Samir Chopra

SEPTEMBER 03, 2014

Is there such a thing as an ideal retirement?

The decision to quit is an acutely difficult one, and many cricketers trip up when it's their turn to take it
Steve Waugh had a season-long farewell © Getty Images
AUGUST 22, 2014

66 for 6 and all that

How does an Indian fan react to this most evil of numbers?
AUGUST 07, 2014

The dark subtexts of cricket literature

Why reading acclaimed works from decades ago is often revealing
JULY 24, 2014

Battling the fear of defeat

A fourth-innings chase can be brutally unforgiving; every wicket can lead to acute anxiety
JULY 04, 2014

An old-fashioned series

India's five-Test tour of England feels like a throwback to the 1950s, down to the weak touring squad
JUNE 19, 2014

Life outside the cricket stadium

Most fans are familiar with far-flung corners of the globe but often we don't know much about those places apart from the fact that they are cricketing venues
JUNE 06, 2014

The generous lender of cricket magazines

Having a neighbour with a cornucopia of cricket literature can be a life-changing experience
MAY 24, 2014

The absent cricket ball

A cricket ball at home would make daydreaming a little easier; its concrete, tangible presence would make intangible visions easier to construct
MAY 02, 2014

My Caribbean friend

How tales of West Indies cricket helped forge an enduring friendship between an Indian professor and a Jamaican security guard
APRIL 18, 2014

Why India are not cricket's Brazil yet

The numbers might be in their favour, but they can neither boast sustained excellence or a distinctive playing style
APRIL 04, 2014

The future of close finishes in limited overs

Will last-over chases continue to have the capacity for drama?
MARCH 21, 2014

The Tendulkar-Brearley conundrum

The stereotype of the hero-worshipping Indian fan ignores evidence that seemingly skewed fandom is also present in supposedly more rational settings
MARCH 06, 2014

Time for a Bengali reunion

The BCCI has missed a golden opportunity by not organising a Test between India and Bangladesh in Kolkata
FEBRUARY 20, 2014

Sandeep Patil: the Bombay Hammer

He only played international cricket for about half a decade, but his brutal, attacking style left its mark on the game in India
FEBRUARY 07, 2014

Rebel with a cause

Pietersen has always been an outsider of sorts and the fringe artist was best on display when he was taking on some establishment or the other
JANUARY 31, 2014

Cricket always needs an underclass

History shows us that those who rule the game seem to occupy a centre they cannot bear to share with those at the margins
JANUARY 26, 2014

The art of the chase

Over the years, Pakistan have time and again shown they possess the cricketing oomph to hunt down a fourth-innings target
JANUARY 18, 2014

Sportsmen don't do it alone

Like with most achievers, their work is collaborative in a sense, borrowing from the efforts of others
JANUARY 09, 2014

Why send-offs are ludicrous

Why do some bowlers feel the need to jeer the dismissed batsman as he walks off?
JANUARY 03, 2014

What's luck got to do with being caught down leg?

To ascribe a dismissal resulting from a catch down leg side to bad luck is to confuse the workings of fortune with a poorly executed shot

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