2014

Analysing the unexplainable

Stats review of the England-India Test series, including a look at sequences by teams that were as bad as, or worse than, India's five-innings streak of sub-200 scores in the recently concluded Test series
AUGUST 20, 2014

Performance and result analysis of Test teams

A look at Test teams across the years, measuring the peaks of each team, and the highest peak across teams
AUGUST 09, 2014

Peer analysis of Test teams: Part 1

A look at the best and the worst Test teams of different eras
JULY 26, 2014

Test streaks: 52 and 27 matches long

A look at the best batting and bowling streaks in Tests
JULY 12, 2014

Coming back to win from hopeless first-innings situations

A look at some of the most thrilling victorious fightbacks in Tests
JUNE 28, 2014

Consistency of Test batsmen - Part 2

A new tool to analyse which batsmen have been the most consistent in Test cricket
JUNE 14, 2014

Consistency of Test batsmen - Part 1

Which batsmen have been the most consistent in Test cricket?
MAY 31, 2014

The most compelling head-to-head battles in ODIs

Which batsmen dominated particular bowlers, and who were the bowlers who dismissed certain batsmen most often?
MAY 17, 2014

The fascinating topics of maidens and innings progressions in T20Is

An analysis of scoring rates across over groups and maidens in T20Is
MAY 10, 2014

Everything you wanted to know about the T20 over

A detailed look into over-wise scoring and dot-ball patterns in T20 internationals
APRIL 26, 2014

Chalk and cheese in the same ODI innings

Instances of huge contrasts between batting strike rates or bowling economy rates within the same ODI innings
APRIL 12, 2014

Team performance analysis in T20 internationals

Who defends well and who chases a target better?